Welcome back to my teen podcast about stage backdrops, specifically stage backdrops for churches, for corporate events for concerts stage backdrops for pretty much anything you can think of. If you can think of something, we can’t do a stage backdrop for please let me know I’d love to know. So today we have a really cool episode. I’ve got my beautiful wife of over 11 years joining me. The wonderful incredible amazing sarahah was here so sarah is pretty much the reason that I am a normal human being. She is incredible. She makes my life pretty much the best thing ever so very very long time we did and just a short short synopsis of our relationship. We met. We live 2 blocks away from each other met at a rock concert while on high school dated for about a year. At that point, sarah over a year, I moved to memphis. We dated long-distance for 2 years, I moved to florida. We got married over the holiday break from school, so awesome and I we’ve been together ever since, and we’re going for we’re going for at least 70 years of marriage right. Okay, so you came here for sara has obviously been pretty instrumental in helping me build mod scenes, helping to encourage me to create great products to serve people and encouraging me to do as a business owner serve the people well that and that we do so I would love to love to hear your input hear your thoughts. So what are your thoughts on what was a quicker? The quick snapshot of what the company is to you. Monsoons is like it’s your dream and I love to see you pursue that and to see you successful in that. But I know that the biggest part of that for you is not necessarily about owning a business and it’s not necessarily the financial end of things, but it’s about it’s about serving people and it’s about particularly serving churches, and that’s one of the things that I love most about. You is your servant, heart and that’s that’s the foundation of the business, so that’s probably more than anybody I have at times even to a fault. Well, I will make sure that we provide a product for a client even if it’s not a financial benefit.

To us really bad for business to be completely honest, but she kind of touched on this is my dream. My dream is not even so much to make a modular seating company. My dream is to support churches and support support designers by creating something that gives them. Some margin gives them the ability, crate, really amazing atmospheres and families I work in churches for almost 10 years, and during that time, there’s been a lot of very long weaves lot of very long months and even some very long years, which sarah can attest to where it’s been. It’s been run at full speed for 4 months at a time to alleviate some of that pressure to be able to still create really beautiful things. Is it connect people to god and it connects people to each other to create backdrops that serve their purchase? Well, yet tayk i, don’t think of army of people to build and weeks at a time and long long, 18 hour days back to back to back to be able to make it a possibility. Did you have anything to add to that particular church production? Wife is like so much time and trouble in because it’s like it’s so fast to put it if you can do like an entire stage design and just a couple of hours, but also because you don’t have to do everything yourself, like i, mean I’ve seen you spend so much time. You didn’t like doing everything yourself, because you can’t turn a bunch of teenager volunteers loose with power tools and superfecta. You can be doing something else, while they’re getting that done, but you can you can do that cuz, it’s it’s! Okay, no promises on whether they hurt each other or not. Just in the past leading a team at church, iva I’ve had some really really great teenagers that have been on our production team and they’ve. They’ve helped us to build some really great sets. I bet it’s on. It’s a lot of physical labor.

Whenever you’re constructing a set a lot of times, it’s a unit of using power tools or whatnot, so it’s all made so there’s no power tools, it’s a symbol with zero tools. Actually you just you know you put up your first row whether it be with zip ties, drape clams or tie line tire first row on and build down from there and you can take out pieces or create you know different edges by removing or adding extra pieces. So it doesn’t have to be a giant a giant space. You can still use creativity to create something really nice i, just give you a little bit easier structure to do so. For me, it really helped a lot because I could focus on the lighting and somi is a designer. My passion is lighting in in the atmosphere, creates and worship. So, whenever I build stage, backdrops I wanted to be super super beautiful one, but also kind of disappear, a little bit whenever I don’t want them and threw some really good lighting. You can do that, but I was able to on a lot of our stage designs. Let my my volunteer to lose. You not leave them alone, but I can focus on the lighting in the things with one or two key people, while I had other volunteers were here, learning work on the stage backdrops a lot of them. You know they love being there. They love. The community was a huge thing and still, as usual, a new journey community within our production group, but not all of them really wanted to learn the ins-and-outs of technology and that’s fine.

So it was a really cool way to be able to include more people to create an atmosphere where somebody could hang out with us. We could love on them. They could feel like they’ve accomplished something we I mean building a stage. That is always a really fun accomplishment, because you go from a blank slate to do something beautiful in next to no time so. Yeah I was a another great thing about it, especially talking about having teenage volunteers. Is that we’ve never never had any injuries involved with doing a mod scenes stage, design or backdrop, but we act like we have had to deal with minor injuries on other like hard set saying. Those are other stage designs, unlike it like aluminum tape, cuts shooting a nail for your finger while building the noun, for that was the worst thing is going to do, is like float down and maybe like somebody’s cheap, is going to flip out into the flat side and sent it under a half a pound. I mean you. Could you could try to throw them at people, but it just wouldn’t be great. We had an effective for self-defense custom set where they made a bunch of crowns, and some of the cutoff scraps were stars vape, and we did whole lot of panels.

I think we could 400 panels. So we had like 1400 ninja stars yeah. It got dangerous, it was awesome, so it was her. I was saying with with injuries. It’s really hard to hurt yourself would be score blast and especially for boys getting about yourself on fire. So it’s great, but that’s because they were trying to do something stupid from the top of the stage backdrops ladder so john one of them are lighting. Helpers fell through from a 6-foot ladder, so it’s not very high, fell through the front of the an egg on set and I think total. He broke four panels falling through it. It was pretty awesome which I mean if you it’s that’s pretty problem cuz, he fell into probably 30 daniels going broke for back up again. Thank you didn’t have to restart. It was just me and honestly, those are one of those things you can probably could I was actually broke, they just been too and you can see that the creases, whenever you doing like i, drastic up lighter down like so very true if you haven’t, met me you’ll and just seeing things from our company whenever we send you a package will be like the details are the details of where we live. We love being in the detail. So, as you are, all of our panels are cut within a 1/100 of a inch, so I would say we get. We get pretty close to exact. She liked me for it. That’s why she married me so my details, I’d love, to chat another time with you like every single day. For us also at some point and we’ll chat a little bit about the beginnings of mod scenes, some of the funny stuff we did to try and create panels before we on the cnc and some of the trade shows we going on and how we’ve grown the company be able to serve really well thanks for tuning in to learn some more about how we seriously craving stage backdrops and we’re looking forward to serving. You should have an email to shoot me. An email specifically at steve at martins., com and I’d be happy to chat with you about your state. Obviously, no pressure to buy anything, but even if I can be of help consulting you and helping you figure out the best solution for your church. Even if it’s not us, I’d love to do that, I think so much for tuning in and we’ll catch you on the next one