Welcome to episode 1 39 at the Mod Scenes podcast. I’m your host, Steven, and I’m thrilled to be chatting with you today about stage backdrops and, uh, and how our team can help you, uh, in creating great Sage backdrops for your church, your next special event, uh, winter gala, you name it. Um, so, uh, today let’s chat a little bit about, um, something other than, uh, plastic. So we obviously do a lot of plastic within magazines. So, um, most of our products are made of fire rated plastics, uh, that are cut in house. Um, they’re relatively affordable. They’re, uh, they’re actually really affordable compared to most, uh, most finished products. Uh, they are, uh, fire rated so that they’re safe to use. There’s a really simple system for connecting and interconnecting other pieces, uh, to be able to use, uh, lots of different, uh, designs out of a single, a single piece.

Um, but past that, uh, I want to talk about some of the other things that we do. So in addition to doing the modular stage backdrops, uh, we also, uh, create modular wood backdrops, uh, that are, they’re not fire-rated, but they are some really cool products. So, uh, these are best used in an area where a fire rating is not a concern. So, uh, let’s say for an example, an outdoor patio, like a tower, these will be great on the outdoor patio or, uh, in a space that, uh, has preexisting, um, preexisting sprinklers, or is a place that there’s no chance that the product could, you know, be caught in fire and not putting Parkins or flames next to them, anything like that. So, um, so yeah, so, uh, particularly I want to talk about a special design that we’re doing. So, um, we have a special design we’re doing for one of our clients, uh, that has a couple of

Criteria that are, that we need to meet. Um, one of which it needs to have a warm feel. So, uh, the warm field we’re using a lightweight, uh, bamboo like material, uh, to get that nice warm texture. Um, and then we’re going to actually stain half of it, an a, a darker color to give

It some more contrast, uh, the way that we’ve cut the panels is, uh, uh, rough shingles, like rounded roof, shingles, slate, shingles, something like that. Uh, we’ve actually taken that idea and kind of went a little further with it. Uh, we cut some texture into it, uh, and then it’s overlaid over a second piece. That’s very similar. So we have this really cool, uh, conglomeration of, uh, wooden pieces that has some really good depth. Um, it has some color, uh, contrast with a darker stain and then a lighter stain, um, and all it packs down into eight boxes total, uh, to cover a, uh, eight foot by 16 foot wall completely self-supporting so, uh, it’s a pretty awesome little thing. Oh, and that includes a branded logo as well. So we’re doing like a six foot by four foot branded logo as well. Um, so, and then, uh, they, those same panels are going to use our same standard connectors. So they’re going to build together the exact same way, uh, giving our client a really easy, quick way to set this up. Uh, they’re a multinational company, a large multinational company who travels a lot, so they want it to be easy, to be able to ship it back and forth, uh, import export it, um, use it in multiple offices throughout the country, um, and just not have a crazy amount of space taken up when it is in their office. Uh, so,

Uh, let’s see, what else, what else

Can we tell you about, uh, that project? Um, so also with that project, we kind of developed, so we w I mentioned, we developed this, uh, slate, shingle based curvature type thing. Uh, hopefully

That communicates the, the visual, the visuals are much easier to see. Uh, at some point we’ll post some photos of the non-branded elements of this design on our website. Uh, there’ll be on mazzi.com/creations. So we put a lot of our, uh, modular designs on that page. So you can look and see options for, uh, for your stage backdrops or for, um, you know, for your next event, uh, get some, uh, get some inspiration that you can, uh, build off of. So, uh, so yeah, that’s a great place to look. If you are looking for ideas, check out, uh, monsoons.com/creations, excuse me. Um, on that site, you’ll see tons of different options, including, uh, some of our custom wood products, some of our, uh, fire rated, BBC fire Coroplast, lots of custom logos and signs, uh, a whole lot of different stuff that we’ve done for different clients to meet their needs.

