Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast this year. Amazing host Steven Hall. Today, I’m going to take a challenge and try to write the quickest podcast in the human world, uh, via speaking very quickly and turning it into something that is a awesome podcast page. So specifically today, I’m going to be talking about quick fulfillment and stage backdrops. I figured I could talk quickly about quick fulfillment. It makes the most sense. So monsoons is amazing at quick fulfillment. We are great at building the stage designs very quickly. All of our material is kept in stock so that we can very quickly build your stage design. We use a delicate haste to make a stage design that looks incredibly great is flawless. Uh, has a very, very few imperfections, if any. Um, and we always call it a check our work before it sends out so that we make sure that what you get is absolutely incredible.

We would love to serve you with your next stage backdrops Design would love to get it to you quickly. Our unique location located, uh, having us located in Norman, Oklahoma. So just south of Oklahoma city helps us to be able to ship to 75% of the country of the United States within two business days. Yes, you heard two business days. You can order your stage design on a Monday and get it that same Wednesday is absolutely incredible if you’re on the east coast or west coast, you’re looking at three business days for stage backdrops. So from Norman, Oklahoma to New York city in three days, or from Oklahoma city to Oregon in three days, we do this by being very intentional about our shipping methods. We ship with multiple different vendors, but we make certain that we’re shipping it in the best avenue possible. A lot of our closer ship mens ship via ups, uh, because through ups we can get it there and typically a day to two days.

However, if we’re going to one of the coasts we’ll ship via FedEx, because we can typically get shorter transit times. Um, we also have the ability to ship things, air cargo and do so quite frequently. So we can, uh, even get a same day turnaround on many products. So do you need a stage design today? Call us we’d love to help you very quickly. Uh, we would love to get your stage designs to you in a very timely manner. Uh, the way we would go about doing this is we would, uh, we would take some of our in stock product. We would put it into a box with, uh, your instructions and put a shipping label on it. We would take it to our airport here in Oklahoma city for stage backdrops. It would be placed on a plane within two hours of arrival. Then from that point, and we’ll fly to probably a hub city and be transferred. There typically are most of our flights that go through Dallas. So it would transfer in Dallas and then fly to your destination. Let’s say, for example, um, let’s say San Francisco. So, uh, the plane would transfer, uh, the cargo transfer your package in, uh, in Dallas. And you would have it within probably six to eight hours in San Francisco. It’s absolutely incredible. You’d be able to pick it up at the airport, um, within an hour,

An hour of it landing, or we can set up a courier service to get it from the airport to you. And it’s very short manner, typically under three hours. Um, I would love to be able to help you set up a very quick, amazing stage backdrops or design, something that makes your life easier. Please contact us. Please contact our team@modscenes.com or you can email us at , uh, sales at [inaudible] dot com or call us on the phone at (530) 723-6421. I hope this incredibly quick podcast has been incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for allowing us to serve you. We’re looking forward to serving you again and providing you with Stage Backdrops.