Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. I’m thrilled to be chatting with you today about our Mod Scenes products, uh, and how we are, uh, creating awesome, awesome stage backdrops.

Backdrops for your next event. So our team in mod scenes is a hundred percent focused on creating the best stage backdrops possible. These stage backdrops look beautiful in any light. They take colored light, amazingly. They can set up very quickly and very easily. They are one of the easiest things to set up. It’s not like Ikea furniture. You don’t have to have tons of lengthy instructions. You can just do one and then repeat the process over and over again. It’s super simple, uh, which makes it building a stage design, even for somebody who hasn’t done it before, super easy and super enjoyable. Uh, a stage design can be built in a pretty short amount of time with the Monsignor product you can build, uh, your station design about a minute per panel. Uh, so for a standard sized stage in a couple hours, you can have a full stage design that looks incredibly great, uh, with little effort and no heavy lifting, uh, no use of power tools and no, uh, no having to cut with knives.

And none of that craziness on top of that, our products are fire rated. So it makes it super safe to use. Uh, we can provide you fire certifications for your fire marshal, um, so that, you know, it’s a hundred percent safe and that it’s, um, it’s good to use in your building. So, uh, our products are also, uh, thought of in the long term. So we don’t just send you something that’s used once, and then you throw away it’s made to be able to be reused multiple different ways, multiple different times. So the designs are built in such a way so that you can make multiple looks with a single stage design set, further those stage design pieces, uh,

Store in our really awesome

Quadruple wall boxes. So these folded boxes are made to store all of your panels safely and them keeping them dirt and dust free and making them, uh, look, making them really easy to, uh, making them really easy to store. Uh, so a full stage backdrops can typically store in a space that’s 24 inches by 24 inches by 24 inches, which is really small. It’s a smaller than most like mini fridges. So, um, in addition to that, our team of experts, stage designers and manufacturers are here to help. We love creating the exact thing that you’re looking for. So if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit different from what we make, we’re happy to make it, whether that be a custom design, a custom project, a custom branding, whatever it is, we’re here to help. Uh, we love being able to help and create something new for you.

Uh, and many times we can do that in a short period of time. Many times, just a few days. Our team is incredible in meeting unrealistic timelines. Uh, we are happy to, to make, to make new things quickly. So in addition to, uh, customizing those things, uh, we are here to help with your small projects as well. So you have a stage backdrop, but you need just a logo. We can happily help with that. Or if you need a specific part to build a custom stage backdrop, but don’t want the whole thing done, we’re happy to help. Um, we are really here to serve you. That’s why we exist is to serve you. So mods scenes is you go your go-to for great state backdrop designs, um, further than all of the great, wonderful things I’ve told you about Nazi and so far, uh, our designs are incredible.

They are some of the best in the country because they can be used in multiple different ways. You have a great plethora of options to create your beautiful stage backdrops design. These stage backdrops are durable yet white weight. It’s crazy to be able to find something that’s that, uh, durable yet lightweight. Um, we mentioned the great products, the great service and the great design. Um, but what we also did not mention is how this has made to serve you and your church or you and your corporate event. We have a huge background in corporate events in church, serving corporate events in churches. Although there are two very different markets. Um, we have a lot of background in doing it and we’re really, uh, well-versed in making sure that we make a product that fits your exact needs and also a product that is, uh, that is functional within the limitations you have.

For example, churches, typically churches have a, uh, have a smaller budget. So our products for churches are incredibly, fairly priced. They’re very low price compared to any other custom design or even a standard off the, off the shelf design you could buy from, uh, major suppliers like rose brand or, um, or Amazon or other places like that. Um, and then in addition to that, our corporate products are made to make the process easy. They ship very quickly. Uh, they are, uh, round trip shipping is included in every rental or purchase that way. You don’t have to worry about figuring out how’s it going to get from here to there, how’s this going to happen? Uh, we make sure it’s all set up for you and we get it to you quickly. Um, and along the way, we’re there to help. So I hope that you will trust us with your next stage design. We would love to be able to serve you. Please let us know how we can best do that, how we can best serve you. You can reach out to our team@matson.com or specifically through, uh, our email sales at modscenes. com or by phone at (530) 723-6421. Thank you again for serving in your capacity and we are thrilled to be able to serve you, uh, again, reach out to us [inaudible] dot com. Thank you again, and we look forward to helping you with your next stage backdrops.