Thanks for turning into the martins podcast again today are different stage backdrops product lines in a proscan products. Bulls are really usable and really user-friendly, make your choice. So what start with the martins products are made to be an economical, easy used panel? They build about a minute fire, rated coroplast, so a corp last is too thin layers of pvc material with vertical thin layers of pvc material in between them. That makes a sandwich a plastic. Essentially it’s very similar to the way the internal building of a car. A piece of cardboard is sonice flat finish, and a center vertically center vertical layers give it the structure it needs to stay nice and stable. So fast we have custom made for us. We have factory runs typically of over a thousand sheets at a time so that we put a fire rated resin inside of our plastic tables. Is it it brings the flash point, the point at which the panel can burn way down. We do the same thing as well:martins ferry to corpus as I as I mentioned it’s economical. So it’s really easy to make work for a church or, if you need to use it for one time, use or wear budgets. Tight, for example, also super high reflective, which is a very similar attributes who are pvc panels. Thenothing is making the motzing product into a stage.

Backdrop is really really flexible, so you can you can pop in different patterns. So, for example, you could use a crescent moon pattern and a canvas panel together to get stage backdrops sections where you can. Video, math or sections where you have solid solid looks, maybe start word or two. Maybe you can hide something is behind the scene itwhenever. Whenever we sell our mods and products they ship with impact support with four panels, a connector pack which has all the connectors. You would need to build a backdrop and then went nuts and bolts, so the bolt pushes through the panel connector, goes on the back side of the panel and then we not times that together and then repeat this over and over to build your stage backdrops. So let’s compare the solution to our proceeds, lawn mower belt to be an event or heavy use.

Tide products typically go in a row they’re getting shipped back and forth across the country. They’re designed to be heavy duty and heavy use quarter inch fire rated pvc. So it’s a it’s a dent pvc. It sayit’s about 3 pounds per pill if it’s uncut so like a solid panel, be about 3, lb or closer to the comparative to coral. The coral products are to 5 to 6 pounds per per per panel, so giving with a pvc product. Is it has a much more finished front of the coral depending on how you like it? You can sometimes he the verticals within the two pieces of pvc, like we talked about so, if you’re looking to make a stage backdrops for use behind it, like corporate ceo, you’re, probably going to want the protein product as it’s a little bit more, it’s a little bit more finished a little bit more polished. We saw with our captive hardwareall through the front of the panel. We have connectors that have screws that are captive into them. So you take the clear, acrylic connector you push that through the back side of the panel, then on the front side of the panel, tighten a nylon cap nut on to the front of that with a quarter-turn. So it’s just a little bit of a turn on those cabinets. It makes it really quick and easy and very little time. Typically it’s about 20 seconds per panel, so you’re talking about like a hundred panels. You know it’s a lot of times. It’s going to be. You know under an hour so also the pvc product we can. We can do some other things that are a little bit less than capable with a coral product so sent it to have your product. You can build a self standing towers to higher dimension. You can actually build self standing towers out of any of our pvc panels. Up to 14 ft tall, which I mean that’s a pretty tall, mushrooms are 8 to 10 feet at the meeting. Room or meeting room or convention was going to be larger. Obviously is going to give you a very good once you get past that you know it may be better to do a larger backdrop, as opposed to a cell staining tower, you can even use a magic, eraser or denatured alcohol, or most of the time we just use hot water or hot water in a rag and wipe off really easily. Let’s see what else I can tell you, I e products are there. Most of them are kept in stock, and we can. We can customize anything honestly.

We can customize the coral products as well. The pvc does last a little bit longer, so are expected. Wife life expectancy for of coral panel is about a year-and-a-half to two years, assuming assuming it’s getting changed out or used every other month. Where is the pvc panels? You’re, looking at 2 to 5 years, depending on use so probably 5 years before, using it once a month, if you’re, using it daily 10 years, using it as far as taking it down, resetting it up as well as you can print directly onto both of those substrates with doing that, you’re able to kneel brand new event brand, even your full stage, backdrops something that works perfectly for what you need. So that’s a little bit about the two products. As always, if you have any stage backdrops questions, I’ll be happy to help you that’s what we’re here to do we’re here to serve you thanks for tuning in.