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Kinetic Lighting | DMX Hoist Video

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Mod Scenes DMX Hoists provide a unique element that is fully controllable via standard DMX controllers. These hoists allow for a large range of variable speed movement to serve your most detailed design concept. Luminaries can be provided as either tubes or orbs. Each fixture contains RGB LEDs allowing for a wide range of color and flexibility. Our DMX hoist units are designed to be reliable, safe, and durable. Each hoist goes through rigorous testing and QC before being sent out. With each rental, spares are included at no cost as well.

The easiest to use DMX hoist company in the country

We offer everything you need to make your stage standout!

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    • Interchangeable luminares
    • Kevlar re-inforced lifting cable
    • integrated power and data in hoist cable
    • 28’ Vertical travel (not including luminare)
    • Locking connector for luminare
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    • Travel speed of 20” per second
    • External E-Stop (available upon request)
    • 9 channel DMX operation
    • 100v – 240v, 50hz – 60hz operation
    • 80W power consumption
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    • DMX 5 pin and 3 pin in and thru
    • Powercon in and thru
    • 3 phase stepper motors for smooth movement
    • Electronic brake that engages when power is removed

Why People Choose Mod Scenes

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“They were fabulous – so easy to work with and truly gave us the “wow” factor we were looking for! I would recommend them to anyone planning an event or has staging design needs.”
– M.S.

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“Great time working with the staff at Modscenes! We asked for a big project with a very quick turn around and it arrived sooner than we expected and was ready to go! The items we purchased were indeed a game changer for our ministry! Thank you team!”
– J.R.

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“Mod Scenes is the best! They’ve supported us with some amazing events and we look forward to working with them in creating unique stage sets in the future!”
– C.G.

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“Truly game changing and innovative product. Steven and his team exemplify first class customer service. Super happy with how our installation turned out after partnering with Mod Scenes!!”
– J.L.

Want to see more?

Check out some of the videos below for our DMX hoists in action!

Kinetic Lighting | DMX Hoist Video

Kinetic Lighting | DMX Hoist Video

Kinetic Lighting | DMX Hoist Video

Kinetic Lighting | DMX Hoist Video


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