Welcome to episode 83 of the Mod Scenes podcast, thrilled to be chatting with you today about church stage design and creating a beautiful backdrop for your church. A today specifically, I want to talk about, um, the different materials that we use. So we use a fire rated coroplast, which is a, uh, it’s a high density, high density core plus. So it’s a core class, is a two layer a at two exterior layers of plastic with an interior fluted layer. Uh, so what that does is it gives it super, super lightweight capability with also having it quite strong. So really cool product. Um, so by using that material, it makes it really easy for us to create a nice stage backdrops their ways and very little. Um, so when you ship it, whenever you, uh, whenever you transfer it is really easy. It doesn’t, doesn’t weigh very much.

So it’s really easy to hang from pipe and drape. Um, so yeah, so when you’re creating your church stage design and stage backdrops or your church a church backdrop, for example, um, you can use our lightweight fire rated a monsignor panels, uh, since they’re modular, you can build them together into a wall. You can put multiple different patterns together and build them over and over again until you get your desired a year desired look or your desire to feel, um, you know, since you can interchange multiple different types of panels, you can have a solid panels and design panels right next to each other so you can mix in a projection screen area. If you’re wanting to build a projection screen into your backdrop, uh, you can also just mix in some blank panels or even leave panels out in some locations to get a different feel.

So yeah, it’s a really great, it’s a really great product whenever you’re, if you’re trying to do something that’s flexible, something that you can use over and over again, something that can be built into not only backdrops but also into self standing towers, uh, something that’s lightweight and easy to store. Um, we’ve had, we have a lot of clients who have bought multiple sets and they’ll use this app when they’re done with it, they’ll take it down, store it, and then they can pull out a different set since everything breaks down into pretty small footprint, like say a. So like a, a 12 foot by like 36 foot backdrop, for example, is going to break down into a single box which is like 25 inches by 25 inches by eight inches. So it breaks down into a really small space. It’s really easy to store.

Most people have either one or two boxes for their set, maybe upwards of three if you have a big sad, um, and you know, those boxes store really easy and they don’t take up a lot of room and they keep your looking really nice. There’s no dust on it, a note, dirt or debris. And if you ever want to ship it somewhere, it’s easy to ship because you can just put a label on the side. Um, it’s relatively inexpensive to ship across the country or even shipped just locally. Um, so yeah, it’s a super great, super great option for creating a great church stage design and creating an um, you know, if you’re looking for a church stage design idea to it’s a phenomenal product. Um, what else can I tell you? Um, I can also say how we build together the products. So the products, since they’re modular and they build together, um, you know, it’s one of those things that it’s a church stage design idea out of the box, like it’s ready to go.

You don’t have to think about like, how is this going to, how am I going to build this house? What am I gonna? What am I going to frame it to? You literally hang it to the top of your, either your ceiling, uh, your, like if you have a pipe grid or a trust or a aligned set, which like a theatrical line, battened, um, or even a, you can even push them directly into the wall. These little wall panels are so lightweight you can do, you can hang them almost a million different ways, which is amazing. It makes it really flexible and easy to use. And keeps from limiting you. Um, so yeah. Um, excuse me. So with this, with these church stage design idea, it’s a super, super simple, super simple to put together. The way it goes. As you take a panel at the very top, you’ll zip tie on connectors 20, about 23 inches apart.

Um, you’ll and you’ll bolt on a singular panels. So you’ll take your panel of bolt, we’ll push through the front of your panel, uh, then the bolt we’ll push into a connector. And then on the backside of that, you’ll tighten the wing nut. So that tightens your appeal to your connector, uh, which supports your whole, which will support that first panel and subsequent panels after that. So you just continue that process over and over again, uh, adding connectors and panels as you go, building more columns and rows until you filled your desire at height. And another cool thing about the product is it’s customizable, uh, on site for stage backdrops. So say you have a 17 foot by nine foot 17 foot by nine foot layout, a stage area. What you can do is you can go ahead and build your, build a 16 foot by eight foot area of your panels, so just build those like normal and then you can go through and you’ve got about a foot left on either end you can go through and take a, take a panel and cut it with like a razor knife and then bolted right on.

Uh, so it’s easy to cut, easy to manipulate a to be able to fill that space to really high tolerance so it’s really close, um, or you can take that whole, the whole section and kind of center in the middle of your 16 years, 17 foot. So you have a 16 foot section of about six inches of black on the sides and maybe drop it down a couple inches, six inches, six inches below and above it in black. Uh, and that also works really well. Um, it makes me a little bit easier because then you don’t have to cut panels and save me a little bit of, of time and money as well. Yeah, well that’s a, that’s a little bit about how you would build them, put those together and make them into a cool stage backdrops. Um, so we’ve, uh, our products are not only, not only stayed at backdrops with projection screens as well, like if you look at the website, church stage design ideas.com, you’ll see a bunch of our different church stage design ideas on there.

One in particular I really love is our life church sets we’ve done. So those sets, uh, our projection sets, there are large projection surfaces that uh, they project video onto, um, which works really, really well for all stage backdrops. They’ve done about 30 campuses, which is ton as I’m sure you’re aware, a 30 campuses is really unheard of in the truth other than live Trisha Churchill highlands. Um, so yeah. Um, and then in addition to that, um, you know, in addition to the normal and panels and addition to the projector murals, we also have a couple of really cool unique pieces like the, the Agro Pratt, which can be used as a senior piece. It’s a really cool dimensional piece made out of are fire rated coroplast. Uh, it has an 11 inch rise, but it also, um, it also can be used as a projection surface. You can see one of the states designs that we’ve done with that. I’m a on our website, the specifically the salt, 2016 a stages than we did, which was incredible. It, uh, we did a 20 k projectors to map across the map, across the, uh, map across their state backdrop. It was really, really cool. So, uh, I hope this is helpful. I hope this is one of those things. It’s really a bin running

for Ya. Um, in order to be able to create a great stage backdrops for your church. I’m really thrilled to be able to serve you. So let me know if there is a way I can serve you a, you can email me as stephen at modscens.com and I’d be really thrilled to chat with you about your stage design, about how I can help you create something that works really well with you. I’m using are fire rated coroplast or our heavy duty pvc making something that really, really stands out and creates a new creature, a new visual for your church, something that’s really a really helps to engage your worship grades, your congregation in worship. I’m giving them some, you know, give, give people a visual to the wonderful church I’m sure you already are part of. So again, yeah, shoot me an email. My email is stephen at modscenes.com.

I’d be thrilled to help you. I’d be thrilled to serve you a real brief, something, something with you that would be wonderful for your church. Um, and again, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be. We have a, we’re happy to work with you and figure out your specific budget and what’s in your budget. We’re happy to make, um, you know, even make products that don’t exist yet to serve you well. So don’t hesitate to call us again. You can see our contact information on our contact us page for ANZ.com/contact us a Oregon. Just shoot me an email, steven and, and [inaudible] dot com. Thanks again for joining us for our podcast, and I’m looking forward to serving you and your congregation.

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