Welcome to episode one 90 of the Mod Scenes  podcast. So in this episode, I want to tell you a little bit about how pod seeds is different. So our team at Mod Scenes is the highest rated by far stage design company in the country. So our closest competitor has about 20 reviews to give you an example of our reviews for our stage backdrops. We have over 230, we have tons of reviews and we’re eating more every day because of the incredible work we do for our customers. We work tirelessly to help our customers create the perfect stage backdrop for their church or their special event or for their concert or table. So we, uh, we worked with closely creating church stage design ideas for our clients. We have multiple different products that to fit any need. So one of the other ways that we’re different, uh, is we sell our products.

We don’t only them. So many of our, many of our competitors only rent their products. They want you to be tied into a perpetuating cycle of you spending, living on something you use all the time. We are more willing and more wanting to be able to sell the product to you so that you can maximize your budget for church. It’s very important to be able to be good stewards of the money that they’re given for stage backdrops. Uh, and that’s the reason we created a product to be purchased. It not only brings it, uh, we want to do what’s financially responsible for the church. Um, another way that we’re different is we hire incredible people. Our team at Claude seeds is full of amazing people. We have brilliant designers, we have incredible manufacturers. We have customer service people. They won’t change your life. They are credible, they are so good.

And their focus is you. Their focus is making sure that we can serve you the best way possible. If it is physically possible, equal serve you, how it ever possible. Um, one of the key differences in our competition is they’re not interested in that they are interested in making a buck or, and doing some huge show. Our interest is in serving you. Our interest is in creating some states. Backdrops would a church, uh, create a beautiful church stage backdrop screening and, uh, products serve other small businesses as well. We want to be able to create the backdrop products that really change, uh, change the way things are done. And, uh, from a, from a design point of view, from an operation point or not only churches, but also big companies. Um, so that’s another way that we’re, we’re different than, than our competition. Another way we’re different with our competition is 90% of orders ship out within 24 hours of work, which is incredible.

Like the Amazon is pretty much the only company that’s really consistently doing shipping out over 90% of orders, same business day or next business day. Typically our products are going to get almost anywhere in the United continental United States within three business days. Uh, we’re centrally located, which makes our products super easy to ship to anywhere in a very short time for stage backdrops. Uh, many of our products about 40% of the us, uh, is shipped to in one day, which is incredible. Um, also even past that, if you think your stage design, even ProMaster, let’s say today, we can do it. Um, since we stock our products, we can literally pack the products and get them shipped the same business day. We’ve had clients that have found themselves in a difficult position where their stage backdrop didn’t work out and they get something to same day we’ve, we’ve got those products like a flights to our customer.

Uh, I think our record right now is we sent 400 panels of a stage backdrop to a client. Um, and they had it within six and a half hours. So we would love it. So from Oklahoma city to Atlanta, Georgia at six and a half hours. So we would love to show you our, uh, show you our incredible customer service and our masterful logistics, uh, and getting your steak backdrop to you anywhere in the country, uh, within a business then, um, let’s see other ways that we’re different. Uh, so you divide everything that we can either buy, almost everything you carry online for our website. So simply about going to nazis.com. You can, at any time of day or night, you can go through and order your product. Um, since we stock all of our products, you never have to worry about a back order.

Our products are in stock, uh, and we’ll ship the same or next business day, depending on what time you, uh, order stage backdrops. Uh, our cut off is working in, which is incredibly late for a, uh, for a manufacturing company. Uh, since we handle all of our manufacturing in house, we have, uh, we can do custom projects quickly. So let’s say you need a custom stage backdrop in two days. You know what, there’s a good possibility we can do it. Um, the, are we are experts at doing the impossible, that’s our that’s one of our mottos internally is to be experts at doing the impossible, uh, another way we’re different. Uh, we will give you suggestions on specifically what you need, uh, even if it’s outside of, um, outside of our world. So, uh, we are from the church stage backdrop, you know, like we’re proud of the church.

I started the church lighting design world. I’ve done church stage backdrops for a very long time and seen a design for churches. Um, if it’s, even if it’s something that we don’t know, we’re having to share the knowledge to do. So we have lots of, lots of people who’ve come to us asking about audio or asking about, let’s say, uh, how do I do tracks around, uh, from a computer for, uh, how do I attract from a computer for my live services? Uh, so we have resources to send our, even if it’s not hard, like our art, our main focus, we’re happy to help in supporting the church. However we keep, uh, also we’re, we don’t, you’re not tied to using, uh, using plottings for all your stuff and tear down. All of our products are super easy to use, so they can be shipped to you.

Um, and you can build them. You can use a bulk, a set of volunteers to help you. Um, it’s really quite incredible how you can, uh, how you can use our products without having to, uh, even a custom product without having to have a trained technician, uh, you know, helping you with the process. Um, let’s see, uh, what the other things that make us different. All of our products are fire rated. So, um, you don’t ever have to worry about, um, worry about is this safe, it will always be safe. Uh, it’s never going to catch fire. Um, we have higher certificates to give to your, uh, you know, your fire Marshall, um, so that, you know, so that they know, Hey, this is a safe product. It’s a good product. Uh, we have no worries about it. Um, yeah, the, uh, let’s see what else, uh, other things that make us, uh, make us different.

We, uh, we have a good attitude. I know that doesn’t seem like very big, a very big differentiator, but most, most people know most many people in the stage design industry, um, have landed there by accident. So they’ve landed there by accident they’re they don’t really want to be there. Whereas Archie will wants to be at the stage design world. We love serving churches. We love serving events with grading stage backdrops theater, incredible for their use. Um, so we love what we do, uh, and because of that, you get a slightly different, uh, you get a completely different, um, uh, process. Uh, what’s the word, uh, you get a completely different, um, my politics, uh, a completely different experience as a completely different experience. Um, I do this incredible podcast in my van and I just got a bird as I was driving. So woo-hoo, that is less than awesome. Uh, yes. Okay. So back to safe factor. So with our church state backdrops, um, we also do a free trial. That’s unheard of nobody in the entire audio, visual lighting world will give you a product for free to try for 15 days. That’s an unheard of, so our team, we will send you your entire stage backdrop to try for free 15 days. If you like it, you can purchase it and if not return it, and you simply pay the returnship, uh, which is just an incredible deal.

So yeah, we we’d love to be able to let people fry because the thing is, if we give you the opportunity to try, like you try it, if it works well for you, right. If it doesn’t, that’s okay. Not a big deal. So, uh, no, uh, no hurting anyone at that point. You, you try to do, you know, what does and doesn’t work for you. Um, and then on the next one, we can get exactly what you can. So, um, so yeah, so there’s, that’s a little bit about, um, about our stage design and our, uh, stage backdrops designs. I would love to chat with you more about how we deserve you specifically. So if you would, uh, shoot us an email@salesatmazda.com or give us a call at (530) 723-6421, uh, or find you however you want to get ahold of us and see more about our company. We have hot seats.com. Thank you again for, uh, speaking with you for listening to the Mod Scenes podcast. And I’m looking forward to speaking with you. Uh, thanks again. And this is Steven and the Mod Scenes podcast. You were awesome.