Welcome back to another episode of the martins podcast podcast, where we explore stage backdrops, creating wonderful stage, backdrop designs and serving the church well through stage backdrop design. Also, as you probably know, we also serve a ton of corporate clients. I would love to serve you, however. I can best. So today, I want to jump into something. That’s really near and dear to my heart and that’s serving people. We throw a huge emphasis within our team on serving well, we don’t figure out if we can do something, but how we can do something for a client. My biggest goal is to serve and to create solutions for people in the stage stage design, industry, weatherby people are creating a stage backdrop, maybe for the first time or they’re, creating multiple stage backdrops across multiple campuses, and they want something.

Consistent I want to be able to help create a solutioncharlie well-deserved, serves a really well for that person and is repeatable and a good use of a good use of time and funds to be good stewards within the church and to be a good good, business leaders within our businesses, of more specifically for working in the corporate world, except reviews on facebook on facebook and google about what others have to say about us. But we’re really passionate about serving well, as you can probably tell by our previous podcast, and we just went to my passion-is to serve our clients incredibly well, so I want to share a little bit how we’ve been able to do that sowe’ve been. We have a hundred and five google reviews online as of today, and almost all of them are five-star. We’ve got a few for 4 and I think maybe one 3-star, but for the most part, I’ll be headed out the park pretty much every time and that’s my goal. They’re going to be times when there’s more human, we make mistakes just like anybody else, but we really have set up some great stage backdrops system. So that so that one of your stage backdrop arrives at arrives as as planned. If not early, you got everything you need to work and to build exactly what you what you’re envisioning sell our friend jared grantham, he said:i had an amazing first experience using mod scenes, the staff was super friendly and helpful. The product looked, looks great and arrived. Very fast will definitely use them again in the futureso. That was a. That’s, a great view, I’m happy that we could help him so well, here’s another one from here and worley, it’s a 5-star review. It says setup for a grand opening was very willing to listen to us and even had to change what he was doing in the middle of setting up after we changed our mind, definitely recommend so we serve an tran in the ac hotel in downtown oklahoma city, with their grand opening during their grand opening. We we have to set their set up three different times, not to say that not to tell you that we know we did a lot of work or anythingwe.

We set it up in three different locations because we worked to make sure that we found the best location for what they’re trying to accomplish so yeah another review from bryant burrell. The reviews has super helpful and insightful I misunderstood something and they still made sure I had everything I needed, even though I didn’t deserve the grace. Awesome. It was a pleasure working with brian as well. Here’s another one from our friend sharon davis i, had to give this company five star, martin’s custom design and cut my new look in a few days. They met my timeline. The product is affordable, but very well designed you can’t go wrongthanks for the review jaron. That’s awesome happy happy to serve you in that way. Another one for my friend robert sanders, alton, san, francisco, incredibly detailed, oriented and kind to his clients, the work they produce the highest quality stage backdropsand they’re always available to answer questions or offer ideas on how to create something custom. You just add create a really cool date for robert. A couple of new things we sent a couple days ago, actually I believe it’s in 2 days ago. So he should be getting it pretty soon. Just great you know, there’s a lot of I like I said, there’s a broader reviews on the different mods team stage backdrops products that leave that we sold to so different church clients, corporate clients, here’s another one from jason stewart gives a 5-star review and says steven. The team over a mod teams are app, absolutely fantastic, they’re, always willing and available to go above and beyond for your project, whether it’s a single box of stock panels to a full custom setup, the team has a passion for their work and it really shines through in their products. Thank you, jason. That’s. A great review were thrilled to be able to to do what we do and we hope that always shines through and in our products. We we think we’ve created some of the best product on the market for stage design. There’s something to use are easy, and you know they clear a tight, beautiful stage, backdrop that don’t work well, for you know if you’re doing a church stage, design or you’re doing corporate design, we can get sat. We think it’s great so from our friend dustin stokes dustin has had a bunch of a bunch of different jobs. Working for really really great company. I know dustin, most specifically from his work at pdc I work with him. There we work with him served in there as well, so he he knows and understands our product haven’t used it a couple of different times through through that through pvc in his health, is a 5-star review and says after using the big names in the in the industry many times, I think mod, seeing this is where it’s at creative, affordable, flexible, an amazing customer service, great team members, so many custom options as well.

So obviously that’s a that’s a pretty throw it out that another from our friend, rochelle bilbo and he’s in alabama are amazing to work with the ship out quickly and really help whatever division you, whatever vision, you have come alive, I thoroughly enjoyed working with them for a mobile church, so we create a mobile solution for rafael and her her husband. They leave a church. I want it’s not port charles, but it’s very similar to port, charles and now. I feel bad, because I can’t remember the specific name of the town, but nonetheless we’re telling her husband are awesome.. We met at our conference and they’re. Obviously they do church stage design for their mobile church and we’ve we’ve had a great pleasure working with them. So, let’s see what else we can find about that said, a 5-star review from our friend cole walters. He says:we’ve loved our panels here at andrews media service there so versatile for any setup that we are building a buckle. Andrew, johnson and rick is a 4 out of 5 stars. He says great product that was easy to install customer service was very fast with any questions. I might have andrew thanks again for the review luciano with the chauvet lighting five star review. He says awesome product to make any space look even better. The whole crew and martins is super helpful and very professional professional man. I’m immature. He must not know me very well just kidding he would. He would think. That’s funny if i, if you listen this podcast. Okay derek, so we have another five star review from deer park sale. He says:customer service was incredible. That alone is enough reason. It isn’t reason enough to recommend or use them again a bonus. We love the product, it’s a simple addition to our church, state church stage, but it had such a great effect.

So we help that derek read a church stage design for for his home church stage backdrop that was made of modular panels that I believe it was I believe it was a samurai panels, but I have to look back to make sure anyways awesome stage backdrops working with eric here’s another five star review from martins projection screen down my one of the keystone screens. If I remember correctly, drew has a say cuz. They were very helpful and knowledgeable about their product and had a very quick turnaround. Thank you guys for all your help. So, as you can see from a ton of these reviews, I think we’ve been doing a great job at serving serving the church and serving her clients. Really. My goal is to serve incredibly well. You probably hear that more than you want to on this podcast, but it’s it’s true and one of the one of the one, great leader that that I learned from taught me that taught me it’s always important to over communicate what your heart is, because that’s what people remember so our hardest to serve so I over communicate that daily, whether that be on this podcast over to our people are goal, is to serve, and that’s our focus, podcast I hope it’s giving you a little bit of insight into what people thought of her product I would love to show you how we can serve you well how we can help either. You know church stage backdrops or corporate design corporate backdrop that would work well. For you a stage backdrop that would work great for you. If you would shoot me an e-mail, my email is steven at martins. Com, be thrilled to chat with you and see how fast, thanks again for tuna in the marketing podcast