Welcome back episode, 60 of the moth podcast. Obviously this is this is sponsored by our team at tire world in your organization. Well, I’d love to chat with you about your stage backdrop and how I can help make it incredible for youso today, I want to talk specifically tortured, client about church stage designs and instead of talking about what we should do and I’d like to talk about what you should not do. This is a kind of a antonym of a antonym of church stage, design contemporary. It’s really common to have a stage backdrop in a church setting so using a flammable materials. You should never use the materials for the floor to a stage backdrops height is unreachable via a normal. You know person’s reach unlikely event, there’s a fire. If your stage backdrop is made out of a flammable material and you cannot physically reach it that fire can spread uncontrollably with really no recourse, obviously a huge bad deal.

Nobody ever wants that. But if you use flame red flame rated materials like proteins are monsoons panels with fiery coroplast products that you’re going to use are going to be to make sure that you’re creating states backdrop for your church, your corporate event, what whatever you’re looking to do specifically made out of out of materials and then hang it with with fishing line for hanging out with other materials that are lightweight and not designed to hold weight. So you know our panels are about a half a pound, each that have you, so that’s not too heavy as far as a as far as that goes as far as like a scene from scent in fishing line, which is great cuz. It looks like it’s loading. However, it’s very prone to breaking logo. That’s a bad idea! I’ll see what else. Also another thing they do:a drop or a lighting design. Not distract me so many churches nowadays, which is great it’s my great i, mean it’s it’s it’s great.

If you doing a video shoot for a player’s, what not, but if you’re, actually thinking about and considering your congregation, a large portion of the time, it is inappropriate to have moving lights coming out in blinding your audience, cultures that are a little bit different than a moving lights. 08 upright discharge fixture-and you know a back so i-am at 703 viper vl 3500 vl3000 is brighter stage backdrops pictures in a white, a white or in low saturation color moving across stage backdrops people. Even in a saturated color visual in something people pull people out of a moment because those those lights are blinding so they’re, bringing typically a spot pictures going to be focused if it’s not to be focused. The light isn’t have at least a sharp quality, even if it’s out of focus lens or something is going to break up. That light a little bit to give it a little bit softer feel, and that would not hard quote on quote hard. Edge light moves across your vocal path and it is a human response to open your eyes closed. Specifically, is your eyes are open while you’re, worshipping and they’re closing, because you’re getting blinded, that is a that, is a bad move on a church stage design. What else? What else we talked about ever had a chance to go back to that, because I forgot search for easter stage, solo fire, there’s a giant tomb in jesus walks out of it somehow I think the guy has a candle or something catches on fire, fire extinguishers, and it’s a pretty, but obviously it’s funny as all get-out and has 17 million views or something crazy on the better thing for us to have the world laugh two other things to stay away from this podcast and learning and getting wisdom to be able to serve your church. Well, I would try to stay away from the best I can sets that are set there. Overly reflective stage backdrops I learned this the hard way we did a material severe you like me, or type near like material, and we cut it into like one-inch strips blog.Com, which was a cool cool idea, but in practice it’s spread the light out.

So much that you try to light the material and it just spread like so you can actually physically like the material. It just turns into a giant massive light, light everywhere, something if you’re going with mirrors or with like a mirror surface. Anything like that. That would be that you would use in your your stages. I try to stay away from me or stuff like that, unless the only exception of that is, if you’re doing something, theatrical and you’re really look into created, this really sharp dynamic, and with that, what I suggest is you use a couple stage backdrops sources unit, three or four sources of light at max and once here once you’re done with that you, you know, move on from that elements, either me or whatever. Let me get to the only gets deposited so the positive is we can help you. We can help. You provide a stage set that safe, it’s easier, you can safely, hang it it’s fire-rated and it’s a church stage design. You can. You know you can be flexible with you can reuse over and over again not waste your money on materials over and over again. So I would love to talk with you about your church’s next stage, design, I’d love to create a stage backdrop that serves you well and makes your life easier. So shoot me. An email, email, steven at martins. Com be happy to chat with you thanks again for the podcast