Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. Thanks for joining us. I’m Stephen and I’m with my absolutely amazing wife, Sarah. Hello, are you here to talk to you today about stage backdrops and their complete awesomeness? So thank you for joining us, Sarah, any starting thoughts on stage backdrops? No. Perfect. So today we’re going to talk about specifically, uh, doing whatever it takes, uh, today where actually driving, uh, to the other side of Oklahoma city to try and pick up some, uh, foam for a project. Uh, but it’s not a planned project. Um, we have, uh, we’re used to turning on a dime and because of that, it gives us a pretty unique advantage, uh, when creating stage backdrops or when creating something else that’s a particular need. So today we are actually working on prototyping and building, uh, medical masks, uh, for their response to the COVID-19 crisis. Uh, our state Oklahoma, uh, has a pretty large need for them as many other states do. And it’s a small way that, uh, our team and us can, uh, can help to, uh, to protect the people who are really doing the hard work and taking care of our population through, uh, first responders and hospitals and all of the countries. So we’re super excited to be able to help them in this way and, uh, uh, pretty, pretty excited to be able to do something that that helps. So, um,

That’s why I didn’t have any thoughts on a stage or a stage backdrops because I have thoughts about medical masks and personal protective equipment. Okay.

So Sarah, would you, uh, describe our, uh, the medical, uh, the patient Yalta we are working on her.

Yeah. So the pieces, um, that we’re working on making their, uh, plastic face shield. So they have a clear plastic, um, with a bit of a piece of foam at the top that rests on the forehead and holds the plastic, um, a little bit away from the person’s face far enough away, so that if you wear glasses, it doesn’t like rest on your glasses or anything like that. Um, and it has a piece of elastic that goes around your head to keep it on. Um, I wore one of our prototypes for quite a while earlier today, just to see, would it be comfortable, um, would it, uh, with the staples that we use, um, work while the person was wearing it for, uh, an extended period of time. Um, and it wasn’t bad actually.

Great. It’s a new fashion trend. Yeah. I’m going to start walking around with them. Yep. Yeah. So it’s incredible. Um, but, um, so again, as you can probably hear, not a lot of people just randomly decide to make medical masks. Um, but since we have this unique, uh, ability to turn up production so quickly, uh, we’re working on that as opposed to working on stage designs, uh, which is, uh, which is great. Uh, so specifically a couple of challenges we had to overcome with that, uh, you know, making stage backdrops, we carry all of our material in house. So, uh, we can make something within a day. Um, in most instances, whereas a medical mask, we don’t normally carry, uh, things like, uh, the specific type of foam that we need to be able to put up for the head recipes or the, uh, very thin, uh, plastic.

Most of our plastics are more heavy duty than these, than our plastics, um, and have a little bit of different properties. So, uh, we’re able to get all of that, uh, quickly. Um, yesterday we found a supplier and we’ve got almost 200 sheets, um, and then, uh, elastic banding as well. So, um, so we should be able to make, uh, somewhere between 250 and 500 of these a day, uh, right now we have, we figured out enough material to do, uh, to do approximately 5,000 of them. So, um, what should be a huge help to our, uh, local, uh, local medical facilities? So, uh, so yeah, uh, one of the, a couple of the big things that we’re doing to make sure that these masks are actually functional and usable for the health professionals that are gonna use them is, um, we’re going to individually package every one of them.

So to be packaged in sealed, uh, sterile containers, uh, so that everyone can be pulled out used, and you don’t have to worry about contaminants, uh, with it. Um, another couple of, a couple of good things about it is that they, uh, the plastics are, are such that you can see through them. So they’re clear, uh, they’re anti scratch, which is awesome. Uh, they also, uh, do very well, like in humidity. So, like for example, what speeds reading here is going to be humidity coming out of their breath. Um, so they do really good, not bogging up. Um, so yeah. Um, is there, what other thoughts do you have?

Um, um, I’m really happy to be able to like work towards a solution that can both help with, uh, the current events and the, um, coronavirus pandemic, and also, um, keep us moving and keep our, uh, keep our people working and keep our staff working. Um, yeah,

If you’ve ever been at, at any of our trade shows, ever medicine trade show, you’ll see that we have probably the most incredible group of people you’ve ever met. They are all awesome. Every single person on our team is awesome. Um, and obviously we want to help do our part to, uh, stem the flow of the Corona virus stuff, but also to help support our teams and their families, um, because a of them, they are their primary, uh, you know, their primary supporter, but their family. And we want to be able to, uh, you know, make sure that they have a very consistent, uh, a very consistent and, uh, tangible, uh, source for their, uh, their needs itself. So, yeah. Um, so we should start actually production on those, uh, on Monday, we’ll start production, actual Maven started sooner than that. Uh, but those will go into production Monday.

Our whole team will be working on those. Um, and potentially we may even be doing additional ones past that, uh, if a need arises. So if you do know of anybody who is in need of, uh, medical, uh, they shields for, um, whether it be first responders or medical staff and hospitals, uh, please connect them, connect them with us. We’d be happy to help them out. Uh, you can connect them through our website Matsu SOUTHCOM, uh, you can call our phone number. Our phone number is five three zero seven two three six four two, willing, uh, and we’d be happy to, uh, get those out. And like I said, it’s a pretty quick turnaround. Uh, our goal is really to, to help, um, specifically here in our local community, in Oklahoma city, in the, um, south central, central and south central Oklahoma. Um, but we’re also, uh, happy to help, uh, in near places that make sense, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas. Call today for your stage backdrops!

Uh, there are other people across the country also doing this they’re upstate New York, a company named Bauer is, uh, in, in Canada, they’re making these masks as well. Uh, the great folks over and upstaging, uh, up in near Chicago are also making very similar masks or, uh, health professionals in Illinois and specifically in Chicago. Um, so yeah, if you, uh, if you need mass or need us to help you connect with somebody who, uh, who can provide them, please do again. Our number is 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. And as always, we’re happy to help with, uh, happy to help with your stage designs, uh, and your, uh, DMX voice needs. Um, as those who come back in as we start to do more and more events after the coronavirus is over. So if you do have a need for that, if you’re planning towards a need for that, please reach out to us and you can reach out to us and we’ll have staff in the office as well. And, uh, you can reach out via email and you can reach us@salesatmodscenes.com. Sarah, you have anything, uh, incredible to add to our podcast before we sign off many words, but much wisdom. So thank you so much for tuning into the Mod Scenes podcast, have a wonderful fantastical, amazing supercalifragilistic awesome day.