Welcome back to another thrilling, exciting amazing episode we were talking today about about and how to build in the crate backdrops, but I really want to talk more on the level of conceptual start, conceptual idea and then we’re going to work from a conceptual idea into a how to sew specifically that I am helping a friend at journey church. Tv outlet. They want to do. Athey want to do a a a theme of a you’re, the one I want, which is a reference from grease from the movie. So what would be the best for something like this I have looked at I kind of went through a lot of different ideas, trying to make a stage backdrop based on this is what I’ve taken so far. So I’ve done a little bit of stage backdrops research on grease i, wasn’t crazy enough to watch it again, I’m one of those people who does not like grease. So my apologies, if you i, don’t like it, but I hate you so I looked at the recent grease remake thing. Looked a lot of business from that a lot of stills from the movie and remembering my sister is playing at all the time at our house when I was a Kidi’ve also looked at looked specifically search for grease stage design. Look at a couple theatrical productions would have done it from those idea from their start with. So what I found is that there is a pretty varied amount of things, but most of most of the grease inspired stage stop is based around is based around like physical location, creating a physical location of the sack. So we don’t want to necessarily create a physical location with what I would rather do is go through and create a pay, more abstract view of the stage design up early because after this, after this series series series is over I want it to be able to stay up until we get to the christmas at over journey. So I want to have options to take away a couple of elements and be able to have it as a free-standing set in the future. So when I was looking through those images and kind of researching things, I found visuals showing one of the school dances in a gymnasium lots of wood flooring.

What’s pennant flags lots of ugly raras I stuff, my apologies, but that’s how I really feel sorry I’m, not sugar-coating, anything, that’s just how I am so moving forward. There was also a sum, some visuals of a specific area, the the body shop that they were working in had a point or walking around i, don’t remember specific to the movie, but that was another visual that was pretty awesome. School hallways bleachers at like a football game type so well to a to a stage backdrop create some of those I could recreate some of those, but it would really be a more concrete visual, be something that would last at 4 weeks during the series and not be usable after that. So I have to come up with something a little bit more abstract stage backdrops. That plays off the thought and idea, and it takes a little bit further. So what I want? What i?

What I’m wanting to do is I wanting to build a build? A backdrop that plays off of the idea of a hulu so specifically the hula hoop, is one of the one of the things from that area too. Recognizable symbol, it’s really on the out on that on that end, but it’s still a still relevant at least so I want to do is I want to have a visual of a hula hoop and I want to just duplicate that, because what I’ll do is that’ll, be our face. So we’ll do the hula hoop height, shape with four that and I have to work out really well that we have the crescent moon, so I’ll make a bunch of circles with those, but further than that, I don’t want to look just like a big drama. Circle I want it to be a very visual, so we’re going to we’re going to bury the death on some of those some of those who be further forward song further back in the behind that we’re probably also going to do some sort of texture. The last that we’ve had up is an aluminum stage backdrops. So I want to use that, but realistically I’m probably going to go away from that to give a new I do feel a new visual, so we’ll probably take that back will call you black fabric behind all those circles.

So what will do is will hang some of those drops, but not even thinking about what we already have in place or what we could have just thinking about the sexually I want to watch on to that idea of the circle and running with a circle. So, in addition to that, I also want throw in some I want to throw in some some of those that we talked about. I want to hang a couple of those cuz. Those are really cheap, easy that I can add in kind of had that deal to the specifics of a carnival in the party feel horrible. Another thing I didn’t mention, but it was very relevant irrelevant and relevant. Very it was all over the place. That’s what I want to make a backdrop that looks like a carnival. That’s a lot of work and conceptually I play through that one as well and i. Don’t think it’s actually it’s going to work over a long-term for that series, amazingly for that series, but one of my goals established i, want to have it last through into up until december, so carnival for 3 months of probably not probably not the best plan for stage backdrops what we’re doing so anyhow I bought.

So the painters are good way to bring some of that that the party that excitement bite into what were you doing in stage design? The one thing I want is that I don’t make it look like a used car dealership, i, don’t know about you, but typically people don’t have a good connection with used. Car dealerships and I would know. I want to market my church has that so what I’m going to do as I’m I’m not going to do a traditional like triangle, pendant i, will do, will probably actually we will custom-make attendance mlb a lb more of a shape, either that or probably a rounded bottom, so I can square top rounded bottom, so kind of like an elongated half circle in the reason I want to do. That is because, if I go to square it going to look like buddhist prayer rocks and that’s not what I’m going for I don’t want to look like a used car dealership, but I do want to have the stage backdrops visual of that kind of hanging. Hanging interesting Piece:i’ll, probably have some some silver, some whites, maybe even a gray or to pick up a grey’s and then I’ll use my lighting to kind of color and give it a really really good punch. So so that’s where I’m looking so once once I’ve once I get a map I’m going to go into in the next episode, I’m going to go into the specifics of how how we’re going to make it. But we were really interesting, really interesting thing to get over with how we bought a couple of really interesting limitations with us. It’s only talk through kind of how I how I go through those limitations and I love to chat with you, I’d love to have you. Have you here kind of how we figured are going to figure out this, this new stations on it and yeah? So if you have any questions as normal I should we email and my email is steven at martins., calm and love to chat with you thanks so much