Podcast Entry 1
Welcome to the Mod Scenes Podcast. My name is Steven Hall and I lead the team at Mod Scenes. For those of you who don’t know us, we are company that creates easy to use stage backdrops that are backed with incredible customer service. If you haven’t had a chance to learn about us, please visit our website at Modscenes.com. There you will find a ton of information about us and our products. You will be able to see some of the stage backdrops we have created for hundreds of churches across the country.

For our first podcast installment, I want to share a bit about Mod Scenes and why we created this company to serve you.

However, First thing is first. I want to thank the Lord for the way he has helped us to serve churches.

Dear Lord, Thank you for the way you have blessed my family. Thank you for blessing Mod Scenes and directing our path. Thank you for giving us a vision to serve your church. I pray that our actions show our intent to serve your Kingdom well. Bless those that will listen to this podcast and enable them to reach the people that need you. Thank you for loving us. Amen.
As you can probably tell, I am very thankful for what the Lord has done in my life. 

The Lord has blessed me beyond measure. He has provided me with many opportunities to serve the church. He has grown me close to himself, my family, and my friends through service to his kingdom.

More specifically, the Lord has skilled me to share my design talents with the local church. God has graciously gifted me skills to create amazing visuals. He has given me opportunities to learn from some of the world’s greatest lighting designers. God has also given me incredible vision that distinguishes colors skillfully. He’s provided me insight into how others feel in atmospheres and how I can best support his word visually. I am so thankful for this gift God has given me, and I am excited to share it with you, for His Glory!
God has given me a passion for serving the Church! The Church brings hope into the World. More than that, this hope leads to restoration and healing. This hope and restoration energizes me to serve the church and to serve you!

One way the modern church should support this message of hope is through our visuals. Our generation is one that highly values and connects with visuals. Presenting the Gospel with this in mind is a must for the local church. Our worship spaces need to create a visual that supports our message. At Mod Scenes, we partner with churches to create visuals that communicate the welcoming and energetic atmosphere that the modern church needs. These strong visuals are so important for communicating our excitement, creativity, attention to detail, and intention in worship. We want to help create the right solution for supporting your church.

This is our why. We want to serve you and help you connect visually with your congregation. There are a lot of other great reasons that make Mod Scenes products attractive, but ultimately our goal is to help you connect with the people that need God.

Now that you know our why, let’s hear a bit about Mod Scenes and our stage backdrop products.

Mod Scenes is a family owned and operated business located in Norman, OK. We specialize in creating easy to use stage backdrops for the modern church. We ship our products both nationally and internationally to be able to serve as many churches as possible.

Our products are plastic design patterns that fit within a 2’ x 2’ square. These panels are modular which enables them to build together to create a backdrop for any size room. Their modular design also makes it possible to create multiple different patterns with a single type of panel. Through simply rotating every other panel, you can change a set of circles into a set with seashell type shapes. I like to think of Mod Scenes like legos for stage design. They are simple but using them in a different way can create something amazingly new.

Each Mod Scenes panel connects to other panels with the use of connectors, bolts, and wingnuts. Using tie line, zip ties, or our pipe and drape clamps, you can hang these designs in nearly any space. Each panel is very lightweight, weighing under a half a pound. Their manageable size and low weight make it super easy to store too. Even a stage backdrop as large as 40’ x 20’ can store into a space that is 2’ x 2’ x 6’. Every Mod Scenes set is shipped in heavy duty cardboard boxes that double as storage containers once you are finished with your set.

The simple building process used to build Mod Scenes backdrops makes it easy to teach a team who has never used the product. On average it takes less than a minute per panel to setup our stage backdrops. Many times we have been able to help churches cut their set build times from 2 days to 2 hours.

Although our stage backdrops are incredibly good, what really makes us stand out is our service. We help to design a stage backdrop that fits your needs well. Once we’ve figured out your ideal stage backdrop, we quickly get your stage design to you. Over 95% of our orders ship out the same business day. Most of our clients receive their order within 2-3 business days of ordering. When we ship an order, it is always sent with spare parts at no charge.

We do our best to go above and beyond every time! I would love to start the conversation on how our team at Mod Scenes can help you create an inspiring atmosphere for worship. Please reach out to us on our website at Modscenes.com/contactus. Again that is Modscenes.com/contactus. Thank you again for allowing us to serve you! I look forward to hearing from you.