Welcome back to the martins podcast I’m, proud to be chatting with you today about how we can serve you best was your stage. Backdrop needs how we can help your church or corker then to create a major amazing stage. stage backdrops that serves you well today:i want to I want to actually go over a pass design, I’m going to start doing a few more of these stage, design stage, design portfolio portfolio, not the right word, glimpses, i! Guess what I’m going to do, either inside or outside mod scenes that I found it been good for our church for the church that I’m for churches I’ve worked in at least I know the feeling my truck but multiple churches, I’ve worked in so I wanted to start off with one, it’s going to call the toy story episodes newest episode, 52.

So a few years back, a journey church. Tv. We decided to create a stage backdrop that was essentially andy’s. Room is for a series. B did called you’ve got a friend in me, and it was awesome. We did some custom printed. Stand-ups one was the slinky dog and then we used to mix attach a slinky dog. Together we used a piece of like pvc curved pvc pipe, so like that the stuff you would get like for the stage backdrops irrigation or like a like a low-flow water type, pipe with a horrible idea because of spray paint be used and they really sticky sweet a chance to both sides of dogs. We have giant slinky dog and then we also had it printed. Mr. Potato, add a couple of the aliens were from the giant pizza plant sign also printed some some wallpaper looking stuff on this styrene. That’s what’s a signature lock connectors are made of it. Look like the the wallpaper from andy’s room in the toy story series, so that was really cool.

We on that. So in our lobby we hung that wallpaper esque stuff around the edge of our lobby, just to kind of give it a little bit of a feel like to clean our windows. And then we have a cafe where we see serve donuts and drink coffee and drinks and stuff like that, and we put the piece pant play nothing, on top, the cafe sign. So we covered up the cafe sign with the giant pizza planet logo, and we did at breakfast pizza bagel bites for for that morning. For that series of services at the church was it would really funny-and we also did a buzz lightyear cut out and then what he cut out and we also had live, live characters for those well with pretty awesome and those weren’t stage backdrops, but they were, you know, obviously lobby elements. The we had a giant box that we created full color printed box. It looks almost exactly like buzz lightyear spaceship and you could get in it take pictures which was really awesome and I’m moving back into the auditorium. So there we have the slinky dog. Like I mentioned, we had where the slinky slinky dog we had mr. Potato head. We had I think we have the sheep and bo peep as well on stage they were all cutouts with little. My little set jackson held them up, and then we made some some giant box buildings i, just like the bank heist scene in toy story, everyone was so we built some some cardboard buildings we built to buy for frames and made them like an 8 by 8 walls that made by cubes covered everything with stage backdrops cardboard. So we used a pneumatic stapler to staple in the cardboard and then we painted with like large, wide white foam, brushes, be painted on and made it look like crown the best we could and painted on bank with a k backwards and a couple other cool things.

They would look really really similar to the visuals in toy story, which was really cool and then, in addition to all of that, obviously we had to light it. We the way that are stages laid out. There is a bar of stage curtain and then there is a it’s. Probably typically, people called him in stage, but it is another up stage curtain still further up stage than any of our performance performance, worship, whatever area. So that stage backdrop the first stage backdrop is solid. The second one is a by partying stage backdrop, so it’s a by partying traveler curtain. So we could so what we did is there an worshipu close that close on curtain and we’d like to backdrop like the curtain with us, blossom machina ones, just got a cool like texture on the curtain so that we weren’t distracted by dinosaur and wash it and then and then during the message during that the during the intro video to the message we have, this big reveal where the curtains opened up and the lights came up on the scene of this toy story scene. Where there’s you know there, we had some some of those cool beach balls with the red star in it, and I got a bunch of pictures and a really in-depth look at how we built that, on my personal stage backdrops blog blog, that’s church, lights. Blogspot.Com. So if you’re looking for more church design ideas on a budget, that’s another great place to go to church, lights. Blogspot.Com in their eyes, done I’ve, notated or given design plans for most of most of the stage designs that I’ve done well. Most of the large states resigned I’ve done in the past for 5 years, so there’s lots of really great stuff on there and it’s a really really good resource for church stage, backdrops, church stage design or even just regular stage backdrop ideas that you can use whatever being a church or elsewhere. So what else so intended when we are finished with that said, actually we we ended up, putting it in storage and occasionally we would hide buzz or one of those sheep in random places or the aliens aliens are like one of my favorite, the just a whole, the whole scene with them inside the the giant claw machine.

It’s like I had when I was a little kid. I had a couple stage backdrops aliens that on in the back of my grandmother’s, chrysler sebring, you man was fancy car. They hung from the window and yeah they were. There was a three of those little aliens that are like take me to your leader or whatever. However, they do that when you now that I’ve things talk to finish off the stage backdrop, it was a relatively relatively inexpensive set, the most expensive thing, with obviously the printing for the cardboard we don’t to frame walls, two sets of friends walls, so 4 total a buy frames with cardboard on top. The cardboard was like 40 bucks or something all the lumber with. Maybe a hundred and twenty most we already had so I need and then some small odds and ends it totally probably spent three or four hundred dollars on that side obviously took a lot of time actually probably spent more than that on the printing thousand total with all of her it was. It was quite a bit of that, but like just like parts and stuff like that is why closer to 2 or 3 hundred so yeah I hope this been a cool little deviation from what we normal I’m going to try and do a few more days just to kind of share ideas for church stage, designs, i, really really, love designing for the church and I want to be able to serve her well, whether that be through us selling them easy use, simple product or giving them a do-it-yourself version that yourself option that they can do too. That’s a servant for 12, so I hope it’s been helpful. Let me know how I can serve you best shoot me an email over at stephen and mal teens.Com, and even if there’s not a specific way, I can serve you. If you just want to be friends or shoot me, an e-mail I’d love to hear from you at lunch out with you again thanks for tuning in and looking forward to chatting with you again on another martins podcast