Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast today. I’m going to take a little bit of a departure, um, from, uh, sorry from, uh, our, our stage backdrops talks and our DMX voice talks and talk a little bit about people. So, uh, one of the big things at MOD scenes is although we create backdrops. So we serve people. That’s actually our, our main product to serving people. Our secondary product is great and the best backdrops in the country. Uh, so I want to, uh, talk about the kind of people that we hire and the kind of people that, uh, work with us. So, um, it only to give you some specific examples of our awesome team members, uh, who are responsible for helping get our orders, uh, set up and shipped to you. So, um, so we have a team, our team is all located well, most of our team is located in, uh, Norman, Oklahoma.

Uh, we do have, uh, a few people in our team or, uh, who do sales and service in, uh, Los Angeles and also in Orlando and, uh, also in Ontario. So a little bit spread out. Uh, so we do have a little bit of reach, uh, and if he needs something last minute. Um, but yeah, so jumping into jumping into, uh, the people that we hired to help with our team and his voice and stage backdrops. So we hire, uh, high caliber people, high caliber people. So people that are problem solvers and like to, uh, really, uh, figure out the how of something, not say, ah, this is a possible, uh, R it’s. One of the things we were founded on our company was started, uh, out of, uh, out of my garage when we first started. So we, uh, really valued figuring out, um, figuring out how to do things for our clients.

Um, even if it seems like it’s impossible, um, whether that be, uh, shipping things across the country same day, uh, or, um, or making something that doesn’t exist. Um, we really love, uh, creating like that. Um, we also love to have a servant’s attitude. Uh, that’s a requirement for our staff that we, uh, that we serve others. We serve others well, that we focus on serving others, going out of our way to help others. Um, so, uh, one of the people that we just hired, uh, is an incredible, uh, lady, her name is Paula. Uh, she is, uh, she’s one of our, uh, one of our new hires she’s full time, uh, uh, stage design guru, uh, or guru training, I should say. Um, so she, uh, you know, one of the things, uh, that she intentionally did this week as we had a large order of panels coming in to be checked in, uh, there was a total of over a thousand panels on the order and, uh, it got to the end of the day and she realized that we weren’t going to be finished by the end of the day.

Um, we’re going to be about 50 panels short to be finished. Uh, so she decided, uh, in order to make it easier on our team tomorrow, uh, uh, because it would be on a different project tomorrow to go ahead and finish that before she left. Um, it was not something that was required of her or even asked of her. Uh, but she took the initiative to, uh, to serve others well, by doing that. Uh, so that’s a really, that was a really exciting, cool thing to be, to see. Um, and, uh, that’s something that’s kind of embodies the spirit within our, our team. Um, I have, uh, we have another great, uh, uh, another great employee that, uh, he may have had if you ever had, uh, the DMX voice products with us, uh, or ever done a, uh, local rental with us. Uh, you’ve probably met Carl, so Carl’s one of our production managers.

Uh, he, uh, project managers, sorry. Um, so Carl goes out and does a lot of, uh, servicing our clients, helping them with, uh, products shows and making sure that everything was flawless with, uh, execution of, you know, setting up the stage backdrops or something, uh, set up, uh, and he’s a great, a great human being love that guy. Um, so, but he, uh, uh, he, uh, he’s helped us a ton to create great things for our clients and specifically to, um, onsite, whenever something doesn’t work, find a new solution. So, uh, we have a, um, obviously we’re human and we do make mistakes. Occasionally. Uh, we had a, uh, shipment that was sent with an incorrect floor base. Uh, so the four base, uh, was sent for a different type of tower. And so, uh, Carl figured out a solution and built it for our clients so that our client was happy, um, was honest with our client, let them know, Hey, we made a mistake, but we’re gonna make it right.

Uh, here’s how we’re going to make your right. Had a clear plan beforehand and showed up. Um, so we look for awesome people like that. Um, and we employ awesome people like that. Uh, people that really care about what, what the end the product is and the end goal. So he was more focused on creating what needed to be created for that client than he was on how, how much more work it might create for him. Uh, his focus was the client, not on him, not on our company. Um, and that’s what we, that’s what we do. Uh, another one person is Sarah. So Sarah works on our sales team. Uh, she is over and above of and beyond awesome. Uh, I’m actually married to her, so I’m pretty partial to, uh, but, uh, Sarah, it helps our clients with creating stage designs. Uh, she walks lots of different clients through the process of, from, I’ve never done a stage design before to, oh, man, this is easy. I can’t wait to do another one. Um, so she walks, walks her clients through the process of, of how that works, how our products work, how we, um, how we, uh, service them. She helped lots of clients set up a try before you buy so that they can actually try our products out before they buy them, make sure it’s the right fit. Um,

Uh, yeah, another one of our awesome,

Uh, people is Elena, Elena, uh, is going to school for film. She is going to be the next like mindblowing storyteller director. So, uh, keep your mind, keep your eyes out for Elena Perry. She is a rockstar, um, sorry. As I was saying, Elena is going to be like the next mindblowing, uh, storyteller director. So keep an eye out for Elena Perry, rockstar, amazingness, cool person. So she is, uh, she’s pretty young, uh, but she has a heart to make sure everything is done well and serve people. Well, she shows up early every single day, at least 15 minutes early every day, um, so that she can make sure she’s ready, uh, to be able to help, um, as soon as, you know, as soon as we started the day. Um, so I mean, that’s the kind of people that we hire is people who, who have a true interest in creating cool things in serving people and, and helping you with your stage backdrops or your DMX voice setup or whatever project it is that we’re serving you with.

Uh, you know, our, uh, our team, uh, and myself included, we’re focused on serving you well and doing whatever it takes to take great care of you. So, um, so yeah, so that’s, that’s a little bit of what we do. Oh, let me, let me brag on one other person. Uh, uh, one of our guys, John Lee, as he’s awesome. Uh, he is, uh, not only is he an amazing human being and a great, uh, person in creating things and, uh, making sure the details are met. So the orders are packed correctly, the hardware is packed correctly, and everything gets to you on time. Uh, he is also, um, he is also a really super creative person. He’s working on a new, um, uh, board game, so, and a book. So, uh, I don’t know many individuals who are both, uh, creating a board game and, um, and writing a book at the same time.

So props to John and he’s a rockstar. Um, and if you, uh, if you see a, an order, he’s probably had at least some touch on it. So, uh, so yeah, John’s a rockstar. Oh, and he’s, uh, he’s gonna, um, he’s gotta be like in the ease essentially pro ultimate Frisbee. So, uh, if you ever go to a ultimate Frisbee game and you see the Oklahoma city team, uh John’s right there rocking with them. So, uh, so yes. Um, as I mentioned, as you can probably tell from this podcast, our team’s incredible. Um, we would love to help you love to serve you with your stage backdrops means, um, if there is any way I can serve you, please don’t hesitate to let me know and shoot me an email@stevenandmontseans.com, or you can fill out our form on our website and nazis.com, or you can call us at (530) 723-6421.

And we’d love to help your,

Uh, perfect stage backdrops or, uh, set up with a DMX voice for a tool, or some people call it the net glides, but, uh, you know, DMX, voice rental, um, or, uh, even a custom product. We have a custom product you need, we’d be happy to help you with that. So, uh, thanks again for tuning into Mod Scenes podcast. And I’m excited to chat with you again soon.

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