Looking to take your stage backdrops a step further? Our accessories and other products will help you to bring the finishing touch to your stage design! Many of our accessory products will help you to create a stage backdrop quicker. Below are a few details on some of these incredible time saving products.

Our pipe and drape hangers are a perfect example of this time savings. This product has a low cost but comes with a huge time savings! Each pipe and drape clamp is made from steel and coated in a black epoxy. They are shaped similarly to a capital R. The shape gives a flat section to attach to and a rounded tail that holds the clamp safely onto the pipe. With our pipe and drape hangers you can simply slide the R shaped hook over a pipe and drape crossbar (with or without drape). From this crossbar you can attach connectors which your first row of panels will hang from. Our pipe and drape hangers have the added benefit of being compatible with both our Mod Scenes (lighter weight) and Pro Scenes (heavy duty) stage backdrops. Furthermore, our Pipe and drape hangers can be used to secure signs, custom elements and even quick locks which are described below. In addition to being used on pipe and drape, they can also be used on standard truss. Simply push the pipe and drape clamp down onto the cord of the truss and the clamp will pop into place.

Grip Lock Hangers are an incredible time saving device! These rigging elements are used to hang signs, custom elements, and stage backdrops that need to be leveled. These steel wire assemblies have a working load of 200 lbs. They utilize ⅛” Mil-spec black powder coated aircraft cable that is crimped with an eyelet at one end and a stop at the other. On this cable length there is the grip lock device. This nifty device uses steel ball bearings and a ball plunger to grip the cable. With the grip lock you can unscrew the lock and slide your cable to the desired location / height. This is incredibly useful when trying to level stage backdrops, screens, or other scenic elements. Please not to re-level this device you must remove the weight from the grip lock in order to make your change. We provide these on many of our rentals to help quickly achieve various levels and looks.  The best part is their adjustability if things need to change onsite. In our rental inventory we carry 10 lengths which are noted with green color coding, 15 foot lengths which are noted in Blue color coding, and 25 foot lengths which are noted with purple color coding. On our site we provide these useful devices to make setting up your stage design easy.

Quick locks are a similar in use device to the above Grip Locks.  They are smaller and designed for loads under 25 pounds. Quick locks use a 1/16” Mil-Spec black powder coated aircraft cable. These also have a eyelet on the end for easy hanging, however do not have a stop and the bottom. This enables you to put multiple quick lock devices on the single wire if desired or needed. This is most helpful when creating spaced out arrays of design panels. Quick locks use a different method to grip that utilizes an internal grip along with springs and a quick release latch. These products are also in our rental inventory in 10 foot (Green), 15 foot (Blue), and 25 foot (purple) variations. The products are incredibly useful in areas where minor adjustment is a must.  Many times we will use these products in a room with angled ceilings to create a level and clean line of backdrop.

Our Mod Scenes Ground support stands are the perfect companion to a challenging space.  Each stand is made of precision cut aluminum that holds Mod Scenes style panels vertical on any stage of floor.  These stands are painted black to help them hide onstage but can be customized in color. Each stand consists of a vertical section, an angular brace, a foot, metal bolts, and metal wingnuts. The stands assemble by bolting the foot to the bottom of the vertical section.  The foot and vertical section are then attached together using the provided metal bolts and wing nuts. Our stock ground support stands are 1 panel (23” tall), 2 panels (46”), 3 panels (69”), and 4 panels (92”). In addition we can customize these stands to work with Pro Scenes products, hang panels in a different orientation, or hang custom sized panels. In combination with our stage backdrops, these stands can be laid out on stage to create a great sense of depth as well.

Our drywall hanging kits are a great option for a space with limited ceiling rigging and the desire to hang the panels semi-permanently. These kits include 3” drywall screws, 1” wall spacers, and washers. With the drywall kits you insert a drywall screw through a washer, a design panel, a connector, and the provided standoff.  You will then screw the screw into your upstage back wall at the desired height. Once your first panel is level and complete, you can simply repeat the process using the connectors already included from your previous panel to tie together.

Our black gaff tape is the perfect sticky solution for your cable holding needs. Our gaff tape is a standard matte black fabric gaffers tape which holds without leaving a sticky residue.  It is perfect for holding down cables and masking off areas in scenic use.

Our white gaff tape is an adhesive fabric tape that can work miracles! This standard matte white fabric gaffers tape will secure your desired material with no sticky residue left behind. 

Our black tieline is a basic utility product on any stage. This thin and strong string is designed to help hold items in place, steer speakers, tie up loose cable, tie up drapes, and a long list of other uses. Our tieline is a simple and flexible line that works great while being economical. Give us a call to learn more about our various stage backdrops and stage design accessories today at (530) 723-6421.



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