Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast and episode 180 5 of stage designs and stage backdrops. Today, we’ll be talking about specifically modular stage backdrops. Our team at mod seeds is experts on creating great modular stage backdrops. In fact, we are the highest rated and most reviewed to stage backdrops company in the country and not only the country, but also in north America. Our team is thrilled to be able to create modular backdrops that bolt together easily and create really incredible artful backdrops that make a space feel completely different. That’s our reasoning behind doing our modular stage backdrops as pods. So these, these backdrops build together really easily, but they can be built together in multiple different ways. They don’t have to have the same look, the same pattern by rotating pack panels. You can create new patterns. Those new patterns can go anywhere from really, really small, uh, intricate pieces to much more defined large, uh, large patterns.

So with those patterns, by rotating the panels, you can create a different look. You can also use our dimensional connectors, which will make the panels then kind of they’ll, uh, be on an angle about a 15 degree angle. So with that angle, then you’re able to get a lot more shadowing and you can light it from the top and the bottom and get some more dimension within your backdrop. Uh, you can mix in different types of panels so that the shadowing looks different. Panel the panel. A great way to do this is to mix in occasional solid panels within your dimensional backdrop wall. That will make some really great shadowing and really great dimension and, uh, contrast to your backdrop. Uh, in addition to the dub, in addition to using those, those, uh, dimensional connectors with that backdrop, uh, now you can also rotate your panels in and have a whole new backdrop.

So with a few pieces of hardware, you can make literally hundreds of different designs with a box full of our awesome mozzies products. So each of our Matson’s products is made, uh, is made to be easy to handle. So they’re lightweight or fire rated. Uh, they’re really, really quick to build, um, they are in stock. So one of the things right now, that’s kind of crazy, cause it’s hard to purchase most anything in the live production world because, so there are so many material shortages. However, our team at Monsignor has made sure that we’re, uh, we’re over inventory on our raw material and we keep all of our products in inventory. So we can quickly quickly send out your stage designer. Most of our stage designs go out the same business day. Uh, almost all of them go out within 24 hours. Uh, even our custom products typically go out within a week, uh, which is unheard of and the stage design work.

So, um, we would love to help me with the organization backdrop we’d love to help you create a module or backdrop that fits your space perfectly. Uh, the other great thing about our modular panels is if you need to customize a tee or space to your size, we can go through and they’re credible onsite so we can send a whole pill and you can cut it to match the exact width of your space. Um, and still the same thing using all the same, uh, using all the same hardware that we send with our other products. So we would love to help you with your next day backdrop. As I mentioned, uh, one of the things that we do with our team is we have a really incredible team. If we provide, um, the provided drawings and dimensions, we’ll provide, uh, suggestions on your backdrop and not only on your backdrop, but also on your lighting will help you decide what’s the right stage lighting for your bathroom a lot.

There’s a lot of different options out there and we’re happy to help you find the thing that works the best. Um, so typically what will happen is you’ll call, we’ll talk through your stage backdrop. We’ll look at some photos of your space, um, excuse me. Uh, occasionally we’ll do, or we can even do a zoom call where we can look for your space, uh, get an idea of the, uh, uh, bill limitations and the different elements would be your space and how we can and make them look fast. Um, and once we give that, once you’ve done a good idea of what your space looks like, how what kind of feel you’re trying to create, because that’s also very important is what type of field you’re trying to grieve for your church or for your special event. Once we figure out those elements, we’ll put together a proposal, they’ll have a drawing.

So it’ll show you what, what, what the space would look like with, um, those particulars with those particular, uh, state’s designed panels. Uh, we will give you a quote. So you have an idea of what a standard cost for that would be. And then if you have a specific budget you’re trying to work within, then we’ll have a second coat. It gives you some options on how they reach that budget. Maybe that’s including some de-stock realm panels. So some panels that have a lower cost, um, or, uh, potentially, uh, doing a different type of layout or doing something that is a little bit indifferent, uh, in order to maximize your budget and stay within your budget. Um, we’re very happy to go through and meet your budget. Uh, we know that the stage backdrop is, uh, is a big investment at times, um, particularly for a smaller to midsize.

So we want to make sure that what we create, uh, fits within your budget, our goal is to serve you, to serve your church, not just to, uh, bring awesome safe track drops. We are a service company that happens to possibly do trap drops. Um, so I’d love to chat with you about your stage design. Um, you could call us and I would be happy to personally chat group a couple of different options. Um, you can call our office. So the Nazis office at 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1 again, that’s 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. And when we answer, you’ll get to hear the amazing, the amazing Becky or myself. One of the two of us will answer. Um, and we will be able to go through your stage design and find the perfect fit for you. We’ll find something that works within your budget, something that works with your space and something, uh, that could be a worthwhile investment team used over and over again in the future.

Um, that’s one of the great things I failed to mention earlier. Pod seeds are reusable. It’s not a one-time type of thing. You can actually use it multiple different times, and since you can get up to a hundred designs, obviously we’ll have a panel. Uh, you can pretty quickly start to see over and over and over again, how you can rearrange panels and make, instead of doing a backdrop, do two hours this time, and instead do it apply it backdrop to a different pattern with dimensional vectors. As you add all of these things up, you’re going to get a really, really beautiful backdrop. It, lots of different backdrop options that you can use in the future.

So, um, so please give us a call at hotseats the best stage backdrop company in the country. We will make sure to take incredible Derrick you, uh, and we’ll even help you with the hiding end as I mentioned. So since, uh, since a lot of times there’s speeds, lighting needs that go along with the stage backdrop needs. We can help you from start to finish so we can help provide height and great. So this is a mock, this is a, a, uh, a system of backgrounds supports consisting of a metal plate, upended screws onto the metal plate, a vertical upright pole. Those can either be fixed or adjustable. Um, that coal goes on to the base using the tenement that we just had. So now you have an upright that goes straight up and it could be adjustable up to 16 feet. Uh, some, some heavy duty must even go up to 21 feet.

Uh, then you’ll have between that pole and you’ll set up a second hole. You’ll do a crossbar. So a crossbar is adjustable between six feet, 10 feet, and then on the crossbar, you’ll put Drake. So we do a, what we call our poly premiere drape. It’s a fire rated black Drake. Uh, we can get other colors and custom sizes as well. So, um, typically we use our standards are eight or 12 foot, but we can also customize that or eight, 12 or 16. But, um, so that drape will slide onto that cross park. So we typically put four drapes per crossbar or three drips per crossbar, depending on how wide you have them. Uh, those drapes look really nice. They have like some, some nice like bolted of a challenge to them. So once we built that, then we’ll build our stage backdrop ensemble of it using our pipe and drape fingers.

We’ll clip our pipe and Drake camp, grape angers over the, uh, over the pipe and drape we’ll bolt our first roll appeals to those type of drape connectors. And then we’ll build our stage backdrops down from them. And then in addition to doing that, we’ll help you provide light. So one of our favorite pictures is in linear led strip. Uh, it’s the, uh, show me color band each night. So it’s a bright led, a multi-color led color mixing Melanie, and it goes right down the bottom at the bottom of your station design and it shoots up and you can get a nice even line all the way across. So those are one of the many, many suggestions we can have for, uh, lighting for your space. But I would love to have a deeper conversation about exactly what would work best in your space. So give us a call today. Our number is (530) 723-6421. Again, that’s 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. Thanks again for checking out the Mod Scenes podcast.