Welcome back to the martins podcast with you again about a topic that we covered earlier this week, the topic of hard sets. So these are stage backdrop pacifica a stage backdrop of a small of a large-scale to set up a lot of space to to track the storms move from one of my one of my past days, working with a cleaning company back when I was in my lighting, design learning my lighting, designchops i. Guess you could say stage backdrop if it is a there is a hard set physical physical piece. This would not be much worse. I could be a constructed Stage Backdrops actual tools to build a stool to set up. Typically, these are going to be a much heavier weight there. There need to be a semi permanent fixture with in a typical a lot of different elements:k hearts. At a stage backdrop, it’s a physical peace like we’re talking about a shot of sad because shadow box set, so that’s going to be a set that has a ace, a rectangular frame. Typically, they said about 6, either 10 to 16 foot tall they’re going to have to frame a lot of times. Can we build out of aluminum or steel? You know how panels that are either built-in or that can add on site and typically they’re built in though those are. Those panels are typically there, a fabric I like a white or like a white spandex or a frosted plexiglass or hazel e o c, o m accuse me of stealing coroplast, although that’s less likely, they are a much larger piece. So I can know time, it’ll take as much time to set up. But you know six of those can fill a 26-foot truck. 6000 cart that has sandbags in safe 24, 26 foot truck so you’re in town you’re in town to to the venue’s you’re going to if you’re traveling cross-country like so many companies are now and it’s 26-foot truck or a half of the people across the country with 6 barry white md set-pieces is nearly nearly impossible to ask for in a production budget just because logistic lee, another Stage Backdrops truck is over the doc.

It’s another set of crew at another. Large amount of time you’re spending on setting up your stage backdrop-and obviously you want to make yourself backdrop-is possible and that’s part of the reason we have. We created the mod team Stage Backdrops products, they’re relatively like wait. They build together very quickly about a minute the panel there’s no tools required and a hang from existing structures. Are you there? So you, your your pipe and drape for your trust or your or we can even send self-supporting and a small footprint in addition to that hyundai sonata. Couple other designs in a pretty pretty visible outside of the outside, at the casino outside of a sad or a remodelers at one of those is the one of those is the it’s not shadow box, but it it plays in a lot of similar principles.

So it’s a cylindrical, typically 62, ft, cylinder, cylinder back side is typically solid and on the front there’s a curved edge and an interior air flight shoots through it. So that’s another option:that’s another big one that takes up a lot of space in a truck options that are free and you crazy to ship or to work with something like that would be a boss. Panel. Tomas is a company that does different dimensional or sized spandex panels that have interior aluminum frames. So you build the aluminum to frame on site, and then you pull out spandex and wrap it around the entire thing and zip it up this great great, thank you for doing like corporate shell, and you just want to have a couple of cool pieces that don’t hard to set out there if they’re pretty pretty easy to work with, but it’s very hard to text her that they’re, not text her there, a flat piece or a like a sale, so is very common that you get the look of more like a next sale, which is pretty dated, look, at least in my opinion, and maybe not everyone. So for me my saved backdrop, I wanted to be something to do so. Many people haven’t seen before I just want a reason, weed out put out new panels. Every month this I actually just finished working on one of our new panels. It’s going to be really cool, I’ll have to tell you about it in the future. Podcast called tiles, and it’s a it’s a credible.

So many of our tiles and they’re super simple. They just it’s a good idea that it’s easy to replicate, and once you replicate it, you can you change the world card sets at what part of my eye my bouncing around on my I get passionate and excited about the stuff we do with my teens and I forget where I’m going so my apologies, toasty backdrops, specifically creating a stage backdrop with hard sets. Another option is to do, but that’s another other. That’s another good option. If you’re looking for something, that’s reflective or or possibly, color, that’s a great option again. Finding something to do is the fighting something different:that’s not in use or over use multiple times, unless you use a lot of it and unless we use it in the right way and why didn’t the right way? You can look very one-dimensional where is like a maltese power or even even a back off of a pipe and drape wall is going to look a lot more dimensional dimensional up more a lot. More contrast, a lot more contrast:equal a lot more feet, also a lot more feeling equals better engagement. So this is really supposed to be high-density. Corporate design stage backdrop world, but a lot of time down in the church world is because our stage backdrops, although they work great in the corporate world, they were great because the setup and teardown time is so minimal compared to compared to a typical set delaware york, constructing everything from scratch.

So so yeah I think I’m super thrilled to I be able to chat with you about stage backdrops about creating a great stage backdrop for your church, your corporate event. If there is a way, I can turn you for for your next upcoming event for your church service states. To do so, I would love with you contact me. Email is steven. Johnson contact us on our contact us page at monty’s., com contact us I’m, looking forward to helping you create an amazing environment for your next corporate event or your next and helping helping you hit the budget that the works best for you and I serve you well. So thank you so much for allowing me to chat with you through this podcast I’m, looking forward to connecting with you in the next one