Welcome to the mod scenes podcast, episode 28. This episode, we are going to dive into, uh, customization. So our team in Latinos, we are incredible at customization. Uh, we have a made custom products, uh, all over the country for lots of different uses. And today I’m going to talk about a few of them, uh, specifically a few that we’ve done in the last 12 months. So many people, uh, maybe people know us for our state backdrops. Our state backdrops are highest rated and most reviewed in the entire country. Not only the entire country, all of north America, which is a pretty huge team. Um, our, our reviews are glowing. People love the way to be served, love the way that we have a, uh, we have a condition to just make amazing things and unreasonable timelines is incredible. So, um, so a lot of people know about our stage backdrops and they know we make custom stage backdrops and even some of our custom stage backdrops are super cool.

What a lot of people don’t know is we go further than just state bathrooms. We make lots of custom products. Um, our, our company has always had a focus on customizing our products for our end-user, uh, making products that are super easy to use and products that look incredibly great and fit right within the specifications of our user. So, um, this, this podcast, I’m going to talk through a couple of things that we’ve done upon students to be able to make some really great products that have been really helpful to a lot of people. So first, uh, as many of, you know, in the past year, there’s been a pandan. And so that is where we’re going to start because we did some custom work in the pandemic that we think was really beneficial to our community, uh, to the hospitals and the, um, the frontline workers, uh, not only actually in our community, but in other communities as well.

So at lot seeds, uh, as the pan, as, as our country and realize the pandemic was, was a big deal, we went through and we started to make patients. So we use, we retooled our machinery, uh, we sourced material, which was probably the hardest part. Uh, we source material from all over the country. Um, a lot of dedication to get that material, you know, buying stage backdrop material, um, you know, definitely takes, uh, getting the materials [inaudible], uh, we have a factory make them, so we have a little bit of an upper hand on getting materials like that. Cause we have a factory that makes it, but when everything was shut down during a pandemic, a lot of these factories either shut down or they reduced staff or they, uh, kind of change our production schedule. So it was harder to get materials. Um, however, we use our, um, our relentless resources to go through and create, and then find new vendors and new stockpiles of different types of materials, materials that are not necessarily a stage backdrops material, but more specifically a plastic material.

That’s a clear plastic. So we went through, we sourced thousands of sheets of clear plastic, uh, that we used for, um, that we use for making face shields. So our face shield used a classical, the PETG, uh, while most people were making, uh, making face shields out of a vinyl or an oh two oh or O widow, uh stage backdrops which, uh, which is actually, uh, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a flexible plastic, but it is a, uh, it’s a more rigid plastic. So it will last longer. It can be reused multiple times. Um, we used, we sourced a thought from, uh, actually St. Louis behind foam. We had multiple foam vendors across the country, but most of our foam came from a great company in St. Louis. Uh, we had, we had everything in-house to the correct shape and size, so we would get large blocks of foam and cut it counts, uh, to the correct size.

Um, we all have our, our shield fluid cut in house. So we used our CNC machines to cut. Uh, it’s got all the shields, we’ve got 16 per run. Um, and so we cut lots and lots of shields total. We’ve made about 15,000 shields for, uh, for healthcare workers for, uh, frontline, frontline responders or, uh, even consumer use. Uh, yeah, and we sourced, um, we sourced, uh, elastic, I’m sorry, elastic as well. So the, the shield was a, uh, a flexible plastic, a rigid yet flexible plastic. So purpose a little bit, a piece of foam that was glued onto the plastic. Um, and then a elastic band that wrapped around the head. And then it would sit on kind of like a visor, um, but it would cover down the face of it. Uh, so that essentially aerosols did not get on to your life in 95 mask to a long game.

The long game that you use have your in 95 minutes is really what the purpose of these were, uh, just a second layer of protection, essentially. Um, so in addition to that, we’ve done a lot of other custom products, so that are a little bit more related to our stage design and stage backdrop, uh, roots. So, uh, recently we just did a project for our friends at south force out in Chattanooga. Um, we built two different types of bars. Um, so for special events, uh, these are backlit bars that have, uh, interchangeable facades. So we built one that was a 24 foot round. So very, very large bar system that goes around, uh there’s it was made up of 12 bars. Um, and at a later date, we built a smaller bar section. So these bars had like a, like a waist high bar for the bartenders and then a, uh, like a 12 inch step up where you can put drinks and a good payment method or whatever else up there.

And then they have the facade. As I mentioned, Kim, pull out, come out and you can line the whole backdrop, like the whole facade. So we used a white plexiglass. So you can kind of glow that color, or you can put a solid white face on, or a solid black face. Um, so you can get a lot of different books, um, on the bars. Um, either they can even do custom graphics right onto the front of the bar. The mark is on it, uh, which is great for like corporate events and special events that they’re looking for a little extra possess. Um, we also built a smaller 16 foot bar segment. Uh, they were little, essentially small wedges and they could take, it could be used in line with the, uh, with the 24 foot bars, uh, to be able to, uh, to be able to make ovals or kind of more precedent shapes or, uh, on the ends.

You can make it more pointed, um, or you can make the circle smaller. So 7 24, and you’d go down to us to, I think, an 18 foot circle, um, with the barn, which is pretty great because it would, uh, it gave him the ability to do a circle bar and we’ll block more spaces, um, but still have their larger circle bar and even go through multiple bars, have multiple different dates going at once, which is pretty incredible. Um, another custom project we’ve done, uh, is for a large multinational company. We did a, uh, we did a scallop book, uh, so things by rough scallops, kind of like the, uh, the roofing shingles, it looked kind of like a circle on the end. Um, we did a backdrop of those, uh, stained wood layer, stained wood, and the pieces would sit on top of each other, um, and really great, this beautiful look.

Um, uh, and it was all ground supported. Everything was brown, sports stands, uh, but it was also flexible enough to be from hydrant rate. Uh, in addition to that, we, uh, to that we’ve, uh, we created some custom products for, uh, our friends is a separate gender. They are agent company out of Dallas. Um, they had a very custom, uh, custom designed stage backdrops. They wanted, it was like a glowy, uh, R piece, uh, the backdrop that was really great. We built for them. Uh, we built custom, uh, custom textured backdrops for, um, for, uh, victory worship, uh, would be three worship church out in Arizona. We had built a custom dimensional pieces for a venture church out in California. Uh, let’s see, what else? Uh, custom custom screen surrounds for church, uh, down in Dallas, Texas area. Um, we built custom processes towards fellowship, local and city.

Uh, we built custom projection screens for multiple churches across the country, leading wave church, uh, including lights, church, and including, uh, including why didn’t you churches? Um, my apologies, uh, including, uh, uh, including the salt conference out in, uh, out in the Nashville area, we’ve done lots of different screens and unfortunately my mind is drawing a blank on all of them at the moment, but, um, so yeah, that’s a good taste of the custom stage backdrop work. We’ve done custom design work. We’ve done. We’ve also done customer really for signage and stage backdrops, uh, custom tabletops for signage, uh, or custom acrylic for tabletops because custom plastic design, uh, custom vacuum forming to create, uh, different shapes and sizes. Um, so yeah, so I hope that’s, I hope it’s helpful kind of overview of our custom page design work. Uh, if you need a stage background, whether it be custom or in stock, we would love to assist you. Uh, you can reach out to us at modscenes.com Eric, who would love to help him get opportunity into the Mod Scenes.