Welcome back to the mod team podcast, this is about a bunch of specifics in church stage design and we’ve got some really cool things to cover red, hair, color and technique, and look for jumping in so, let’s, let’s get to it a pretty unique thing, typically in the concert or touring world. What you’re looking to do is you’re looking to create a visual that excites people that makes people think that you’re a big deal.

You were looking to create an environment environment that welcoming for worship, environment where people wear at like at stage backdrops, isn’t going to pull people out of a focus on godthe environment is going to be something that is exciting yet get gives a ability to have intimacy. So do you got 45 stroke pointed directly to everybody’s face in their strobing the entire time that is probably not going to provide a very good, very good atmosphere for worship is to is to ask myself a question:could this be a distraction to worship and if there is ever a yet and if there’s ever a moment where I say yes, it could be or I’m not sure if I have any doubt honestly, I typically take the high road and decide to find a different way. We been a really great thing for me, because it’s enabled me how do I make my church stage designs to be a lot more intentional, with that, how I design my stage backdrops and how I create things things that they weren’t? They end up working better because there are more creative stage backdrops solution and I hope. You know I really think through it I’m much at a much higher level of what I want to really create. With that. You know what that stage. Backdrop over that the church stage design for trophies so I continue on with that specifically about the sorry specifically about the the actual you’re going to want to obviously create an atmosphere for worship.

Typically, I find it a couple key things to this. There’s a couple things that you should feel like when it’s visually appealing, so it it’s got. Some is got some visual elements that stick out some things that make you think like make make you your eyes medially kind of drawings, maybe not not. As far as a like. Oh my gosh, look at that butt more as a oh, that looks nice and under stage backdrop. If you find yourself thinking and looking at your set multiple times over and over again or court stage backdrops general in general, people do they are seeing it in there saying like looking at it. Looking at it and not focusing on that probably a little bit too busy. Typically, that’s a place where you want simple pie and make it either I’m more repeatable stage backdrops pattern. A little bit less showing in the church will be true for in the corporate round or