Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. This is your host, Stephen, and I’m thrilled to be chatting with you today about stage backdrops and stage backdrops design. So I am a design freak. I love creating new designs. Uh, and today I want to think through the process verbally think through because that’s sometimes how I, uh, how I manage life is verbally thinking through things, uh, the process of, uh, our portable hardware. So our portable hardware is really cool. It makes it really easy to be able to set up, uh, your portable stage backdrop. Um, it’s, uh, we use, uh, clips that are made of a ball chain. So those ball chain clips clip together, they’re precision cut so that you have the panels as close as possible without them being, uh, without them being touching. Cause they do need to fold up. Um, so yeah, so what ha what happens with our portable products is you can take them, um, we pre-build them in our shop for you.

We send them to you, uh, you can clip on a pipe and drape hangar. So a pipe and drape hanger will sit on top of your line set or your pipe and drape. And as your lines that our pipe and drape goes out, it goes higher into the ceiling, uh, are the Matsu set one fold and hang directly from that, uh, that pipe or that type of drape, which is pretty awesome. Uh, but we’ve also talked about doing some other, um, really cool, uh, things with that pipe and drape hardware with that portable hardware. We’ve talked about making grids, um, about making grids of different materials. So not necessarily just the fire rated Coroplast, but we have some other materials that we’ve been experimenting with. It might be a good fit with that. Uh, kind of think like a smaller pieces that you can just pick up and hang it. That would be, uh,

There would be more

Of a, uh, more of like a small pieces, like on a chain. You just pick them up and go pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, and then hang up, hang up really quickly. Uh, as they unfold, they would make that beautiful popping sound. You just heard, I know I’m artistic, uh, artistic with words and such and things. That’s why my wife married me because I’m artistic with words and such and things. Um, so moving on, uh, so there’s some other options that we’ve talked about with, for portable stuff. So, um, one option is our, uh, our ma our Mazzi his line of captive hardware. So this is hardware that, uh, the bolts are actually built into a connector and you tighten it together with a cabinet. So this cuts down on your build time, uh, pretty significantly. Um,

It’s cut down the, on your, uh, your,

Uh, bill time, pretty significantly. Um, the, uh, let’s see, what else? Um, the, sorry, the, uh, so it cuts down on your belt time, significantly using NOACs, uh, we’ve also been working on a new product, which is a, uh, it’s a hinge piece. So this hinge piece, would you allow you to fold everything up and keep it a lot tighter? Uh we’re we don’t have it completed yet, but we’ve got some really cool prototypes. So, because you’re listening to pod pack pop, because you’re listening to this podcast, you get the low down on our really cool stage backdrop news. So there you go. Woo hoo. Um, so yeah, uh, so, and in addition to that, we talked about doing some, uh, other precision products, precision cut products that fold out, uh, like towers that fold out and only need two or three connectors, as opposed to, uh, as opposed to, you know, multiple connectors, uh, things that kind of fold out like an accordion.

Um, so yeah, so we have some cool things that we’re even working on and are kind of in the works. Uh, but anyhow, we, uh, as you can probably tell from, um, from our podcasts and from, uh, listening to us, we’re super passionate about stage design and particularly creating good stage backdrops for, uh, churches stage backdrops for, uh, corporate events, um, meeting, meeting stage backdrops, uh, sales events,  uh, sales meeting, stage backdrops, you name it where, uh, we’re passionate about creating cool stuff, uh, that serves the stage design industry. So, uh, I hope that this has been a, uh, a helpful podcast. If it hasn’t let me know, uh, I’m happy to be here, feedback, negative and positive, uh, cause we’re always, we’re always striving to improve, always striving to do the best that we can with, uh, what we have and create things that, uh, that really serve our clients well.

So, uh, so yeah, if there’s any way I can help you, don’t hesitate to let me know. You can, uh, you can reach out to me, uh, through our website@modscenes.com or you can call our phone number at (530) 723-6421. Um, and if you just want to see some cool stuff, check out our, uh, creations page, which is modscenes.com/creations. There’s a lot of really awesome stuff on there that, uh, it’s, it’s worth a look if you haven’t seen it yet. So I hope all is well, and I’m, uh, looking forward to serving you soon. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day. Call today for your stage backdrops!

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