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Thank you for visiting! We are so excited to speak with you. Here at Mod Scenes we provide incredible stage backdrops for live events. We would love to speak with you about how our easy to use products can simplify your life and make your events look outstanding. Our team is here to serve you! We are happy to answer any questions about our high quality products, onsite services, and best practices for using your new stage design.

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Please note: Fed Ex and UPS are our preferred methods of shipping. These methods are more reliable in our area and provide tracking to ensure on time arrival. If you do need to send us a letter by USPS please use the following change to the address:

Mod Scenes
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Live events: We know you are busy! We are here to help! Our time saving Pro Scenes design products are the perfect tool to make your life easier and provide a stunning visual for your client. We would love to speak to you about how our products can make a positive impact on your next event. Many of our clients are looking for a stage design that is simple to use and can be trusted with StageHand labor to build. Our easy to build products can be repeatedly built with non-experienced labor allowing your leads to focus on other areas such as lighting, audio, and video. Pro Scenes ship in either road cases or round trip cardboard boxes that make unpacking and setting up easy. All hardware is in separate pelicans or case lids to make transferring parts easy too. Another great aspect of our panels is the ability to remove a panel in a section. Find one panel in the design that is oriented incorrectly, no worries! You can simply remove the cap nuts from that panel and push it out. Once correctly rotated you can re-insert the panel in the stage backdrop and re-attach the nylon cap nuts. This flexibility is one of the reasons that Mod Scenes is the highest rated and most reviewed staging company in the country. Many of our clients are also looking at the return on investment on modular staging panels. With our products you can maximize your return on investment through purchasing. Many of our competitors will only rent products, putting you in a one sided relationship where it is difficult to make forward financial progress. With stage backdrops and design products from Mod Scenes we sell at a rate that is three times the rental cost. That means after three rentals of your event stage you can make profit while having covered the cost of the products. Rentals after this point become purely profit. With the durability and longevity of our PVC products you can reasonably make many times the initial cost investment of your stage design. Future designs can also utilize the hardware from this design, lowering the cost and making new products even more economical. We are here to help and would love to answer any questions you have about how our products might serve you incredibly well!

Churches: What you do is incredibly important! Here at Mod Scenes we exist to help you! Our phone is open to answer your questions and help you to have success building your stage backdrops. We know that it is important for you to be able to build a stage design quickly with volunteer help. With our Mod Scenes products you can quickly build a stage design with your team. Our easy to use stage design panels are a perfect tool to include everyone on your volunteer team. Each panel builds together in a simple process. The panel is attached to a connector on the back via a bolt that pushes through the front of the panel and through the connector on the back. Next a wingnut tightens the panel and connector together, creating a point to attach your next stage design panel. This easy process gives you the time and flexibility to connect with your team as they build not only the stage backdrop but ownership in the creation of your stage backdrops. It is incredible what a few pizzas and a team stage build using Mod Scenes can accomplish in buy-in and engagement with team members that may have not quite found their niche yet. We have found that many volunteers just need a good starting point to become the best volunteers and we are hopeful that your Mod Scenes Stage design can be an easy starting point for that. That being said, what if there are question. Not to worry! We are here to help! Our expert team of stage design ninjas will help you create the stage backdrops of your dreams. We are here every part of the way! Need some ideas on how to overcome a challenging room or design limitation? Simply call our number at 530-723-6421 and our team would love to help!

Do you have a specific question about materials? Our team has a full detailed portfolio of product specifications to answer almost any question. Need to know the fire rating specifics? Need a Flame Retardant Certification for your product? Looking for the weight of your product? Need to know the tensile strength of our plastic in a certain situation? Are you looking for information on how our plastics do in sunny environments? We are happy to answer these questions and any others you may have. You can email us at or call us at 530-723-6421

Do you need some help in deciding what stage backdrops might work best for your situation? Are you a small church needing some assistance in reaching a particular budget? We want to help! Please call us today and we will be ecstatic to provide information and guidance to help you solve your problems. We care for you and can’t wait to see you succeed with your next stage design!

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