Welcome to the machine podcast, this is steven I’m glad you joined us again for our symposium of scenic awesomeness. So in this podcast we talked about backdrops, specifically backdrops for churches, backdrops for events, free-standing tower wall, three elements all of what you’re, made, of modular panels. So you can explain a little bit about today off of providing excellent customer servicedid. We learn from others on doing that. So this past weekend in ville arkansas. As you probably know, it is probably the largest retail actually definitely the largest retailer in the country and I believe in the stage backdrops world as well. They are sales are in the billions of hundreds of billions and their efficiency is incredible. So they have a network of about a hunt a little bit less than a hundred different distribution. Centers distribution. Centers are ginormous truck phase square footage is in the millions typically, you know, 600,000 up to like 1.4 million i, think of their largest distribution. Centerwhich I found to be super super interesting little bit with learn how, through efficiency, they were able to save money for their client. So with that, we also learned in the walmart distribution center.

There is actually two different types of distribute:distribution center handles primarily primarily full trailer loads of product coming in or out in a second, which is a more of a connection. So afor example, a company is obviously not going to send a semi trucks worth of product to every single store, but they might be sending two pallets worth of the next door. You know 3 or 4. Full semi truck was worth two stores across the country and all of those to the nearest connection, which is which is a see-through port, distribution hub. So what happens if those for trailers loaded trucks, those trucks go from that location to the different distribution. So, pretty much every truck, that’s going to to walmart distribution hub, one of the shipping industry, becausevery very typical for us to receive, or even send a package through an ltl carrier where they’re going to have half a truckload empty or even more than that. Sometimes why does? Why is this all important to stage backdrops glad you asked, because we save money on our material shipping specifically to and from we’re going to be developing a system for tracking shipments and putting them through our freight carrier.

Ship ship ship names for about 10 west doesn’t seem like a whole lot. Every little bit counts whenever you’re trying to maximize your budget to create the bestno way that that’s helped. Us is looking specifically at the example that sam walton created in his company. Only do we want to create wonderful stage, designs, wonderful stage, backdrops. We want to be able to lead our teams. Well only the people within our organization, well, so that they can serve you well, that’s our biggest goal is to serve well, and we can’t do that if we’re not leaving our team as well. One of the things that I found incredibly incredibly encouraging and awesome. Sam walton, the founder of walmart and sam’s club and various other associated companies is that he value very highly being a servant leader. So I’m christian I believe that christ was the best example of the servant-leader, but sam walton shows how it’s donein the context of today’s business. He shared his profits with the people in his company. He gave leadership to those in his company, gave them opportunity to grow opportunity to build in to create great things to serve his customers. Well, in the early days walmart, he was known for giving at the time on unprecedented authority to the store managers to be able to make price cuts, to fix it, to return things that were obviously not ever damaged, or they were damaged by misuse. He was a proponent of serving no matter what they serve incredibly well and unfortunately, and the corporate corporation of walmart. Now it is not quite the same company-was that he designed it to be none the less his early example through his first stage backdrops stores that are spread out throughout the rulepart of the us are just incredible how he served I mean. Obviously, two companies also still still doing well. Unfortunately, some of that becky key servanthood is not necessarily there from the outside. That may not be true within the entire corporation. I can’t speak to that as I’m. Obviously, not in you know, super in-depth into the number was sam walton did it was incredibly interesting to me.

Is he embrace technology a lot of companies? They try to take technology and rebuild everything around technology. It’s a really bad way to do business because it doesn’t solve a problem. It doesn’t serve the people that you’re working for so what we’ve done and martinez we use technology, but our first and primary goal is a serf people at stage designs. Sometimes we use technology. Sometimes it’s a simple asthis is the material you need and that’s how you create it. So they brought they bought a plane and he would fly around rule arkansas, finding towns and locations. Looking at traffic patterns analyzing from the ear, specifically how many cars are traveling through intersects, two sections at busy times of the day, to figure out where he could places next door. He capitalized on the needs within the communities a lot of these communities. They had a five and dime store where they had a department stores. They were smaller in nature or a variety store, for example, but they had very over inflated. Prices of the goods were shipped directly to the store, creating a very expensivenetwork of delivery and fulfillment sam obviously changed his business, bringing buying multiple by multiple shipments of a product at once. I just really need to raise network in a quick way and through this on whenever he created his new stores in the small communities, he brought the car the cost of living down and the quality of life up in these locations and I think it’s actually one of the coolest stage backdrops within the us economy, about how somebody used their influence to make old people’s lives.

Better a lot of people see walmart is this big is big massive corporation in it you know just wants to. You know, gain up all the money. There is an innie or just stop by I’ll money and really sam. Walton was not. That kind of person is a, although he did was very, very successful with his business. They ran on very tight margins and up until his death, he drove a ford f-150 pickup truck. Nothing super fancy. His plane was the same one he bought early on in his career and they really as the leader of walmart. During his time he built the company to be efficient, that use technology to their advantage to serve people inside a building their business, around technology, business around people and use stage backdrops technology to further their cause, a bit more in-depth-and maybe we’ll do a question answer about thoughts from that specifically about your servant, leaders and help you create a solution for your church. Your event, your honestly, whatever you need, you have to create a good visual I want to serve you with that, and I want to figure out how to help you so give us a call. Let me know how I can serve you and we’ll chat soon, thanks so much