Welcome to the martins podcast to be with you again today for our I believe this is our 35th episode of the moth podcast from the chat about stage designs today, specifically how a we can do a stage design in a smaller church contact us and realistically hesitant to use our product because of the larger churches we served within the country. Has many people know we made backdrop products for life, church stage backdrops products for church of the highlands for a bunch of other campuses, journey church., tv, northland, churchshoreline church is a lot of churches that weaver do we help the great really great products or they do use our existing products and many cases? And although we serve those large shirts as well, a lot of people assume that there’s a huge cost to what we do and it’s actually quite the opposite. Our products are really reasonable. Cost and they’re really made a not so much for a large churches, but for small churches, churches that are 100 to 500 attendance that have don’t really have any staff on. He stop it no stage design or you lighting design. We are here to helping and provide a stage backdrops service so that so you can have a visually enticing, a stage backdrop and stage environment without having the cost of having having to custom, build something or having to having to having a custom-built something or having to hire an outside company. That’s going to probably cost you, the email upwards of 10 grand even get something that’s so, let’s start with a few of the things that we have to overcome in small churches in this is nothing new to it.

To any of you. You know, you know there is a lot of challenges in a small church, one of the biggest challenges so for a small church. A lot of times are suffering from the around $500 to $1,500, so that is a fort for some churches. That is a pretty large amount of money, and so we we created a couple of ways to to help with that. So we can do we do a try-before-you-buy stage backdrops which is essentially we send you, the sad cuz you and wants to test it out, see if it works well and it doesn’t give you the opportunity to purchase at the end of your time and if that doesn’t work out, no big deal in addition to that, depending on, depending on the day overall, and with payments as low as $300, sometimes even lower, depending on a particular project. So I would love to chat with you typically about how how we get help finance to make to make money, not an issue so yeah you can eat if you, if you want to chat about that, shooting email steven at martins. Com is the best place to reach me.

A lot of times were competing with were competing with ambient light, so, whether that be from fluorescent lights, that can’t be turned off or dim or large windows on the side of the room or stateline. The dentition kind of spreads light everywhere, so part of the way that we get around. That is. We help to find find interesting stage backdrops solutions that we’ve helped. We can help to to get film to put on your windows to help reduce the ambient light, without changing the color of said why you would put over your window. So it’s a very easy to put on and it’s and put on correctly. This is not even noticeable is there. We have colored product, we can do either full color printing or we can do some material that are colored and we can cut products out of that, enable you to be able to build the color into your set and also we help them to connect you with the right people for your stage lighting to be able to dim your stage lights, you need to say to lighting setup in a way that makes it easier for using a backdrop. Additionally, we also, we also have a lot of small churches figure out how to hang hang them on a lot of them. Don’t have it just crossing or hanging pots or anything like that, so we we provide and sell pipe and drape products. You can hang yourself from week and we also provided, sell mod scenes for sands. So it’s a self-supporting stand that you can build your monty’s off. Of that way. You don’t have to you know, make any changes to your physical building in another way. That’s genius and the cost is pretty much non-existent, is too attached physically attached to the wall, so many people know my goodness.

That’s what we use white flathead thumbtacks. To hang your stage backdrop, so you take those those thumb tacks and you push them into the stage backdrops center of the the hole for the panel. What do you look at your birthday now and push them into the center of the whole push down side so they hold your pee outside place, and then you lay out there. You’re just want me home from there using push pins to put everything in it and what that what happens whenever you do, that is there’s a small and it’s a small hole. You know a 16 third or less. It probably was, and once you’re done, there’s that’s okay to take on your side yard. We don’t want to use a different site. You can easily push push pins right back into the same old or, if you’re, going back to just the standard wall, you can easily take just a single coat of paint will cover and fill all those holes without any other helpful hint. As I mentioned with a pipe and drape, we saw that and you can easily hang any set from pipe and drape. Lastly, we’ve also helped a lot of churches create modular towers, so they can move it from room to room.

You have a lot of flexibility with where you place in editing. 0 I take zero effort to to set it off. It’s not going to change, or maybe a little bit exaggerated, but it takes very little effort to set it up. You don’t have to change anything within your sanctuary, your room, you simply set it up and put it in place and if you ever have to move it off stage for wedding or whatever you can literally pick up the entire tower, completely bill walking into another room with no issues. That’s what makes change over real, quick and easy to. So with all that being said, I hope. There’s a helpful oversight of some of the ways we can serve you through the through stage backdrops, creating a stage backdrop system within your small church. Do you have any idea if you have any questions, have a specific but you’re trying to hit I would really love to chat with you and do my best to help you hit that budget at work or create that perfect. Perfect and while you’re at it, as we’ve done. That I think will really give you some great ideas for how we can serve you too. Thank you. So much for tuning in the mountains, podcast I’m, looking forward to chatting with you in person soon