Welcome to episode 76 of the Mod Scenes podcast. This is your host, Steven Hall. I want to talk to you today about something that I’m really passionate about and that’s the church stage design and stage backdrops. Uh, so today I met with some friends here in Norman, uh, they have a, a, a church that they are working on updating their space with their working, working on updating their scenic and they’re lighting. Uh, so I came in to consult with them and just to chat with them and see how I can serve them best. Um, so really, really great look, little church. I’ve got about 200 seats in a room. I’m a beautiful space that they’ve, uh, they had renovated, um, but their lighting, they view their using a bunch of old conventional lighting, so they’re using a lego’s and pars and a really hot elect, a, like a incandescent lighting ran from dimmers.

So one of the suggestions we made was to go ahead and switch that over to leds. So, uh, there’s a lot of benefits to leds and specifically led lighting, scenic. Uh, there’s a lot less heat. Uh, you don’t have a, you have the ability to change colors with leds, you can do like a, a rgb or rgb amber, white uv led combination. It gives you a millions of color combination. 16 point one, I believe that if it’s red, green and blue, and the crazy thing is human, I can actually see a large portion of those 16 point 1 million different shades of color.

So a lot of people wouldn’t know it unless you set it next to two different, you know, like a, a teal next to a seafoam deal or something like that. Uh, nonetheless, a lot is definitely a great way to, um, great way to build in some flexibility into your a church plant or you’re a small church. I’m lighting system. Uh, so, um, we, we chatted about using some led lights to light their state church stage design and stage backdrops, uh, on their stage design. They’re looking at doing some egg on panels or possibly some crescent moon panels. We’re still kind of between the two. Um, but the thing that’s going to be great for them is it’s going to be a super easy flexible system for their volunteer team. Uh, they have nobody on staff that is a, that does lighting or like a tech director type position. Uh, they have a youth pastor who was also a, uh, who’s also in charge of their technical stuff and he has a little bit of a good experience with technical stuff, but that’s definitely not his calling.

So this’ll be a good opportunity to free him up a little bit more, um, by making a system that they can easily change back and forth with volunteer teams, uh, leading the charge. Uh, so we’re really thrilled about that and helping them with that. Um, and obviously since since our mazdas products are modular, they can go through and change the look pretty easily, you know, rotate the panels to get a different, a different visual. Uh, obviously changing the led colors is going to help a ton, um, with their church stage design. Uh, so the backdrop we’re designing for them, the other thing we did is we moved the screen out from the back wall. So currently they have a, they have a back wall where the screen is literally sitting on the back wall and that creates a couple of issues. One, it doesn’t give your stage and in depth, so your video, it feels like it’s just another part of your wall.

Um, so we’re making some custom mounts that will move the screen out about, and I’ll move the screen out about eight inches off the wall. Uh, and what this will do is it’ll give it a much more intentional feel. We’re going to be able to, um, like the screen is going to look like it’s supposed to be like, it’s, it’s a focal point and say, you know, there’s going to be messaged notes on it, there’s going to be lyrics on it, people are going to use that as a focal point. Um, so we want to go and lean into that, pull that screen off the wall a little bit. Uh, and that also enables us to put up lights. I’m slightly behind that screen to light the scenic stage backdrops, uh, and that, that cuts down on the shadows, created onto the screen in their current setup.

Uplights going up the wall, also wash out their screen so they’ve stayed away from now, so it kind of fixes to problems. Um, and uh, so also with their stage backdrops, uh, we are making, we’re going to hang it from a pipe as opposed to hey, hang directly to the wall as they have now, which will give them a little bit more flexibility in building and changing things around. So I’m really thrilled to help them with that. Um, and then we’re going to do a, we’re going to help them actually would probably be our friends, a company that a rock probably do this part of the part of the remodel. We’re going to move a pipe up as high as possible to create a better lighting angle so it minimizes a spill onto the backdrop. It’s a very short room. So the, uh, right now the pipes currently hanging in about 10 feet.

We’re going to move it up to a total of about 13 feet once we do that, and it should cut down on some of the shadows that are creating issues on the back wall currently with their frontline. So we’re really thrilled to do that, to make those changes and help them out, create that really cool visual for them. Um, so that whole, the whole remodel processes are probably going to be including a lighting console is probably gonna be about $10,000. Um, so within that, there’s a lot of, uh, there’s a lot of changes we’re making, as I mentioned, we’re doing a, we’re putting a new APP lights, we’re putting in a new console, a moving and refocusing the front launch. I’m putting in some new pipes for the ceiling for hanes seceding from the ceiling, put again some screen and announced to move the screen out.

Uh, and then also including Cedar. So as you can tell, it’s like there’s quite a date being down for not a lot of money comparative to the result it’s going to, it’s going to bring. So it’s one of the great things about teens. You can have a pretty simple, I’m pretty simple, a change, it makes a pretty huge impact. We’re all about, we’re all about making it a really big impact with a minimal investment for the church because we know the church has better, better things to do with their money and stage backdrops. Realistically, the Church should be spending money on, um, on serving its congregation and on serving others outside of its congregation and its community and even globally. So we want to assist in making something that’s super simple and easy to use that allows, that allows for margin to do that as opposed to something that’s a time consuming.

Um, because time is really the most precious commodity. If the church staff is constantly working on, on building a backdrop or building a building on the stage, um, the staff, that’s their role is focused on, on ministering to people. Then I mean, what’s the, what’s the point? Because you can’t minister to people well, if you can’t connect with them and spend time with them. So, um, yeah, so it’s a little bit about what we’re doing and, uh, a little bit about what I’m excited about. So hopefully real soon my friends over at new line, we’re going to have a really great, a new stage backdrops with some, um, some really beautiful, uh, lighting to accompany it and it’s going to change our atmosphere and help them connect with people. So we’re super thrilled about that and I would love to help you with your next stage design. Uh, shoot me an email and let me know how I can do that fast. My email is Stephen [inaudible] dot com, uh, and I’d be happy to chat with you, figure out your, uh, your specific needs and, uh, create a product, create a product setup and a budget, uh, with you and figure out how we can serve you best. So again, thank you for tuning into the monsoons podcast and I’m looking forward to chatting with you on the next one.

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