Welcome to the martins podcast is a podcast where we share how we serve churches in corporate events through stage backdrops, that we create and manufacturer stage backdrops out of our location in norman oklahoma, we ship all over the country and we also ship internationally. We have a really big passion for creating really good atmospheres. This her church as well and serve corporate events well through connecting, people, credibly, incredibly passionate about making beautiful stage backdrops did serve. You well, please reach out to us and let us know how we can serve you best. You can email me by emailing steven at martins., com so. Today we’re going to take a little bit from our normal stage, backdrop symposium from jumping into and diving into details of stage backdrops our team and how we function and how we helpyou create something that works wonderfully for your team and how we over-deliver with our products. So I want to start telling you a little bit about us, so we started out of out of a need to serve our local church. We need a solution that was easy. That was quick to set up. That was relatively durable and ultimately cost-effective. We knew it couldn’t be something that was just halfway done. It had to be something we could repeatedly do over and over.

So obviously, when you’re creating something of that caliber, there has to be a lot of attention to detail so within our teams. We are very, very stringent on attention to detail if we find a panel that has an issue that panel is pulled to the side and put put out of put out of our inventory. We typicallywe typically save the save those beef stock panels is what we typically call them, but save those-and you usually use those two black churches who are unable to afford a typical product. However, within our team, one of the leadership things that we really practice is owning your space, so typically and design is really my passion. So as the leader in that area, I know that my designs have to be has to be beautiful, they’ve got to be modular, so they got to be able to steal and I’ve got to be able to work over large amounts of space, and, ideally, thethey need to be able to be used in multiple ways. Socrate three. Ideally, we would turns out of a single phenotype, susan backdrops from there one of the things I do it. Whenever I’m trying to hold myself accountable, is i, try to set measurable and pineapple goals. One of those goals is I plan on once a week creating a new stage backdrop design, specifically new pattern design. Those designs don’t get released, but it is something that helps me to be a better designer to design better stage backdrops, so the ones that do get released serve our clients even better so outside of me christopher, is our shop, lead oversees all production and make sure that product is a hundred percent before I goout the door.

So one thing we do in our production production department is:we make sure that every every piece of central spares so, for example, martins for your stage backdrop you want to always make we always make sure that we do a about a 3% 3 to 5%, depending on the product, spares right, so that ensures that if a pill gets damaged during shipping that you have the pieces, you need to setup your backdrop and to to succeed. We always want to set our clients up to succeed and so. Within our team we hold ourselves to a high standard to be able to do thatanother thing we do. Is we set what many people will call unrealistic goals for our fulfillment? All we try to. We try to best amazon and pretty much every order we do today. It is 9:58 p.M. And I am just returning from from our air cargo partner.

Southwest I just dropped off a 600 lb worth of product, that’s heading to las vegas, so we worked past our normal time. We worked after 6 closed today to make sure that we over delivered for that client, so that that order will go out on the next flight and should be there probably within16 hours of when we initially shipped it. So we do things like that to go over and beyond, and more than that, we always ask ourselves:how can we serve better and everything we part of that is by doing this podcast and teaching you how we can help you create great stage. Backdrops I’m excited to explore further and tell you more about how we serve you. Well, thanks again for tuning in. If you have any questions or shoot me, an e-mail, my email is stephen and mal teens.Com I’d be thrilled to hear from you and I would love to serve you in any way that I can thanks for tuning in