Welcome to episode 180 3 of the Mod senes podcast. This is your host Steven, and I’m thrilled to talk to you about creating the best stage backdrops design, uh, for your next live, uh, actually next live stream. So since the COVID-19 crisis has started, there’s been a huge change and the way most churches do their services, uh, as with most churches across the country, most churches are not meeting in person they’re meeting in a, uh, in a recorded setting. So whether it be Facebook live or a prerecorded service, uh, either way they’re, w they’re working in a way that’s, uh, non-traditional and with a lot of that, we’re also doing non traditional, uh, non-traditional looks, uh, because a large full stage backdrops doesn’t always look like a warm, inviting look if it’s, uh, devoid of people. Uh, so one of the things that we have seen that, uh, that we’ve seen and we’ve helped a couple of churches through is putting together a S state backdrop that works perfectly in a smaller, more intimate space.

Typically the space is something like a chapel or a multipurpose room, uh, and there is a little bit more controlled, uh, maybe controlled lighting or a controlled, uh, controlled environment, as far as it doesn’t look quite as wide and expansive. Um, so yeah, so, um, one of the, the keys to that is making sure that you have something that’s going to be fire rated so that it’s safe. Um, there’s lots of different products out there that are fire rated. Most of them are fabrics, however, uh, but as with Mod Scenes our plastics are fire rated, so they can be not only a backdrop, but they can also build into towers or, uh, be 3d free horn hanging forms. Uh, they can also be used in multiple different ways. So you’re not buying something that’ll just be used once, uh, depending on how many ways you would like to build it, you can build it probably 20, 30 ways, uh, before, uh, before you start to have to recycle looks, um, by using a combination of backdrops towers, uh, uh, rotating the, um, backdrops so that you get multiple different looks.

Um, there’s a lot of really good opportunity and using these in multiple different ways, uh, also you can mix and match the pieces to get even more looks, um, so back to live streaming. So when you’re live streaming, there’s a couple of things you want to keep in mind. Uh, one is lighting your background. Uh, you want to create visual separation so that the people don’t look flat. So one good way to do that is lighting your background and stage backdrops. Uh, I suggest using led uplights, that’s going to be your best, uh, your best easiest way. Um, a lot of times when you apply a backdrop, so a Mod Scenes and or a fabric drop really realistically, any type of backdrop you’re going to get, uh, some spottiness. So you’re going to have one area that looks a lot brighter on camera. Uh, there’s a couple of ways you can actually combat this, uh, one way is to use a different lens on your fixture.

So a lot of led pars have like a 10 degree or 15 degree winds, uh, as standard. So you can use a different lens if your fixture has that capability or, uh, most fixtures don’t move to led fixtures don’t. So when you can use is called a holographic, uh, holographic diffusion. So this is a, uh, it’s a diffusion that’s supposed to let about 95% of the light that’s created from the led through it just kind of bends the light more than anything else. Um, so it’s a great way to get, uh, to get a wider beam. That’s going to look more natural on your backdrop. Uh, if you are looking for a very quick solution that costs very little money, there’s another solution you can use, uh, to two different things, either wax paper, which I think is the best, uh, for like a cheaper solution.

So either use wax paper, uh, or you can use, or you can use, uh, um, sorry, uh, it’s another, it’s another cooking paper. Uh, gosh, my, my apologies, uh, parchment paper, wax paper, parchment paper, either one, uh, the wax paper has a little is a little bit more confused. Um, so I think it works a little bit better, but honestly either will work, um, white, like white silk from a, like them spun silk from a fabric store also works. Um, the greatest thing about the, uh, the, the wax paper is it’s made to be, uh, it’s made to be hot from like cooking. So, uh, it’s a really good, uh, it’s a really good option. So you have to use it in an area where maybe there’s not a lot of, there’s not a lot of, uh, air flow and there might be heat from the LEDs.

It’s not gonna melt it or do anything crazy like that. Uh, okay. Uh, also another thing you’re gonna want to do to get, make sure that your person is separated from the backdrop, regardless of what your backdrop is, is you’re going to lose backlight. So backlight can be as simple as just a single little light, uh, on a stand like in white, that’s lightened the back up, back up your preachers of your pastor speaking in front of a backdrop, or it can be multiple lights for the back. Uh, okay. Key to this is that you’re going to try and make the subject stand out on the background. It makes it feel a lot more, uh, in person. It makes it feel a lot more natural whenever you don’t have backlight. Um, it can feel kind of disconnected cause it feels like you’re, you’re watching something flat.

Um, another good way to get a little bit more dimension is sidelight. So sidelight can kind of fill in the gaps around the nose and the, and kind of take care of some of the shadows that look stage backdrops, uh, might look a little bit weird. Um, I really love to, uh, to do backlight with a color. Um, I think it gives you a little bit more, uh, a little bit more flexibility on a creative end to create a different feel and atmosphere. You can still get that nice, uh, bright poppiness that you would get from a backlight, even like a white backlight. Uh, but then you get the added benefit of having color that you can kind of mix in and give you a new, uh, a new, fresh look. Uh, okay. So also, uh, another thing that you’re going to need for this portion of this broadcast type, uh, situation is you’ll need a, uh, a good front light.

I suggest using for nails for nails are pretty incredible fixtures. Uh, there’s some really great led for nails out. Um, they didn’t accomplish this way with work you’re on a budget. You can still use an incandescent for now, or even a parking, uh, or multiple car park hands, or, uh, the other wonderful light that I use a lot for front light is towards for LICOs. So a source for LeEco is, uh, is actually a hard-edged fixture, which typically doesn’t work great for a front light for stage backdrops. Uh, but if you focus in on a hard edge and then drop in a diffusion specifically in our one 19, which is a Roscoe white Hamburg fros, uh, that frost is like gold. This is like the most beautiful frost I’ve ever seen in my life to be real. It’s that amazing? It’s incredible. So if you’re looking for a good frost, that’s, that’s the way to go anyhow, that, uh, diffusion frost a fusion.

I think that’s pretty much interchangeable. Well, it’s not really, but most people do use them interchangeably. Um, that diffusion is, uh, going to even out your beam. It’s going to give you a more natural look to your front light, uh, and if you’re using, uh, area front lights, so say you’re using multiple front lights for a single area, um, it’s going to soften the edges between those it’s going to, uh, eliminate some hotspots. Um, recently we purchased, I hope that’s been a helpful, uh, hope helpful podcast for you as you’re working to, uh, get your live stream up and going. Uh, I’m thankful that you’re listening to our podcast about creating great stages. If there’s any way we can help you with your

Next church stage backdrops design or your next events change design, please let us know us and our team at Mod scenes would love to help you. You can contact us by calling 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. Uh, you can also visit us online at [inaudible] dot com and alternatively, if you’d like to, um, check out our reviews on Google. So Google search Mods Scenes, and you’ll mod scenes in Norman, Oklahoma, and you’ll see, uh, what our incredible clients have to say about us. Looking forward to serving you and thankful to be able to be here, to serve you.