Welcome back to the mod team, podcast podcast, where we go through backdrops stage, designs for churches, for corporate events, for a myriad of other great things like concerts, gallas, weddings, excetera, excetera, a couple of specific things and the stage backdrop realm most customers that we do we do probably 35% of our work is custom that it goes from. That includes full color printing. We have a couple of different ways we can print out based on your needs, so I’ll go through those a little bit. We can also be cutting up specific patterns for your face backdrop for stage backdropswe also do supposed to customize materials. Composites would need. We also do specific colors and from and pass that we do machining some white like fabricating. We do some vacuum forming as well.

So there’s a lot of options you can use to customize your set to be precisely what you want. So, let’s get started with a pretty big, a pretty big one of our solutions that we offer so with printing printing for for direct to direct deposit on director would so the way we do that was we screen print directly ontothere’s, multiple ways, but the most common way as it’s the most affordable is screen printing directly onto our material. We can screen print directly on the pvc or the fire age of the fire to pvc coroplast. So with that, obviously anything that you could print on a normal printer. We can print directly out of handle, so full color, very, very high detail, and it’s it’s pretty incredible a lot of times. We use this specifically to print to print on a client logos or directional signage towers, with a directional signage in in late into the tower to help direct for light conferences. Trade shows special things stuff, like that you’re trying to communicate the location of multiple breakout rooms. In addition to that, we can also do we do screen printing with a vinyl overlay in that makes that’s great if yourusing the printed piece for multiple multiple times and could be shipped a lot.

So the stage backdrops vinyl overlay does it’s clear, vinyl, clear vinyl makes it nearly impossible to pull off the nipple off the screen print and attach that, but your squash turns a little it’s a little bit different once you do the printing on it, so we prefer to screen overlay. In addition to that, we can also dowe can also do dude that the printing to the vinyl and apply it. We’ve also done the vinyl directly to the plastic and then apply to clear vinyl on top to get a little bit more definition for some larger pieces in it created a very, very, very minimal shadow, but that was actually what we were looking for. For that particular project are printing capabilities. We can also do custom materials, so pretty much anything is a hardness less than steel. We can cut composite plastics like similar to like bored like you, would see on like a y woods, ranging from pine all the way to oakes and we’ve done a little bit of hardwood as well. We’ve done acrylics aluminum lots of different polycarbonate santa like and low density plastics in each of those have to be cut. So, if you’re, if it’s in something your new two and you really have to make sure to use the right kind of cooling to make sure to cut it and that you get clean edges and we will be happy to be happy to chat through with you about the specifics of I want to create. If you guys want to create something specific I can help you figure out. You know what that looks like and how to best accomplish that with which material and what type of cuts and itself, if it’s a new cut for sprinting or just cuts or cuts plus, an overlay or a or a three-dimensional card. If you need to cut in your mind between two cutting deeper and some areas, and not in others, in addition to that, we do the customers real more more similar lines of symmetry, does a custom colors, so raw material, that’s color to a particular color.

We’ve done a lot of like really cool, like beige, isn’t oaks that work really well, especially if you’re doing like some home decor stuff, which is something we’ve helped with a little bit. So in addition to that, we also do do three times the three death cutting. So instead of cutting just a specific stage backdrops pattern which we happy to do, we can also cut a specific depth so that there’s a thin layer of plastic and you can backlight the backlight, the specific branding or whatnot, which works out really well and then, and unless I’m going to get just a little bit deeper into the plastic pacifically talking about the cutting some branding stop breathing stuff, we can cut, we can cut the fire if you see your fire in cornrow into some really really tight shapes with a very high accuracy up to a hundred of an inch. So with those particular cuts, if you’re trying to recreate a custom logo or create something, you know that you need to you, even if that’s a unique pattern, we’re happy to help go through the process and show you show you what we can create create a sample for you. Typically, the way this typically the way that we do these once we leave once we know, once we created sample with rana full production to be able to do. You know multiple multiple pieces, multiple pieces of the other side of the set pattern, so you’re going to specific stage backdrops pattern. Thinking through their their designs, don’t consider is particularly the particularly the the floating object, sew, a circle or a half circle. Pipe shaped that’ll be floating in mid-air, so we have solutions to fix that so that you know, when you cut yourself out, you still have your your correct, correct lettering.

Typically, lodge huntsville do a overlay with polycarbonate behind or a fire rated like a fire rated. How do I load into the plastic thought behind there? So that way, you have lots of different options for stage backdrop for branding your stage backdrop and creating logos and specific panel designs a really fit exactly. What you need I would really love to chat through with you and help create something wonderful for you shoot me an email, so we can start the discussion. My email is steven at martins., and I’m. Looking forward to serving you thanks. So much