Welcome to episode 74 your church for your special event for your concert, clients, including some outside the country, so i, would have to jump into how we serve international a little bit. Probably so. I figured I’d, at least at leastvia I can’t pronounce the name of the festival either, but it’s like ross caruso, caruso festival. It’s something like that. Forgive me because I’m a kitty cat in spanish, my apologies, we were able to help them for tc fight for their outdoor music festival. Foods are lightweight coral products which was really easy to ship into the country very well in for trade on it because of the because of the weight differencelet’s see what else I can tell you, so they use the the crescent moon panels in a circular orientation which made a really cool visual and obviously they let them with moving lights in is like one of the one of the island’s biggest stage backdrops festivals that I’ve ever done, so we serve them with that. We’ve also served outside of us in puerto. Rico are good friends over at corporate stage backdrops event, solutions, provided them with plexi glass podiums with masi products under the samurai panels, tower hardware year for their samurai samurai designs, some really beautiful backdrops with their samurai stuff. One backdrop in particular:they used was for a a speaking event and they did it with some white great and offset the pain a little bit and it looksprobably good there’s a lot of different reality because of that all set. They created amazing, with contrast, the contrasting colors that you see what else we also serve in the canada. Quite a bit. I, probably don’t have enough time to list all of our canadian clients believe served a couple of very large corporate clients up in canada pinnacle productions. One of those weaver we probably are the majority of our canadian exports have been have been our proceeds products, so are heavy duty, scouring grade props and backdrops systems, we’ve also, as well as a towers of power. Hardware that sells 14 hours. We’ve done a lot of channels, crescent moon piano rolls up into canada, so in the breathing was an fyi. There is in the world. We have a client or working with on an order to australia and they’re portrayed it’s about 25% of their order, so the $2,000 order, another $500 on top of that for export fees, plus the shipping, which is another 2,000, so expensive, shipping outside of australia, but we do our best to minimize the cost by bringing down you know using using discount frayed to get there and by doing our best to figure out an exact stage backdrops solution, two crazy regular into mexico. They have some friends who started professional cena, crocs directly to our mexican clients. A little bit. Bella is a little bit later this this month. So we can. We fly into in africa, north and south america. Do we have not shipped to asia? So if you’re so I hope this is going to help a little bit of. Obviously, you know the majority of our stage backdrops businesses in the us, more thrilled to be able to provide a product worldwide worldwide arrive within 7 business days are us based sales a lot of times. There is not a stage backdrops. There is not a a realistic time line and we’re happy to fill things in unrealistic