Welcome to the MOD scenes podcast. This is episode 30, not 32. I’m sorry, I’m all over the place. Episode Ninety two. So today we’re going to be talking about the best stage backdrops options for a touring application. So a mod scenes, our goal is to be, uh, the best, uh, church stage backdrops company, but we also, um, make an addition to doing our good are awesome church stage designs. We also do a touring designs for a touring, touring artists, uh, concerts, live events and the nature of. But one really big definer that’s a lot different than our church business in the toy market is durability. So whenever you’re doing a tour, you’re wanting a very durable product, something going to be beat up, moved around a ton, uh, and packs up easily and can move. So, uh, one of the ways we accomplish this is by using a couple different products.

One of products we approximately uses a white lexia. And so it’s a fire rated polycarbonate. It gives, it’s a super, super solid and strong, uh, it isn’t expensive and heavy material. Um, but, uh, what, what it, you know, the weight is really made up with the really good, um, uh, durability. So, um, in addition to that, we also use our, uh, white fire rated pvc plastic. Uh, so that’s a pretty durable plastic. It’s great for being able to assemble quickly. It’s about, it’s about a third the way to the, the polycarbonate, um, it’s a great option for a, for grading a good, uh, creating a durable, a touring stage design. So that’s a great option. Uh, obviously, um, whenever you’re setting up a tour, you’re on a very limited schedule so you have to build quickly. A couple of ways that we’ve helped that in the past is we’ve done a larger sheets.

So instead of doing a two by two design, we do like a four foot by four foot design. So it cuts your, uh, um, cuts your hardware almost in half, actually more than half a minute, build times a significantly quicker, um, but it is a little bit harder to a store and ship A. However, if you were to use a set cart, uh, you can put multiple panels onto a set card, uh, so it’s pretty easy to quickly, uh, quickly stack them on there, a him in and then they can go quickly. Um, so in addition to the four by four, we’ve done four by eight sheets of four by eight sheets are obviously a little harder to handle a on. But again, you’re cutting down your hardware time in half, cutting down your hardware parts to half, so it’s less handling. It’s quick and go up another way that we’ve helped with boring as we’ve done masks, we’ve done a video wall masks a, so something that’s a really popular option for touring to use video wall stage backdrops.

So you use like touring led wall in a frame and then that frame will make like a really cool cut out around the frame. So it looks something like particular design, like vines on the edges of the screen or make it look like an old school, a tv set a or even just kind of break up the edges a little bit so it doesn’t look like just a square of led wall. Everyone does that. So, um, so yeah, so that’s, uh, that’s one option or another option you can do for you when you’re doing a touring stage design and stage backdrops.

Another great option for, um, for a touring stage design, uh, is our dmx hoists. So these are a little bit more, but they look amazing. Um, there was a tour out recently that another company did a larger company based out of Europe. Actually, I’m with Dmx hoists for, uh, for the red hot chili peppers, they use like 200 of them. It made a false ceiling with them. Uh, and then obviously they could be a colorized and move. Um, so yeah, that was really incredible. Um, let’s see what else? Um, then we were also working on some hardware to be able to, uh, to be able to fold it up your sentence. So a hinged hardware where you can fold up and down your individual pieces of scenic. So instead of having to build panel by panel, you can just roll in a big flat a like a big cart or a caddy is what they’re called.

A lot of times in the touring industry, a, a hook on your top, a tie bracket, tie it up and take the trust out unfold as the trust goes out. Uh, you might just have to drop in a connector at the top and at the bottom to get it to stay straight and boom, you’re done. So, uh, that’s something that we’re working on. It’s in our development phase right now, are still working on a couple of small bugs, but I think it’s be really cool once it’s finished. Um, so yeah. Um, excuse me, I’m coughing. Uh, uh, I’ve had a horrible cough, unfortunately a welcome to winter in Oklahoma. So a torn stages. Another thing that’s a very often overlooked and touring safe design his truck weight. So if you’re looking for a truck weight or even space, a lot of people, a lot of tourists don’t have the, uh, don’t have the convenience of having a large trailer with lots of space, you know, they’ve got a small trailer on the back of the bus, uh, to do their dates and so they need something that’s small and easy to fit into a small space that’s a great place where our, uh, where our heavy duty pvc panels come into play with all stage backdrops.

Uh, those can store under the bay, have a under the bay, have a bus, so as opposed to filling up trailer and go right under the bay, you pull them out and build them into the dropoff onstage. And I met him per panel. So you know, you’re gonna have a full states that in just a few minutes or less than a minute per mental, about 20 seconds per panel. So with those you could be looking at having a full stage that and say I’m 15 to 20 minutes and it requires no tools, requires no prevailed. It’s easily just boom, boom, boom. Something simple. You can show your stage hands and they can easily just put the bolts together and build it. So, um, so yeah, so that’s another great way that we can help save on a, a trailer space. And the other B we can save on weight by, instead of doing a heavy duty pvc doing our lightweight fire rated coroplast.

So we use the lightweight fire rated coroplast in, uh, our church stage designs a lot, uh, because it is really economical, super lightweight, can hang from pretty much anything because it’s so lightweight. Um, so that’s another option that you can use that saves on weight. A full box of that is like 30 pounds for the heaviest piece. Some of it’s light as like 20 pounds for a full box, which is like 78 panels, which is almost a full. That’s typically will almost a full set with stage backdrops. So, um, so yeah, so those are a couple of really good options for doing, uh, doing your touring stage design. I’m using some of the products from our heavy duty fire rated m line from our proceeds line and some of the products from our scenes line. Um, um, I would love for you to check us out online, check out our, um, check out our reputation because one of the biggest things about, uh, about, you know, using a provider for a tour as you want to have somebody who you trust, who will make sure you’re taking care of the entire time.

So I would love to be that person. Our team would love to help you with that. So check us out online, check out our reviews. If you search a mod scenes or reviews or a monsoons, Norman Oklahoma reviews on Google, it’ll pop up with our name, uh, and over 130, I’m very favorable, favorable reviews about how we’ve served people, how we’ve taken good care of our clients and we’ve shown them, um, you know, our desire is to take care of them, not to, you know, not to just have another, another order, you know, our goal is to serve everyone that we come into contact with. So, uh, thank you again for tuning into the monsoons podcast. Um, I would love if you have any questions for you, reach out. You can email me at Stephen at [inaudible] dot com and until then we will chat soon. Thanks again for tuning in.