Welcome back to the monsoon podcast I’m really thrilled to chat with you today about stage backdrops and backdrop systems that we sell through mountains. Com. We saw some really great products that are made to make your life easy, to give you lots of flexibility in your stage design and to help you to have a cost-effective design. You can use over and over again in multiple different ways. So today, I want to actually talk about something a little bit a little bit away from hard typical mod seems discussion. I want to talk about. It really sparked the concept of mods things that we build. We did for journey church. Tv back in 2014 I believe it was so when did a really great, really cool design, it was usingmultiply. Word wood, coroplast, a lot of aluminum aluminum heating tape. Some spray paint a very, very, very well used router, some very tired hands during the process. So we used, we use a router to rot on I’m coming light fixtures, licini keys we built it was kind of a mix of the two. Our whole Stage Backdrops vision for this piece was for to be for us to essentially create a modern piece of stained glass, so I love seeing last one of my favorite visual pieces.

To be honest, if I ever give up the scenic thing which I won’t cuz I’m ridiculously stubborn I’m going to go into a neon / neon lighting, /, slash, broken glass windows that I can’t say because I failed english, some days it whenever whenever eat this, whatever martinez takes off and everybody’s tired of me around the shop I’ll start doing some neon and some some stain glass, so I sent to kind of give you a visual. She can kind of be building it in your mind, I’m really huge, describing stuff before I get into the details. I helped me a lot, so we drew across them. So we drew a line. 0 degrees, 90 degrees to 7180, and then we split that into four other segments which would have been in 22.545, +, 67.5 I believe it is in an obviously the matches across the other directions, so that gave us $0.16. So we drew lines and made 16 triangular segments and then, with with a dewalt router like a hand router, we need a jig. So is a two pieces of plywood on either side of the wood and we pushed that router through the plywood cutting in a cutting in a 3/8 inch wide gap. Once we had cut this gap weed laid, we sprayed contact, cement, 7, it’s a f2 killer to spray, adhesive blue, so rob would we painted the fact black, the interior. We sprayed this spray adhesive on two and then added aluminum foil. On top of that, so you can a very reflective surface around beashea 4 foot by 4 foot wood. So these pizzas fuse boxes turn into our main stage. Stage Backdrops element, so we build. We got the frame of one by one two by one to five 1 by 4 by 4 frames around the outside. Additionally, we painted those black and then we took the interior and wrap the interior and aluminum hbac. So just make sure there are backdrops it out once a light dinner. So if you can imagine it reading 16 small triangles so from those triangles with it. Well done that we put, we installed led tape, we used to take from clp fazbear next 33.3 days, I think it is, and it was all ran, so we can control each individual pixel, which one we ran around the exterior of the interior of the box, so it shown towards the center of the box across that all that aluminum aluminum foil, weird mood in there. We cut it down to 4 inch strips with a coral claw and cutting knife, which is like the best thing ever after we cut that coroplast down we in late it into those gaps and we split up that tire box into 16 seconds. So what all those segments were completely sealed off, we made sure everything was level and then we attached a 4-foot by 4-foot piece of natural for placer natural, look like a clear coroplast, once.

Clear for class was on the top. We taped it all together to make sure it would stay nice and snug, since we’ve done the 3/8 inch pots on the on the wood. Whenever we put the pork last in a kind of crust a little bit, nothing we did with the edges, and some more of that aluminum hbac, take them eyes are, are reflected in the box, so it meant we could use less tape and still get a really bright, 1616 similar-sized triangles around them. So we tape on the tape on the the natural corpus front, you some gas tape and do our best to make a really nice edge around it around the front of the box to make it look really nice and finish put some eye bolts in it for hanging points. So they’re really really amazing. Sad. The final product ended up having I believe 6 of the forefoot version, and we built a new version and we had like 18 of those and what was really great about it. Is we use majors to control today the cubes, and so we set it up, so we were able to have a really. In total, we had 22 Stage Backdrops universes of led lighting inside of those scenic backdrop pieces, so I need for a really awesome stage backdrop, as you can imagine. We used those pixel leds to vary the colors with in segments weedle weedle, two groups within matrix that we controlled individually or we could run video content over either way. But so we would we would build content and made it look like it was, and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done so and also on church stage design.

Ideas. Com I actually was one of the one of the most viewed during during the time was up stage backdrops on church stage, design, ideas. Com. It’s really awesome. You should check it out jonathan website and it’s a really awesome church stage, design, perseids design resource, so yeah check them out, church stage design, ideas. Com. In addition to that, the dishes that we we’ve actually talked to a couple different people about buildings on just because it was such a unique and beautiful, a visual so anyways. How how much is changed to be initially the spark to start building something to serve stage design was in that initial was, in that stage build the hardest way to physically possible i. Think we probably put 300 hours now with technology for probably half the cost and in half the time at which is awesome. So if you ever want to see further than that, though, it was really a great great experience, because this is a lot of work in there, a lot of churches to do a lot of how do we figure out a good solution serving better so they’re, not killing themselves, incredible stuff that draws people closer and that’s how I met this initial spark the game. So thanks for listen as I share about that design and church backdrop, design and and I think that I think I’m hoping this podcast is a blessing to you and helps you to learn even more about how we get turkey with us first day to sign. So if there’s any way, I can serve you as normal shoot me an e-mail. My email is steven at fox. News.Com I’d be thrilled to chat with you to serve you well and to take great care of you, thanks again for tuning in and I’ll be looking forward to chatting with you again soon