Welcome to episode 99 of the Mod Scenes podcast. That’s right. We’re one away from the magical glorious 100 number. So, uh, as most of you know, since you were here on podcast number 99, uh, this is a podcast that talks about stage backdrops design, about creating great visuals for churches, corporate events, uh, and pretty much anything under the sun. Uh, Mod Scenes  is our company is based out of Norman, Oklahoma, and we ship our products all over the country and even internationally, uh, our products are super lightweight, easy to build, uh, and a lot of fun to work with. Um, so today want to get into the specifics of a specific, uh, portion of the design of our product. So, um, as you know, you can make it easy backdrop with our products, make easy towers. Um, but specifically one thing that’s really overlooked is the hardware.

So today I’m going to kind of talk through some specifics of the hardware, why it’s designed like it is, uh, and how it makes for a really flexible, good product. Um, it makes, makes it, uh, makes it super flexible and easy to use. And it also, uh, ensures that if you’re ever onsite and there’s an issue that you’re set. Um, so let’s, uh, let’s start with the design. So, um, and we’re gonna start with our proteins products. Um, although our mod products are very similar design, so, uh, uh, so our proteins products, um, have our captive hardware. So that’s an acrylic acrylic base with, uh, captive screws. So the screws can’t turn there, they’re stuck, they’re essentially plastic welded into the base, um, that way, uh, so say a four, four way flat connector is going to help you build, uh, build a backdrop. Um, and if you, and you just push that through the front of the panel, through the backup panel and you tighten on the panel with a nylon cabinet.

So if you’re ever in the position where you need to, um, where you need to go, and I’ll say, here’s an example, uh, let’s say, you know, you, you bought some odd scenes. You’ve had them for about a year and, uh, unbeknownst to you. Somebody takes the box of hardware out of the road case and puts it somewhere else in the shop. So you get to, uh, you get to your show and you’re like, oh no, I’m in Cincinnati, Mike, my hardware is in Delaware, you know, w big long expanse. Um, and so now you’re stuck with the stuck with, oh, no, what am I going to do, be able to make this set work? Uh, so what we can do, what you can do is because of the stage backdrops and design of our, uh, our hardware products, instead of using the captive hardware, you can use any normal, uh, quarter inch carriage bolt, push it through the front and on the backside, put, uh, just put up a thin plastic plate on the back and tying it with a wingnut.

So it’s all stuff you could easily get from your local hardware store or local Fasinol or home Depot, uh, or even Lowe’s. Um, but that way, if something happens and you’re missing your product, uh, you still have actual way to, um, to put it together. Uh, many other, uh, hardware designs for the other companies don’t work that way. Uh there’s uh, there’s another, uh, scenic company out there that has compression connectors. So you push those connectors through the back and you turn a lever and it pushes the whole thing together. Um, but the thing is, if you ever lose that compression connector, if they don’t send enough, uh, you’re in a really bad place. Cause there’s, you can’t get a boat big enough that’ll work well, uh, to be able to bolt everything together. So, um, in addition to that, some other companies use, uh, use like S hooks, uh, which you can easily find S hooks in a lot of places.

However, it’s hard to find a lot of them, whereas normal standard carriage, bolts and nuts are implantable supplied, easy to find. Uh, most of your local hardware stores are gonna carry four to 500 of those at least, uh, in their stock. Uh, so it’s pretty easy to be able to get what you need. Um, all right, moving on. So, um, same thing with our pipe and drape plans, uh, we also are piping drape clamps are made of, uh, steel. Uh, they are very similar to a, uh, our original design was actually taken from a fence tension clamp, which are also easily available at local hardware stores. Our whole goal with all of this hardware being easily available at local hardware stores is that if something happens, if you’re on a show site and you need to make it work, uh, you have, you have the tools to be able to do so.

Um, we’re really, really, laser-focused on making sure our clients have everything they need to succeed. So, um, that’s why we do that. Um, okay. Moving on. So, uh, in addition to that hardware, we also have, um, in addition to that, uh, sorry that, um, the captive hardware, we also have, uh, our Modsy and hardware, which is a nylon bolts, so white plastic bolts or metal bolts, and we notes, um, along with pre-cut connectors. So you can easily bolt and tighten everything together with no problem. Uh, it’s making first really super easy stage design. It’s a cheap, uh, option, uh, uh, it, and it makes it do it yourself. So you don’t have to worry about, um, trying to build something, trying to figure out all of the specifics of the product. Uh, all the specifics are built for you. Uh, so all you have to do is set it up and it also cuts down on time.

Uh, the time typically takes about a minute per panel. So that’s a very quick, uh, and that’s what the mod scenes products and stage backdrops. Um, and if you’re looking to do, uh, the proceeds products, it gets down to almost 20 seconds per panel, which is super quick, um, you know, that allows you to build a stage set and, you know, full states that in less than an hour, uh, or build a bunch of towers and 10 to 15 minutes. Um, so, uh, yeah, great options there as far as, uh, hardware and building products. Um, and then I want to tag on just a little bit, just something else that’s on my mind about, uh, specifically about my teens and, uh, uh, why I think we’re honestly, I think we’re the best stage design company in the country. Um, so, uh, if you, you can look up our products on, uh, Google, if you search, uh, goo, if you Google mod scenes, Norman, Oklahoma.

So that’s mod scenes, Norman, Oklahoma, uh, you’ll see, uh, our stage backdrops products you’ll see that we are the highest rated stage design company in the country. Um, our church stage designs, our corporate stage designs, um, they’ve all wowed people. Uh, all of our reviews are the four or five star, um, is giving us a five star overall, uh, review, which is pretty unheard of. Um, our closest competitor has, uh, about 15 reviews and they’re about 3.6 stars. So it gives you an idea of the level at which we perform. Uh, we’ve set our company up to be able to serve, uh, anybody from the smallest church up to the largest church in the country up to the, uh, most picky, uh, most picky corporate planner, corporate meeting advisor, uh, or even just corporate client. Uh, so our, our products are, uh, built to make that process super easy to make it visually interesting.

Um, and, um, past our products, our services made to wow. You not to, uh, not to be passable, not to be just, okay. Uh, we do our best to wow, every customer every time. Um, probably the way we do that as we communicate, uh, what expectations are for us. And, uh, we, uh, and then we do our best to exceed those every time. So, um, I hope this has been a, uh, eyeopening look into, uh, how we great. Um, well, why we’ve created our stage backdrops ,design products, the way that we have specifically our hardware, um, our hardware and our design of the panels and their integration with the hardware. Um, I would love if you, uh, if you do have a stage backdrops need, if you have a need for your next church stage design or need for your next, uh, your next, uh, event, I would love to help you with that.

Um, me and my team are, are available and available to serve you and thrilled to serve you. So, uh, reach out to us. Uh, you can see more information on our website, which is modscenes.com, or you can also, uh, you can also shoot me an email. My email is Stephen and Matson’s dot com where you can call us the old fashioned way. Um, and our phone number is (530) 723-6421. I’d really love to chat with you in person to discuss your needs and figure out how we can, uh, while you how we can make, uh, the greatest stage design you’ve ever seen. Um, so thanks again for tuning in to theMod Scenes podcast, I’m thrilled to serve you on your next church or event stage design, uh, and until then, uh, take care and God bless.