Welcome to episode 1 20, 1 of the Mod Scenes podcast. This is a podcast where we explore stage backdrops and their usefulness in creating

The best stage backdrops and designs ever. So my name is

Steven and I’m the leader of a company monsoons we sell and rent stage backdrops to churches, special events, concerts, uh, you name it. So, uh, today I want to talk to you a little bit about customization. So recently we’ve had a lot of, a lot of questions about the different customization offer offerings we have. And I just want to chat through a few of those with you. So, um, with any stage backdrop, a lot of times you’re going to be wanting

To make it, uh, make it feel like the, uh, the atmosphere you’re creating. So say, you know, a texture is great to create just a general field, a look of, um, look of excellence. Uh, but

With a lot of stage backdrops, you’re going to want to brand that.

So maybe put your logo into the stage backdrop so that people know what you’re meeting about, uh, or put, uh, some customized panels to fit around a section of screen, or potentially a, uh, you know, a printed piece for, uh,

A tour or something like that. So, um, so we’ll dive in a little bit of,

Of what that, what that customization can do to help you. So, uh, let’s start with, uh, let’s start with, uh, the specifics of what we do for stage backdrops customization. So one of the big things we do is print it. So we do full color printing, uh, directly onto our panels, which gives us, uh, the ability to create any look, any color, uh, and really, really detailed texture on top of these panels. Uh, so a lot of times what we’ll use that for is we’ll do a printed logo across your state’s backdrop. So for example, uh, say you have a brand, uh, like a company brand that you’re trying to show off for your, you know, yearly sales meeting, we’ll do a textured backdrop using our standard proceeds panels, uh, with a nice texture that matches your feel of your event. And then in the center, we’ll have panels the build into that wall, it’ll be printed with your logo across multiple panels.

Uh, so it makes it super easy to, uh, to brand, to brand and make it look cohesive. It builds together really easily, just like any of our other products. Uh, the biggest difference is it just looks like your branding to really push, uh, help put your event over the top. Um, in addition to that, we can also do printing, uh, specific textures. So for example, uh, we, uh, we did an event down in Texas, not too long ago. It was a printed, uh, printed backdrop that showed, uh, the client’s artwork. So it was like a 16 foot by 24 foot artwork that was printed across multiple panels, so that when it built together, it just created this beautiful display across the back of their stage. Um, and then in addition to our printing offerings, which obviously it can be, you know, full color, or even as simple as black and white, uh, we also have, uh, custom cutting.

So we’ll cut. Uh, like if you want a specific texture, we can cut a specific texture in the other stage backdrops panels, uh, or we can cut a different size. So it’s that if you want, if you don’t want 23 and a half inch squares, if you’re looking for something larger, so say you want a 43 and a half inch where, um, we can easily do that and accommodate that. So it’s easier for you to build, uh, or, uh, maybe there’s specifics that you’re trying to build a round, something we can customize this size there, uh, further, we can also customize cut your logo directly into a view so that you have like a negative space where your logo would be, uh, this works really great if you’re doing like a multilevel, like multiple depth of backdrop, uh, or if you’re looking to do, uh, something where your logo stands out a ton, and you can just have it like a focal point works really well for that. Um, in addition to that, we can do multi like depth cuts and custom materials. So multi depth is going to have, instead of just cutting through the material, we can cut and leave a thin skin of material, uh, that will, uh, transfer light between, uh, transfer light between the, uh, through the panels. So if you have an led behind it, for example, your, your logo will glow really, really beautiful looking. Um, and then, uh, the, uh,

Excuse me,

Uh, the other materials we can cut, you know, we can cut what’s composites, uh, multiple different types of plastics. Uh, so it gives us the opportunity to really, uh, find the best material to suit your you’re looking at your field and your need. Um, so yeah, uh, and then in addition to that, we can also do customization of hardware to be able to build, uh, the specific things you need. So a lot of customers will come to us and say, Hey, we really love your standard panels, but we’re looking to create a, for example, a triangle tower. Uh, so we, uh, that’s now a new, that’s now a standard product, but at the time wasn’t, so we made customized hardware that made our standard panels built into a, uh, built into a triangular tower. So there’s a lot of options. And further than that, uh, we’re always happy to talk through and look through the options for a, you know, something that’s outside of our realm, uh, or outside of our typical route, because if we can’t help you, we’re happy to, to, uh, introduce you to somebody who can, um, so yeah, so I hope this has been a helpful podcast talking about the specifics of custom stage factor drop design.

I’d love to chat with you about how else we can help you. Um, feel free to reach out to me@stevenandmazianz.com, or you can contact us through our web page, which is modscenes.com.