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Kinetic Lighting | DMX Hoist Video

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Mod Scenes DMX Hoists provide a unique element that is fully controllable via standard DMX controllers. These hoists allow for a large range of variable speed movement to serve your most detailed design concept. Luminaries can be provided as either tubes or orbs. Each fixture contains RGB LEDs allowing for a wide range of color and flexibility. Our DMX hoist units are designed to be reliable, safe, and durable. Each hoist goes through rigorous testing and QC before being sent out. With each rental, spares are included at no cost as well.

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    • Interchangeable luminares
    • Kevlar re-inforced lifting cable
    • integrated power and data in hoist cable
    • 28’ Vertical travel (not including luminare)
    • Locking connector for luminare
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    • Travel speed of 20” per second
    • External E-Stop (available upon request)
    • 9 channel DMX operation
    • 100v – 240v, 50hz – 60hz operation
    • 80W power consumption
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    • DMX 5 pin and 3 pin in and thru
    • Powercon in and thru
    • 3 phase stepper motors for smooth movement
    • Electronic brake that engages when power is removed

Why People Choose Mod Scenes

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“They were fabulous – so easy to work with and truly gave us the “wow” factor we were looking for! I would recommend them to anyone planning an event or has staging design needs.”
– M.S.

Landing Stars

“Great time working with the staff at Modscenes! We asked for a big project with a very quick turn around and it arrived sooner than we expected and was ready to go! The items we purchased were indeed a game changer for our ministry! Thank you team!”
– J.R.

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“Mod Scenes is the best! They’ve supported us with some amazing events and we look forward to working with them in creating unique stage sets in the future!”
– C.G.

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“Truly game changing and innovative product. Steven and his team exemplify first class customer service. Super happy with how our installation turned out after partnering with Mod Scenes!!”
– J.L.

Want to see more?

Check out some of the videos below for our DMX hoists in action!

Kinetic Lighting | DMX Hoist Video

Kinetic Lighting | DMX Hoist Video

Kinetic Lighting | DMX Hoist Video

Kinetic Lighting | Mod Scenes Argentina Dmx Hoist


Stage Backdrops Orbs


Stage Backdrops Cube


Stage Backdrops Tubes

Mod Scenes DMX Hoists are incredibly unique lights that move vertically in a 3d space. Each hoist consists of a high speed lifting motor and an RGB LED Luminair. They are controlled with dmx protocol to give fast simple control. Each hoist has dmx controlled height, speed, dimmer, strobe, and color mixing. This product combines accuracy and speed to create a new concept of “moving light”. Each DMX hoist is housed in a sturdy steel enclosure and utilizes a hardened Kevlar coated cable to lift its lumiairs. This cable houses a 4 conductor wire that powers and controls the luminaires, making setup easy! Luminair shapes include Orbs, Tubes, and Cubes. Further luminaires can be customized to fit your needs.

Although Mod Scenes is known for their outstanding stage backdrops, our introduction of the Mod Scenes DMX Hoist has been a game changer in the live event industry. With our large inventory of rental units and units available for sale we can provide dmx hoists to events of all sizes. From small churches to large arenas our team will ensure we take amazing care of you.

Each DMX Hoist had Powercon in and thru to make power easily wired. Each motor has 3 pin dmx in and thru and 5 pin dmx in and thru. The motor enclosure has a built in power supply that powers the LED fixtures. All power and data runs through the Kevlar reinforced lifting cable. The LED fixtures attach with a 4 pin locking connector to ensure safe and repeatable connection each time. There is also a safety carabiner to ensure the fixture is securely attached.

Our incredible DMX hoists have multiple control modes allowing for increased flexibility. Our RGB dmx hoists have a five channel and nine channel control mode, while our Pixel dmx winches have a 9 channel and 83 channel mode. This 83 channel control mode allows for the individual control of up to 24 pixels. With this expanded control you can accomplish low resolution pixel mapping across our DMX hoists along with the added movement. This huge amount of flexibility gives you endless options to create amazing grids, incredible stage backdrops, or immersive environments with your DMX hoists.

Our team here at Mod Scenes is not only experienced in providing the best stage backdrops in the country, but we also have amazing dmx hoist technicians that can help you through every step of your design.

Our team at Mod Scenes meets with you prior to your event to discuss your needs and find the best layout for utilizing our DMX motors. Once we have set up your dmx hoist rental, we keep you in the loop through the entire process. Prior to your show our team preps and tests your dmx hoists to ensure they are working properly and addressed to the correct ids for your event. Once the day of your event arrives we ensure proper delivery of your needed dmx winches and leds. Our team of expert DMX hoist techs leads installation of the dmx hoists and ensures everything goes up quickly and smoothly. Once the DMX hoists are hung, we wire the system and attach the LED luminaires. We ensure that each dmx hoist is hung correctly in line to create the exact visual you are looking for. We power up and test all of the fixtures to ensure everything works flawlessly. Once the rig is at trim, our team assists in setting limits for the fixture to ensure movements and effects are limited to the height you desire. We then do a quick training on how the hoists work and operate to ensure the smoothest operation for you. We also provide some effects, looks, and examples for you to use as a jumping off point for your production. If needed, our team of experts is also available to stay, design, and program the dmx hoists for your event. At the conclusion of your event our team will expeditiously take down the dmx motors and leds to ensure a fast and easy load out for you and your team.

Mod Scenes DMX hoists are a great tool to help create an atmosphere of awe to engage people in worship. Our DMX Hoists provide a compelling new visual that engages and energizes. The church should be a place of engagement and beauty to reflect the creative glory of our God. This product was designed to inspire and engage. The fluid movement and vast array of looks that can be accomplished with this product create a beautiful and moving atmosphere that is sure to greatly support your visual worship.

Although this new technology may seem daunting to some churches, the Mod Scenes DMX Hoists are backed by the stellar customer service and support from Mod Scenes. This focused support makes the process of using these units painless and impactful!

Our DMX hoist units are designed to be reliable, safe, durable, and most importantly beautiful.

They are controlled with a standard dmx controller to make their movement, color, and dimmer operate as desired. Many of our clients use Grand MA series 2 and series 3 consoles to control our DMX hoists. We have prebuilt profiles for these consoles. The GrandMA series of consoles are our ideal choice of console due to their flexibility and our knowledge of them, however we often assist our clients using other DMX controllers. We often utilize the Hog 4 series of consoles for DMX control of our DMX motors. Many churches utilize Jands Vista consoles, which we can happily provide a profile for and work with. There are many other DMX consoles we have used and we will make sure regardless of the console you have a flawless experience with our DMX winches on your console of choice.

Our DMX hoists pair perfectly with our amazing modular stage backdrops. The movement of the DMX hoists coupled with the texture of our stage backdrops creates an outstanding visual that is hard to match.

We would love to set up a call with you to show you how these amazing products would fit your event needs. Please reach out to our team today at sales@modscenes.com. You can also call at 530-723-6421 and we will be happy to chat with you about stage backdrops or any of our other products or services!