Welcome to episode 1 46 of the Mod Scenes podcast. Sorry about that. I’m thrilled to chat with you today. Uh, we’re going to be talking about stage backdrops and why you would use it backdrop, how it would benefit your event or your space, um, and why so many people are turning to Motsepe for those backdrops. So let’s start within the year. So, uh, you’ve been into a room that has some sort of feature that is just downright ugly. So it might be, uh, a brick, like a brick wall that somebody has decided to paint, um, you know, paint over and like a really ugly beige or, um, or potentially, uh, some sort of wall covering that you can’t really get rid of. Or it might just be a stark white wall that has no depth or dimentionality. Um, so a backdrop will help you to create a dimensionality on that wall.

It’ll help you to create interest, um, it’ll help to cover whatever. Um, ugliness might be partaking on that wall. So, uh, in the, uh, event and industry, a lot of times, uh, one of the things we’ll run into is the air walls. So air walls are typically a very, uh, blend pattern or even, uh, just a solid color. Uh, they typically don’t look very nice. Um, and typically they get beat up quite a bit. And so when you see D air wall, it’s not a, not a great thing. So, um, a lot of times we’ll put, if a stage is going up on a game against a wall there, we’ll put a backdrop across that area, um, to help it look, uh, to help it

Look more professional, a little more inviting. Um, a lot of times we’ll set that up on a temporary setup. So either using our ground support stance, our mod scene’s ground support stands, uh, or we’ll set up the stage backdrop, uh, to hang from pipe and drape, uh, either way

Super simple to do and quick. So, um, so yeah, uh, the, the, uh, uh, one of the other reasons that you would set up a backdrop in an area that doesn’t have one is to help draw attention. So, uh, our, our backdrops have a, uh, when you put them up against black fabric have a huge amount of contrast. Uh, so they catch the eye. Uh, people are, uh, quickly drawn to, um, to our backdrops because they’re so unique. Uh, the patterns are interesting and, um, and draw you in. So, um, it can be used Steve’s back truck can be used to really draw people to, uh, their focus to a specific area. Uh, especially if you’re looking at something like our lattice or lateral panels, uh, that have kind of a dimensional, uh, directional, uh, element. Those are really control of the eye directly towards, uh, you’re in tune to purpose, whether that be a speaker or a product or an area of the room. Um, so those are a great use of, of, of that for your stage backdrop. Um, with stage backdrops, you can really create, uh, a really beautiful look, uh, with very little time and effort. Um, it’s a lot, and it’s a lot more affordable than a, uh, you know, renting or using a larger or more expensive group. Um, with a little bit of money, you can make a huge

Difference with a stage backdrop. So a stage backdrops are super useful in helping you to, you had to create a, uh, helping you to create a visual that matches what you’re looking for, um, and can also hide the stuff that you’re trying to hide. So ugly wallpaper, ugly air walls, um, areas you don’t want people going into, they can act as temporary walls, uh, so that you, uh, block hallways or other sections of convention centers, uh, or say, if you’re doing a portable setup and you’re trying to set up something quickly, um, they really make the entire look a lot more cohesive. Um, so yeah, um, okay. Onto Y um, so that’s a little bit about why you would use a stage backdrop, um, but let me jump into why you would use us as opposed to our competition. So, uh, we are the highest rated stage design company in the entire country, uh, and actually in all of north America, uh, we have a hundred more reviews than our closest competitor. Um, our current rating is five stars, which is incredible in the entertainment industry. Uh, most companies have around the three-star three and a half star area. So, um, you can see there’s a huge difference in, uh, and that with, uh, with what we do. Um,


You get, uh, you get a really great customer

Service with us. Um, one of the, the main reason reasons our company has grown so much, and we continue to continue to have clients come from our competitors and work with us, um, because we are focused on them, not focused on, on the bottom line. The, uh, our products are also available for sale, whereas all of our competition only offers their products for purchase. Um, our products are, uh, easy to clean. You’ve got a system for cleaning them that, so it makes it easy to use the over and over again. Uh, our system, our backdrops take light better. They are, um,

They’re made completely here in the us, uh,

Uh, what else? Um, we have, uh, customization with all of our products, so we can quickly customize, uh, customize your set to exactly what you need. Um, that includes printing, cutting, um, uh, mold, 3d molding. So if you’re looking for a, more of a dimensional piece, um,

So yeah, so, um, I hope this is helpful. We’ll look into, um, into, uh, why you would use the stage backdrop, um, and why you would specifically use mod scenes, uh, for your stage backdrop. Um, as I, as I mentioned, we love serving people, so I would love to serve you and I’d love to chat through, uh, how we can best do so. So please reach out to us. Uh, you can shoot us an email, uh, at, uh, sales at [inaudible] dot com, uh, or you can reach us through our website at [inaudible] dot com or you can call us over the phone. Uh, our phone number is (530) 723-6421. I’d really love to chat with you, um, and help you with your next stage design. If there’s any way we can help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks so much. Hey guys, it’s Stephen at monsoons. Again, I was just, didn’t get through a couple of details about, uh, this podcast we recorded and realized there’s a couple of things I failed to add.

So I’d love to add those now. Uh, so another couple of reasons you would use a stage backdrop is to create a, uh, photo area. So if you’re looking for an interesting backdrop for a photo area, uh, our products work really great for that. Um, and since you have, since they’re modular, you can rearrange them multiple ways, um, which is great. Um, whenever you’re looking to do, uh, do a new looking backdrop over and over again, without spinning, uh, without investing the money on a new backdrop every time, um, you can also use them, um, as a, um, so we, we talked about using them as like a wall, but you can use them as like a, uh, partially transparent, um, surface. So a lot of times we’ve had a couple of times where we’ve had like monitor consoles, uh, like a monitor mixer behind, uh, the scenic, so he could still see through, but people couldn’t really tell he was there.

Um, so that’s another option. Uh, and in addition to the stage backdrops, you can also build towers, um, and you can use those towers for, uh, you know, either separating off areas. Uh, one of our clients, Anaheim Marriott does that with a bunch of towers, we sold to them. They separate off different conventions from each other. Uh, you can use it for signage, so you can do printed panels with, uh, custom signage to help direct your, uh, clients, especially useful at trade shows and, uh, at trade shows and like meeting events. Um, and, uh, another use is like a sponsor wall. So putting a custom printed logos onto a wall that shows off your different sponsors, that’s really popular with our clients to do Gallas and, uh, larger events like that, where it’s like, uh, people have obviously put money into the event. So that’s a, that’s a good, um, another good use of it.

So, uh, I hope this is a helpful, a helpful little addition to this podcast. And if there’s any other way we can serve you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Uh, we are thrilled to serve you, and, uh, we’d love for you to check out some of the ways that other people have used this product. You can see that at modscenes.com/creations, uh, you can see the stage backdrops and even some of the DMX voiced designs that people have used, um, on that site. So thank you again for joining us for the Martinez podcast. We’re thrilled to serve you and looking forward to creating your next stage backdrops for you.