Projection Products

Mod Scenes projection stage backdrops are a fantastic way to help you create an intentional feel for your church stage design. A backdrop lit with projection is so very flexible by nature. Since the backdrop is just the surface for an endless digital landscape, you can make the backdrop look like anything you desire. Mod Scenes takes this endless possibility and matches it with beautiful design that looks great even when not in use.

Unlike typical projection screens Mod Scenes projection screens are scalable and adjustable. If your needs change your Mod Scenes screen can adjust to your desired size and look. Mod Scenes projection panels are reflective and help to make your image even brighter. Our projection stage backdrops have an approximate projection gain of 1.2.

Stage Backdrops made from Mod Scenes projection products help to create amazingly creative surfaces where you can project your ideal stage design. Instead of changing physical designs you can project different environments onto your backdrop. This can vary from simple colors, moving designs, or even specific locations like a cityscape. Our projection backdrops give a level of flexibility seldom seen in the stage design realm. 

Our most popular projection product is our canvas diamond screen. This design uses square panels bordered with triangular panels to create a diamond shaped backdrop. Our keystone projection surface uses keystone shaped panels that alternate in direction to create a beautiful and useful projection design. Our triangle projection screen uses twenty three inch equilateral triangles to create a beautiful cross hatch of panels that can be projected onto. Lastly our circle screens offer a nice contrast with beautiful curved edges to create the perfect circular projection area. 

Physical properties:

Mod Scenes Projection products are made from our specially formulated, industry leading fire rated coroplast. Our Fire rated coroplast panels exceed a class A fire rating and never need to be re-treated. With these flammability profiles our products are accepted in even very stringent locations like New York City.  Additionally our connectors are made from black fire rated high impact plastic.  This plastic also exceeds class A fire rating and practically disappears behind the display panels.

Incredibly a 32’ x 18’ projection design can be packed into 5 boxes. This entire backdrop weighs in under one hundred and ten pounds. The time to build these products is also admirable. Typically a standard Mod Scenes projection backdrop can be built in less than two hours. With the inclusion of setting up and dialing in your projector this amazing stage design can be built in record time!

Each panel of the screen is precision cut within one one-hundredth of an inch to ensure flawless appearance and assembly each time it is used. Each of the square projection panels are 23” x 23”. Each panel is 4mm thick, which is the perfect thickness for durability and reduced weight. Each projection surface is held together with our outer space connectors. These connectors provide a space of 1” between adjacent panels, giving you the amazing patterns you see in our backdrop designs. We use the outer space connectors to attach our high quality projection panels to the pipe used for hanging and to each other.  We utilize a quarter inch white nylon bolt to push through the projection panel. Then we slide the outer space connector on the back and securely attach the two items together with a white nylon wing nut that is also a quarter inch in size. In addition we also offer zero gap connectors which make a clean and solid wall design, quarter inch connectors which create the visible design lines but with much less loss of visible text and texture in the projection image. We offer a half inch gap connector as well. This connector type works better on screens in smaller rooms as it makes the scale of the projection seem a bit more fitted to the actual room.

Specific uses:

By using Mod Scenes projection panels and connectors in an array we can build a screen that is endlessly configurable. Additionally one screen can be broken apart into multiple screens to maximize use. You can also add multiple screen kits together to get a larger screen. With some minor additional hardware you are able to create geometric shapes, custom crosses, angular designs, and much more. One of our favorite designs with this material was made by our friends at Wave Church. They used many of our standard panels along with a few customized pieces to make large projection surfaces that looked like stain glass. The distinctive arches created a very inviting timeless feel with the additional flexibility to change the content and communicate their message incredibly well. The stage backdrops they have been able to create with Mod Scenes projection products are incredible.

Our friends at Life.Church have implemented our projection backdrops throughout all of their campuses. In each campus. Life.Church utilizes a 15,000 lumen laser projector to project incredible stage backdrops onto our Canvas Diamond, Keystone, and Triangle projection screen products. Many of their campuses utilize the Epson Pro L1505U projectors along with an Epson ELP0u3 short throw lens to create these great visuals. One of the brilliant things about this setup is that due to the use of a short throw lens there are virtually no shadows on the screen from onstage worship leaders. Their projectors sit about 15’ from the screen and can fill the entire expanse without the need for projection blending or creating shadows. These screens enable the team at Life.Church to provide high quality stage backdrops for every song and service that exactly matches their desired feel. Since the implementation of our stage projection backdrops across their campuses, the team at Life.Church has been ecstatic about how they help to serve their congregations.

Mod Scenes projection screens are kept in stock and ship within 24 hours of ordering. This quick shipment makes the process super simple and helps you to get your stage design built and functional in as little as a few days.

Have questions about our projection products or how they work? We would love to assist you!  Contact us today at or via phone at 530-723-6421.



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