Welcome back to another, really amazing, wonderful i, opening episode of the mod, teeth, podcast. The, faster, you think will like that. But what I do have is a unreasonably unhealthy knowledge of stage design in specific today, I want to talk a little bit about dimensional backdrops, so we we talked about about a little bit in the past and we talked about. We talk about some of the products that we have do. We have a lot of really super exciting stuff. Coming out a lot of new stage backdrops products coming out that are dimensional it’ll be coming out. This fall so keep your eye. If you haven’t join our mailing list join our mailing list, so you can keep your eye open for those they’re going to be really cool. Super excited to show you some of themsome, of the products on the market with our products, because there are other products on the market and I want you to be well-informed. She make the best decision for your charger. I honestly think that best decision is going to be allowing us to serve. You I’m happy for you to deserve well by another company, so I’mma start with a company, so they’re based on new york modular pieces pieces attached to a aluminum frame, they do sell. Those stage backdropsproducts are incredibly expensive.

The last I was a 20 by 12 backdrop that we had heard about from. Another client was quoted out at like $12,000was, crazy, so important. That is really they don’t exist to work within the church and they know that their their goal is to work with that corporate clients on a rental basis. Only really so so I don’t even know if they’d be willing to sell at this point another another company that provides stage backdrops product is atomic design saddle lancaster, lancaster, pennsylvania areareally. Their stuff is incredible. They have put a lot of time a lot of design a lot of effort into their products and shows really amazing. Product problem is I’m not for sale. The only way you can use them is by purchasing by rinsing them called and said they have been sent for their church it from from july through late october, and they were quoted $22,000 for stage set for an area that was 30 foot by 12 foot, sothat’s, an incredible amount of money. That is incredible. We actually ended up after we chatted with them and kind of taught them about our process and they ended up buying a set and it cost them $2,600. So they cost comparison either renting for a few months for 20 mm or purchasing and having forever for the rest of your life for a 2600. Let’s talk about some other options, so there’s another another company that makes some make some household decor panels actually use them as soon as I can see. Why they’re pretty coolfiberboard it’s pretty much sugar cane, which is pressed into a mold and with glue and resin to make it into a penal problem with that. Is they look great?

They like they, they were flexalite. You know who their dimensional, which is great but they’re, not fire rated. So if anything were to happen and they’re all so they don’t they’re not made to last so think of it, the the the eggplant. How are you answer and I plant sugar canesugar cane press board stuff that they use is actually very similar to that of an egg carton a hundred years or even a year? It’s made the last few months. While you have some eggs and it’s it’s not made to be taken, you know to be manipulated to be cut to be to be changed, something with cutting that stuff at their edges, free out, very, very poorly. Where is like a blast, it’s a plastic design to be cut. So when you cut it, you get a nice finished edge even on a cotanother thing is their pricing is very similar to ours. So, if you’re looking to do your stage, design I personally, would go with something and fire rated on the basis that I don’t like being responsible for people dying.

If there’s a bad thing happened to my church, but I know that’s a way over dramas, a drama, dramatic sized piece, but really it is important to make sure that your stage is safe. It is your responsibility as the stage designer to to be the one that leads that cuz. Nobody else is going to it’s going to be it’s on. You, that’s unfortunate. That’s how it works in the world is another company based out of denver colorado modular back drops.Comtheir products are designed for corporate heater, so they’re, unfortunately, not a really good product for churches. There are. There are a couple other smaller companies that we’ve managed to run into that I won’t get too deep into cuz. Most of them either have a similar stage backdrops to the ones we just went over or pricing that is so much higher that it doesn’t really worn us going at work. So I hope this is helpful. I would be thrilled to talk to you specifically about what your goals are. With your with your stage backdrops with your design, your church, or are you or your next meeting? If there’s a way, I can help you, please don’t hesitate to, let me know, and if there is, if there is something else you find. This is really interesting. I would love toshoot it over to me via email, cuz, I’m, always looking to learn. I’m I’m, not I’m, not arrogant in this at all. I know that we are not. We are not the best at everything, but I do think that we’re the best at serving the church and, if we’re not I’d, love to figure out how I can be so thanks again for the moth podcast I’m, looking forward to serving you soon

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