Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. This is your host, Stephen, and I’m thrilled to talk to you today about more stage backdrops stuff. Uh, so I had an idea that, uh, we should make a stage backdrops, uh, design based on the ninja turtles, because I’m an adult. Uh, um, but just thinking about that, um, in all seriousness, uh, there are a lot of different things that safe rock drops can be used to create. Uh, whether that be movies, uh, like in movies, obviously it’s more of a set piece. A lot more detail is paid to the really close ups, uh, in a, in a set design within, you know, the movie space. Um, but our goal is to be able to create things, uh, create stage backdrops and, uh, stage visuals and, uh, event visuals for specifically, uh, areas where you’re going to have lots of, lots of room, lots of people.

Uh, we want them to make something scalable, uh, because customization is awesome, but a lot of times, um, your event budget just doesn’t call for it. Uh, but if we can provide something that is not necessarily like stage backdrops, um, that’s not a custom, a lot of times we can provide it at a cost point. That makes a lot of sense to do, uh, for events. So particularly weddings, one of the events I want to call out. So with weddings, a lot of times, uh, clients really love the feel of a really expensive wedding, but they don’t necessarily want to have the expense of that. So a lot of times our clients will use our Mazzi it’s panels or proceeds panels to create a really cool, uh, photo area. And, you know, maybe some towers with, uh, maybe a custom custom, uh, custom monogram logo or two, um, throughout the room.

Um, but what they can do is they can re-read those over and over and over again. And eventually, uh, they pay for themselves and then obviously create profit. And it’s a pretty easy thing to set up. Um, so, you know, 15 minutes, so you can have a couple of towers set up and then another 15 minutes have a backdrop set up, uh, and really throw, uh, put the event in, uh, a new level of, uh, intentionality or really, really beautiful look for not a lot of effort. So, um, that’s one thing we really encouraged for our, uh, our clients that do weddings and events is to look at that and, uh, look at how they can, uh, you know, package it into a way to a, make their client’s wedding stand out from the crowd, uh, and be, uh, utilize those products over and over again, um, to be able to create really great visuals.

So, um, so yeah, so, but as I mentioned, we, a lot of times we’ll, uh, we’ll marry that with a custom piece here or there. Uh, and that’s what really brings it out is customizing some pieces to make it feel like it’s, um, everything was created for that client. Uh, we’re really intentional with our clients to make sure that we create exactly what they need. Um, and I know a lot of our clients are too, um, it really puts a it’s, uh, going that extra step really, uh, really shows a love for your clients and really, I mean, they want to come back to you when they see that effort put in. So, uh, I hope this is a helpful, uh, short little tidbit about stage backdrops and specifically stage backdrops in use for wedding design. Uh, if you have any questions, shoot us an email sales@modscenes.com or call us at our phone number, which is (530) 723-6421, looking forward to serving you and helping you create your next, uh, event, uh, stage backdrop, uh, or tower or a custom element for your estimate. Uh, thanks again.