Welcome back to the podcast today we were talking about today’s been really well. We shot some new how to videos for backdrops showing how you build a backdrop, and we both the backdrop, got some great footage had some fun and I want to share how how we overcometo open later today we had an issue are obviously that’s a pretty important element in our in our entire stage backdrops process, because the cnc cuts all of the panels, everything that we make for the most part goes through that machine, so that went down actually was able to get it back up and we also have our software. We design everything in, for some reason would not accept for going on 6 years now, crazy, crazy day. But I tell you all this because I know there’s a lot of church world wherever you might wear things happen, and it’s like owed something like that happen.

They got to pittsburgh pennsylvania from the other side of the other side of the country and realized they had no hardware for any of their mod seems products. We wanted to obviously serve and serve as well as possible. So we got a rush order, their hardware together and sent it to them of new stage backdrops hardware hardware, and we shipped it overnight if they had it within 12 hours of ordering it not 12 hours, 14 hours of ordering it, which is pretty incredible by any. So if you ever run into one of those situations where you’re like I’m missing, you don’t hesitate to, let us know hardware missing you panels, whatever you need on a short-term, we can get it at wise top of cargo a lot, so we can typically that we got one order from oklahoma city to sacramento and like 6 hours, so we’d love to help you if we can any emergency type of thing stage design-and you had this same design figure out in this happen. To me where is like halfway through? Oh no, this doesn’t work.

This isn’t going to work this component of my design. What am I going to do quite a few churches stepping in in that in that space and helping them when something like that happens, and we do it. You know we there’s been times where we had to help the financial and to find a solution that works cuz. You know we would love to help you with your stage. Backdrop is not ever that ever happens to you would love to help you, especially in your time of like oh. No, we need we need help with. This is what I love to do is to serve in, to be to be helpful, especially in those stage backdrops times where it’s very unlikely to help him be had pretty much any other are very few other companies in the country who would serve the way that we do answer answer phones on the weekend. You know:do you ever have a havanese over the weekend voicemail and will call you back, will get you taken care of as soon as possible with her friends in pittsburgh that needed the hardware overnighted?

We actually answer the phone on a sunday and got it out to them that following monday morning, so yeah, if you’re having a bad day-and you need to do stage backdrop or let us know with a new stage backdrop, but at the lot at the the reason-the reason that I’m into something good stage backdrops orders today that came in to help to churches. So, regardless of all the bad stuff that happens, we had a lot of good happen today too, because we were able to push through that and at the end of the day, it’s been a good day because we were able to serve the church. We are able to breville serve others, and that’s really are our goal and what we do so do you have any questions I’d be thrilled to chat with you see how we can help you best see how we can create something, really unique for you and see how we can serve you best, get a hold of me and I look forward to chatting with you. Thanks for the podcast