Are you looking for a career where you can truly build something and help people?

If the answer is yes, then Mod Scenes might just be the right fit for you.

Mod Scenes is a rapidly growing stage design company that provides high quality scenic products and top notch customer service to churches and commercial clients. We have doubled in size year over year for the past three years, and plan to continue that growth.

We are looking for motivated, positive, self starting people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves. We want people who want to help churches and commercial clients, earn great money, become the best versions of themselves, and truly work to serve others selflessly. If you want to grow yourself, grow your skills, and help others, we want to meet you and see if you are the right fit!



  • Motivation
  • Goal-Orientated
  • Detailed
  • No-experience is preferred. However, if you have experience we are willing to invest time into training you how not to do it. We are committed to wowing our customers 100% of the time and having fun in the workplace.
  • A coachable attitude and driven personality is far more important to us than having any previous experience
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • A self-starter
  • Have a great attitude and a desire to learn
  • Must be able to verbally communicate well
  • Must be willing to pitch in anywhere, as needed, to ensure the highest level of service for our clients
  • Must appreciate humor, puns, and dad jokes

Who we are as a team:

  • We focus on over delivering to our customers. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients and we show it through the way we work to serve them
  • We arrive early. On time is late here at Mod Scenes. Our stage backdrops are used in time sensitive events and we practice being early on a daily basis
  • We show integrity and honesty in the way we work at Mod Scenes. Our clients are busy and need to know without a shadow of a doubt they can trust us. We sell the client the better fit product that is a lower cost. We communicate promptly and own our mistakes. We don’t oversell the client something they don’t need. We help the client find their ideal solution and trust that they will trust us the next time they have a need.
  • We own our mistakes and daily work to improve. We are all human and with that perfection is impossible. That being said, we can always learn from mistakes and commit to not making the same mistakes again. This commitment to improvement grows us as people to be the best versions of ourselves.
  • We are constantly improving. We dedicate time to work on the business not only in the business.
  • We are creative in our approach. This isn’t limited to our stage backdrops, but goes throughout our company. We find new ways of doing things to make our work easier and more repeatable.
  • We present ourselves in a professional manner but don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • We intentionally avoid curse words, negative comments, and things that do not encourage. We make others assume we are the best by the way we carry ourselves.
  • We are life long learners, we constantly strive to learn. The knowledge we gain helps us to not only be more efficient in our daily tasks, but to spend more time showing how we care through the details.
  • We all do what it takes. Everyone on our team cleans the bathrooms, sweeps, takes out the trash, answers the phones. No one is above a task.
  • We all do what we see needs done. We pickup the piece of trash in the parking lot as we walk into work, we help our co-worker lift the heavy box, we clean the bathroom when we see it needs attention. This consistent giving of ourselves helps us to show love and respect to each other.
  • We are grateful! We daily share the way’s we have been blessed and look for ways to celebrate with each other the goodness that is life!
  • We work to eliminate waste
  • We are a bit silly (you have to be to think you can accomplish the impossible)
  • We dream big!
  • We accomplish the impossible! Do you need a life sized tree built? How about a twenty two foot tall waterfall? Do you need a tunnel of mirrors or a ferris wheel gondola? Or do you need Roman columns that stretch across a one hundred foot stage? Need 200 stage backdrops for a massive event? Anything is possible with the right attitude and we bring that attitude to accomplish these larger than life things and more!
  • We care for each other. Most work places are just a place to make the needed money to live. Here we are different. We truly care for each other. We value the people we work with and we show it in how we communicate, structure our work, and support each other. The easiest way to describe the atmosphere is like a functional work family. We are for each other and care to see each other succeed.
  • We are people with a good attitude. We enjoy life and want people in our circle who are the same. Grumpy, whiney, and arrogant people simply do not fit.
  • We are goal oriented. We work towards large audacious goals by working diligently on the smaller tasks to reach our stated goals.
  • We have a growth mindset. To be humble enough to know there is a lot to learn here shows a lot and continuing to learn helps us move into greater areas of influence.
  • We are a drama free workplace. Life happens to everyone and we understand that, but we are committed as a team to being people who can regulate their emotions and not bring drama where it does not already exist.
  • We are teachable. When we make mistakes on our stage backdrops we are open to hearing how we can positively improve. We are kind in correction, but always work to ensure we are holding each other to the high standard we have developed as a team here at Mod Scenes.
  • We create the best stage backdrops in the country.
  • We find a better way. When there is a broken process, we don’t hate life and let it be, we fix it. We take the 5 minutes to make it better forever so that we can enjoy our work.


If you think this sounds like a place you would enjoy, we would love to meet you! We are always looking for those incredible people who think just a bit differently and want to better the world. We want incredible people like you to join us in our mission to serve others incredibly well through the world of Stage Backdrops. Fill out the form on this page to start the process of joining your dream job.

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