Welcome to the boxing podcast podcast and you’re, a modular seating company, gravel, products, I’m thrilled to be able to chat with you today about some of the other mother podcast from our website. We create a lot of products made out of plastic, bread and butter. That’s our specialty! We really know a lot more about about that. We have expertise in fiery, plastics and specifically created them to designwhat. We do as well. We do a lot of work and would as well so we’re done some weed and custom ring with wood products for various clients. We’ve created a couple of really great backdrops out of out of maple out of even some words that we fire rated so obviously anytime, you’re working working with wood wood has a high burn spread rate, so you want to be very careful. Obviously. Make sure that you fire rate your products when they’re, when they’re, manipulated and ask her. If you know after before and after they’re paintedpainted scene, whatever the whatever the the medium is so I want to tell you a little bit about one of my favorite stage backdrops designs that we did church in the orlando metro area, really great people, pastor david me and him to work together on multiple projects. In the past 10 years ago, I install the lighting system for them, which was a really really great great fun. Little game that we did.

We be created a really great visual on a shoestring budget and it was so I’m a good friend of george jackson. It was incredible lighting designer if you haven’t met him, I’d suggest checking him out at t jackson lights.Com, which consisted of a centerpiece centerpiece diy with projection above that and then lighting to complement the rest of it. So I didn’t really know what he wanted, but he knew kind of a seal. He wanted to create a feel of majesty the kingdom church of makes a majesty a really beautiful kind of visual. So we started brainstorming between georgia and we came up with this really pretty design, and it’s looks like a crown. So we base it off of off of a off of an array of a kind of you think like praise coming from the center of the sun like layout of the the spines within the crown, and we made a crown around that in a couple of that into a maple that we fire rated and then stain with a beautiful stage backdrops dark cherry, saying, obviously back with a freight handler fire rated. Apparently, fire resistance stretch fabric as a spandex tight spandex fabric, onto the back of where the crown cut off work, backlight, the the crown and change the stage backdrops color, which was really incredible. Weed some pixel gun pixel, some american dj kool strips, which enables us to do with radiant across the crown, or do the outer edges of the crown a little bit darker or fried or based on what does respect look? Who you’re going for was a really great visual.

So this is what we that’s, what we ended up doing for the center there, in addition to the to the spandex and the frame, the back of the the back of the the back of the stage backdrops safeties was also also lined with the interior was lined with a reflective, aluminum foil, pipe tape, so that that maximize the bounce inside of the inside of the box, and that’s why it’s so we were able to use the cheaper american dj lights to light the box we made sure we had a good system of down to diffusion through out the box. I would make a really great visual actually on her way. You look at martin.Com creations and other backdrops on that page, a couple of which were would happen to the the great stage backdrops backdrop we did for our friends at church. We also did some really cool custom logos for our friends at the arc conference creation page as well. Although those aren’t they are, a really cool would be sweet, used, 1/2 inch, meatball, nose and we’re out at those out. Those are raw, so those were not fire treated.

We wanted to keep that white. Coloring on them, but those look really beautiful every year at the art conference that use those kiosks to serve food from so it didn’t really control environment already, so fiery wasn’t necessary on those specific products. So, let’s see what else, we also provided a really great backdrop for our friends at cornerstone church in virginia, beach virginia. They wanted a portable backdrop. Did they cut that was wood, so I had it more and more earthy feel the fire rated fire rated portable set, which was which had has a design. It was a custom design, but it was a geometric pattern that duplicated itself with three lines:three lines that intersect it in when in may., mayday and elongated hexagon glue on pine plywood, and that was fire rated as well wanted bikinis. Without us keeping it light weight for being a portable portable use. We want to make sure that we could they can easily on a weekly basis, move hang the product to pick up all the crackdown move around as needed. So yeah. That was great, also done. Some custom wood products for some friends, a lot of personal one of our recent personal projects are really into settlers of catan. We made probably one of the coolest settler. Catan boards will ever see park out of carved out of three quarter inch on maple cherry as well, and that was pretty awesome stage backdrops. So what about some of the wood products we done? We have some really great capabilities. We are looking for some custom custom cnc cut wood. If you’re looking for a backdrop, we can do being booze as well leave a wide range of what we can do with when it comes to talk to you as long as you can make a plan for fire eating it it.

It can really be a huge wonderful to use chat with you about your background about your face design about how I can serve you and your church and I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for listening and I’m, looking forward to to teach me more about