Are you looking for incredible Stage BackDrops that will change your organizations experience? Then Mod Scenes can help you with our large selection of scenic backdrop products offer a unique panel shapes and designs that is easy to customize and allows a multitude of options. You may be wondering if Mod Scenes is right for you, and we are here to tell you that if you’re wanting a unique experience for anyone who comes to your venue or organization then you have come to the right place. Not only do we offer the most unique lights catered to changing your ordinations experience, we even offer a try before you buy. That’s right we allow you to rent some our products as well as give them a trial run for free. This is so people can see if our backdrops and scenes are the correct move for their business. Typically whenever we have someone use a trial they always come back delighted and wanting to broaden their options of stage backdrops and buy the product.

Some of our clients who have used our Stage BackDrops is none other than Disney, the OKC thunder, TED, Chick-fil-A, Life-Church, and many more large names. Many of these businesses also have been buying our products for years as they continue to grow continue to choose us over and over again. Since we have been able to service such large names you can trust our quality as well as the ability to give unique stage lights. If you’d like to learn more about the various organizations we’ve been able to help you can visit our website at The site is also packed with plenty of testimonials about how great our products are and how they have continued to choose us for getting there light up stage backdrop experience. They also have video testimonials from large names so you can really understand the impact that our products has been able to give them. If you want to understand how our product works the website has a gallery of pictures that show great examples of our product and use as well as the multi-functionalities that can be used for.

The way that we provide Stage BackDrops it is through our three different products. We do not only just offer one products, we offer several as well as unique and different versions of each allow you to customize endlessly in multiple times. What we offer is Mod Scenes, Pro scene products, projection products, and a few various other smaller lights. From all of our products there also different versions of each that will give you different customization options. Our Mod Scenes scenes are most popular product because you can use them for background settings as well as lighting, and building 3D objects/pillars. Our products bring your stage to life and can make your organization have a unique feel that it’s perfect to you.You’d like to learn more information please visit our website at, or give us a call at 530-723-6421.

Stage BackDrops | Largest Selection of Scenic Products

We are proud to have one of the largest selection of Stage BackDrops products that offer insane customization options. If you’re running an organization that wants a unique service that can transform your business and give it a whole new feel that is catered to what you love then you can check our website. The website is, and it is here where we can show you exactly what we are talking about as well as why so many people will recommend us. We have three different versions of products that we sell each with their own sub versions that are different from one another. No matter which product you select then you will be assured something that can give your organizations experience that unique twist as been looking for.

Each of our products offer a multitude of customization options, so many options that some your greatest followers or supporters may not even notice that’s the same Stage BackDrops. This is pretty common, our stages allow so much customization that you may not even realize that certain pieces can create different design. What we mean by this is that our stage products such as Mod Scenes offer a modular system in which you can customize and re-create as many times you want. Not only do we allow customization over what is casted through our lights such as the color, pattern/shape, or way in which it moves/transitions. This means that every single one of our lights is able to hook up to a unique system or you can digitally create something that the lights can run to such as a light show. This is why our product is able to help you so much because it is able to give you customization that can cater towards any mood or revive your needing to create.

Stage BackDrops that you can reuse over and over again. Our modular stage products offer so much customization that you can put it together one way and then take it apart to put it together another way that looks completely different. This means that the possibilities are endless whenever it comes to customizing your stage and the feel behind it. Many of our consumers followers of the organization always think of they’re getting new stage backdrops and scenic designs. That is why whenever you decide to get one of our products you’re not getting one stage, you’re getting a product that you can customize and shape to whatever need you may have.

The best part about Mod Scenes is that we allow rentals and trials. We understand that is a big investment in order to get new backdrop/setting products so this is why we offer these services. If you want to try out one of our products to see if it is the right fit for you were able to give you a free trial of it that will be sure to keep you happy as well as wanting to get your hands on more of our products.

If you’d like to learn more information please visit where we have plenty of videos and testimonials showing how the product works for them. You can also give us a call at 530-723-6421.