Welcome to the mod team podcast, this is stephen again I’m excited and a little bit about how so here’s here’s where you would start so we have every set it sent with lots of extra connectors the design. Of course, if you were design, you would hang it from a couple of different and mediums. You can hang it from a vehicle lighting, pipe schedule, 40 steel pipe. You can hang it from aluminum trussingyou can hang it from unistrut, pipe and drape, or a myriad of other support structures. A typical, typical mods is going to be anywhere from 20 to a hundred pounds based on the panel design and how many panels is going to be enough. You can use them in any configuration from anything is going to have a even a small amount of support, obviously use common sense that something doesn’t look like it’s going to be able to hold it. It probably isn’t and if you have any doubt, figure out a different way or contact. Somebody who is a trained professional for if you have any questions, give us a call and figure out the best stage backdrops solution for your stage. Backdropsdevice that you can either attach it with our pipe and drape clamps, so you would put a bolt through the connector a bolt through the connector and then through the pipe and drape lamp attached, together with a wing nut, clamp enough to go over your pipe for your trust. If you’re going on to standard pipe and drape hardware on there, another option is to attach your to attach your connector and connector and panels with tie line. That’s a great option, as you can readjust, as neededshe can tie up with tie line. In addition to that, you can also use zip ties, so I can’t deviate from that location.

So, if your due on a bunch of them, it’s a good option. Our friends at life church have done it that way for most of their sets. They found that’s the easiest for them, because it’s it’s consistent once you’ve done that you can start building your purse rough. So your first will connect to the connectors that you just hung so the four way or two way connectors you house, you’ll, put your first panel. Put your first thing a lot in the correct orientation put a bolt through the front side that bolt well does the front side of town in through the connector, which will be sitting behind a panel on the backside of that will tighten tighten the threeand. You can also see this in our instructional videos on our website so further on you’ll, once you get your first panel you’re going to build from there, so you’ll you’ll, continue side side to side to desired height and down from that point, to your side to side for your desired width for your stage backdrops and then down for your desired height. For your face backdrop, so so you’ll be using once you get got your first road on your going to want to make sure you level it so if you’re using pipe and drape clamps, that may mean bending or twisting those plants just a little bit enough to create a level first row tie line. That’s just retightening and zip ties typically going to have much issue with that.

But if you do you can do is the title you just pulled out a little bit tighter aware of it starting to if it’s starting to blow it all in any place. So once you’re done you first row, you’ll, add connectors on the outer edges will have to wait connectors on each side and then through the center. You’ll have additional 4-way connectors and those are all both on the same way using a bolt through the front connector behind the panel and we not to tie it all together and then, as you’re building your backdrop, you don’t want to make sure that you’re intentionally repeating your pattern or what is that repeating the pattern or creating intentionally unrepeatable pattern so the best way to the best way that we’ve found to do this? The way you designed it is that you take the take the pattern. So you hang your first panel versus I’m feeling after you hung that you put your next design panel directly on top of it completely lined up and then once that’s done, you flip and rotate it either direction, whichever in a foot rotated off to say the right hand, side and them both out there, and so, if you always always put your piano on top of the previous one and then flip it to the next location, I mix, it super easy for i, especially for like a samurai or winter branches, one of them or one of the more complex that you can have multiple layouts with it makes it a lot easier to two great what you need to out of that and then it’s very so you’ll repeat your process over and over it’s pretty stage backdrop or backdrops, depending on how many you’re doing once you’ve done that you’ll at your very last row. You’ll want to you want to finish out your design, so it’s finished., you design, you’ll, do you’ll put connectors at the bottom. You put to a connectors across the entire bottom, with the exception of the bottom right and bottom left-hand corners. You want me to put a connector there, but I always suggest putting a bolt their timing on a wing nut, and what that does. Is that finished? We’re really all about details and that’ll make you that’ll make it have the same detail across the entire backdrop. So and as I mentioned, the stage backdrops are super light, so we had other people who may not have existing infrastructure or theatrical lighting pipe or pie even pipe and drape.

We’ve we’ve been in smaller. We leave work with churches and smaller venues who calling and it hung there’s maude scene stage, backdrops from from their ceiling from their drop ceilings. I wouldn’t suggest going over 5 panel tall, but it’s it’s a great option. If you’re looking to do something relatively cost-effective, another great option, if you’re looking for something and you don’t have any support at all and you or say you only want to go up a certain height we have. Of course we have our cars are staged. Legs are self-supporting and self-supporting at legs. For the mods that you can purchase on our website or you can, if you have a drywall wall, you can attach them all teams with white push pins like you would find it’s a dollar, general or somewhere like that or walmart anywhere anywhere. As yours is going to sell office supplies will have those you can push, pin those in and it works just as well. The only difference isn’t so starting from the top you’ll start from the bottom center and work your way up and out, and that’s work really well for some of our clients. Lastly, is portable. We have a lot of churches, we work with an affordable, and all of this sounds like a lot of work for you and we have to have a solutions better for for portable. So we build what we call our portable hard work. It’s so are they utilize a connector that allows all the panels to fold up? You don’t have to bolton every single time. You use them. You just well the box and hang it or hold it back in the box.

So it takes about 5 minutes 5 to 10 minutes to set up an entire set so which is super quick and super easy. The only difference is. It creates a 16th of an inch gap around all the panels, as you hang them, which typically from off stage it. Doesn’t it doesn’t look that much different. It does look like it’s intentional. That’s a big deal as long as you hang your panels with 16 inch gap, the top. They want to know really well, so that’s it. That’s another great option. If you have a portable church that you’re looking for a stage backdrop for warp stage backdrops if you’re looking for multiple campuses, so I hope this was helpful more about our products about stage backdrops about how we can serve you best, as always feel free to. Let me know and I’ll be happy to help you. My email is steven at mod seems. Com phone numbers on the website to be happy to chat through your stage design through your stage backdrop and how we can best help you I’m looking forward to serving you