Welcome back to the martins podcast with you today quotes and speaking with a client to do my best to to be a servant leader in everything. I do so a design we have are coming for our friends at journey, church. Tv. We actually just did a podcast on this not too long ago, but since then, we’ve had some things change, so we are adapting to be able to best serve them. So a little bit I place a super near near my heart. That’s our home turf and I also work there for about five years at for a time, I served as a lighting, director and scenic director and eventually workto a roll serving as a production Stage Backdrops director and all aspects of production live. Video live, audio lighting, phoenix staging I’m working there and I’m thrilled to be I was thrilled to be able to serve there in the time that I did I’m, really the only reason I stepped office to see.

If that earlier, for our team at martins and creating a great stage backdrop, products I want to make sure that you know the stuff that we do. Isis incredible clients well and we’ve grown to the point where we need the additional help and leadership for me so I’m here into the design that we’re working on ford ranger we are working on a design does utilizing some products that the territory owns. Those products are crescent moon, the coroplast crescent moon style crescent moon prada plan was to do vertical stripes of crescent moons, multiple vertical stripes, a crescent moon on different different profile, so different turn it back into stage. There be back. Unfortunately, we have we’re having to change out a little bit as we’re having issues with her so we’re doing a little bit less less obtrusive of a Stage Backdrops design, however I think what’s going to end up happening, is going to be even better, because what we will do is will be having we’re going to make hours so imagine l-shaped themselves in a sense, so weathertop will use he’s a four-way l bracket plus some to a flat brackets and we’ll make an l shape and then we’ll build down from that. Just like we would a normal panel. This is going to be able to give us the opportunity to add to create a lot of dimension, but do it from a from a trusted.

Phone for motors is actually a couple of steel pipes from promoters that way we can get around the show. The listing out for the short-term sign is we’re going to do. I, probably nine separate powers of a half hours. I should say that are l-shaped or v shaped how you look at it, alternates back and forth so you’re going to have alternating text her back and forth. You’ll have the pattern that you know built into the into it already and then we’re going to take and we’re really going to light it really. Incredibly we’re going to do to color glass phone at the very top shooting down with a nero 10 degree. Be so it’ll give us a very narrow flight on her back stage backdrop, what does a background for also going to do side, light from the side with a 23 degree, degree elation off the car off of cars, so they’re they’re little bit older, but they are a sufficient for what we’re doing and I have a pretty good wide-angle. So they are red, green blue, amber and white led set for the bike. A lot of color importantly, would be really awesome. We will probably also do a singular uplight to the center of the column with a another color blast trx, but we will probably put a 23-degree diffusion and not so we’ll have a wider up light and narrow down light. So that’ll give us some really good variation on our lighting. In addition to that, we will be doing our 101 spread out throughout the design and those will be able to shoot Stage Backdrops across and get some good side light shoot from the behind the panels in through the panels and then we’ll have our 301 laptop with her typically are backlight. So they’re, like typically, are the workhorses of our lighting.

They are, they provide most of the backlight for our stage for worship nordstrom in the message. So what we’ll do with those as we’ll go through and we can we can swoop those down at some point which I think is 9 degrees. 245 will be able to actually swoop those down and do it a big wide down whitewash we want to. So you can see, there’s a lot of different options on how to light how we’re going to like these, but realistically, even if we did just the uplight, it’s going to look incredible. I’m really excited for it. The way to work. Reading the normal Stage Backdrops crescent moon, four packs with the hardware that included with silver, bolts and 2 way and 4 way tower bracket, so total we’re going to need about 80 of the 2a brackets in about 40 or I’m, sorry to the four-way, brock, 922, portway rockets and 40 of the 2a brackets and panel. So we are young, so total total cost for the for the brackets. All together is going to be like 200 bucks, I think I haven’t looked at it yet, but it’s not it’s not a significant amount of space channel with the mountains. Yet so I’m really excited to implement that and put that together. I think it’s going to be a huge visual change for our for our faucets or false. That is why I’m in another big thing that we’re celebrating during this is pastor the pastor clark clark mitchell. This is his 2050, your ministry. So we’re celebrating that with him how to be a really incredible incredible thing to help him celebrate in to help our church celebrate this.

This summer we had a great summer. We’ve connected a lot of people through block parties and through driving sweetheart are we can worship, services I’m, just thrilled to see our church continue to grow and be able to help our church create a visual. That’s helpful in that aspect, so I would love to chat with you about how we can serve you for your phone set. I know a lot of churches are starting to gear up for that and, if you’re not and you’re thinking, that might be a good, a good thing. We still have a lot of a lot of time to get you a really good solution and I would even love to get you a get you set up for the try-before-you-buy shoot me itunes.Com will set you up a creature, really nice stage. Stage Backdrops drops if you have multiple campuses, will set you up well and we’ll do our best to serve you incredibly. So I hope this is been a insightful little podcast and if there’s any way, I can help again. Thanks again and I’ll catch you on the next