Welcome to the machine podcast about your concert or whatever else i, we might be able to help you with weddings. I want to talk about something, that’s similar to a facade. So what we’re doing is we have a client or creating ahey call troll highly detailed, highly detailed, parkway somewhere? That is one of the coolest things ever honestly. Really awesome quarter inch, pvc, plastic stage backdrops piece overall dimensions are about 4 minutes, and so did it so that the herd, however, within those and I’m past that is acre, is a high-density pattern, with lots of triangular shapes and geometric shapes that are cut in a curve pattern to follow.

The curve of the arch, so they’re they’re offset about 6 inches from the original arch I would give you like really nice ornate structure in the free look at the inside and there’s also like a 6in balance that goes across the top of that stage backdrops and then down the side. There is like, where there’s not a lot of details. Of, the top like a really want bolt on multiple of 2 way. Connector on the back of the the the two top pieces are together and from there at the bottom berkel the arch to attach together bottom her to go see. Aren’t you a little bit more of a difference, so those are cut into two deaths so they’re the exterior stage backdrops cuts which are which would make it look like a three-dimensional arch with a with curved pieces around the edges. This is and then this is further further ornate or needed. That’s not really word set apart by a by a couple of pieces at the bottom. Those couple of pizzas at the bottom have a curved appearance to make them look like again like it at ornate, arch tower, the hat. What continues up the entire vertical was about 4 ft and in that bolts onto the two top pieces that we mentioned earlier. In addition to that, jacqueline says:hi everybody, hi, jacqueline and being able to work from home is awesome. Sometimes we have to hang with my little guy, so I just went to building that custom piece. Oh buddy, as you can tell a kid, sometimes have a different thought of podcasting.

Then I do my son. Declan I got him down to two a nap, and so my apologies on the interruption with it, as with any business, take a lot of hard work and hard work comes at times and was happy for you or your family, and the key is to be able to be willing to step back and come back to what’s best for the business afterwards, making sure, obviously, to fulfill your commitment to both your family and your your business so hard vertical that we, we briefly started to chat about those, but I want to go in through a little bit more specific. We did it. We in late some cuts that were about .08 inches deep into i, believe, which made for a really incredible dimensional feel so you cd stripes that are thicker and stripes their thinner, and it makes it look like a three-dimensional panel. If you check out our facebook page. Com facebook.Com, it has some pictures of the set before it was shipped out pretty simple. The way it was built together, both pushed white nylon both push through the front connectors on the back and wing nuts.

On the back of that, so very simple, we all are. We also included clear bolts in wingnuts as well, building a custom box so that our stage backdrops clients about $250 in shipping, typically something like that-would be shifted. Freight carriers of 4 foot by 4 foot, a pretty large size, believe we designs of boxes that we ship with the clients that are ordering products like that. That are you know if you close 4 foot by 4 foot size, we’ve developed a box that we can ship via fedex freight. So is that in addition to that, we were also able to turn this on the cut time, for it was about 3 hours. So it’s about the funny thing is there’s a lot more drawing time. There was cut time so about 3 hours. Drawing time was closer to 6. So, as you can imagine, you know what time to get to it, but we actually got that incredible turnaround. Considering so I hope this gives you a good glimpse into pacific design stage design. We did for four clients out in la, specifically for the stage backdrop for wedding backdrop that we created I would love to chat with you about you and how we can serve you, your you for your corporate event for your church for your church stage, backdrop. Church stage design, we really love serving our clients, will I be in the church or in the corporate world, and we, let me know how I am on teens.Com and check back in again soon tar podcast learn more about how we serve different clients with church stage designs with corporate designs, with corporate stage designs and with custom products to fit their meat fit their needs. I. Think so much again for chatting with me, I have for listening to me ramble about cool stage backdrops, seeing stuff and I’m. Looking forward to the next podcast with you