Uh, so yeah, so I hope that this has been a helpful podcast. Um, been an insightful podcast about, uh, creating a great stage backdrops and how we can help you with that. Um, we’d love to serve you in any way we can, uh, please feel free to reach out to us at [inaudible] dot com. Uh, you can call us by phone. Also, our number is (530) 723-6421. Um, or if you’re in the Oklahoma area, shoot us a message, uh, on the email. And we’d love to have you, uh, come to our facility. We’ll show you around, uh, give you an idea of what we do and, uh, get your cool t-shirt. So, uh, and if you’re, if you happen to be traveling to, uh, trade shows this fall, um, be sure to check us out, we’re going to be at the salt assault Nashville. So there’s creative conference in Nashville coming up in October. Uh, we’re working on finalizing a few details for that. It’s going to be really incredible. Uh, we should be using our DMX voice. Uh, I know we will be using them in some capacity.

We have a really, really, really stinking, cool

Idea, uh, that we’re just working on feasibility right now, but I think it’s going to happen stage backdrops. And if so, it’s going to be mind blowing. Um, and then, uh, we will also be at the LDI conference. So, uh, live design international, which is a, uh, large conference for lighting, design gurus, um, lighting designers, production designers, uh, live events really is the focus. Um, so it will be at that conference, retro a sponsor of the conference. We’re, uh, you can, uh, see more of that info at, uh, LDI show.com, uh, that one’s in November just before Thanksgiving. Uh, and then we’ve got a couple other smaller ones that will probably be at, um, probably phylo and Anaheim. They have Anaheim event this year and then, uh, arc west coast, which will also be, uh, over in California. So, um, yeah, we may actually also make it to WFX, which is an Orlando that’s coming up pretty soon.

So, uh, if you are, if you’re going shoot us an email, let us know, and we’ll, uh, we’ll meet up with you. So again, I thank you for tuning into the monsoons podcast. Thank you for chatting with us about, um, about stage designs and creating great stage designs for your church special event. Uh, and the like, uh, and actually I have one other thing, shoot me, shoot me an email. Let me know if you think this would be beneficial. We’re considering, uh, bringing a couple of guests into the podcast and doing, uh, more like design chats. So, uh, I’d love to know if that’s something you’d be interested in. If so, please, uh, please let me know. Uh, again, my email is Stephen [inaudible] dot com. I’d love to chat with you about it and see, see, uh, if you, uh, if you think it’d be interesting, or if you might be somebody who would, uh, enjoy, uh, chatting with us about stages. So, uh, I’m really thrilled to be able to serve you. And if there is any way I can serve you, don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks again for tuning into the mod scenes podcast and learning about stage backdrops with us. And we are thrilled survey soon.

Actually, guys, I want to throw in

One other piece. I know I just finished this podcast, but I want to throw in one other piece that I just realized, I forgot to mention. We also do some heavy duty woods. So we talked about like, bamboos, we do some heavy duty woods as well. Uh, some of our products, like our [inaudible] are actually made of like a heavy duty plywood. Uh, so within that we cut, uh, obviously cut out the exterior of the basis, but we also do an inlay cut. So that, that cuts out like a small section where connectors just flip foot, right in, um, that way you can have it all built together, super easy. Um, and we’ve also done like some heavy wood stuff. Again, you can see that on our creations page at modscenes.com. Uh, we made a couple of backdrop pieces for a conference and we’ve done, uh, some really cool logos, some custom cut wood logos, um, for arc the arc conference for some of their vendors. Kendred, um, we’ve also done, uh, some, some big stage design pieces. They were all, uh, they were all staying to PayPal, so that’s, uh, it was, they were heavy, but they were really cool. Um, as we did that for a church down in Orlando. Um, so yeah, so, uh, thanks again for checking out the mods against podcast. Don’t be a stranger, shoot us an email, give us a call. And, uh, we’re looking forward to serving you. Thanks again for tuning into Mod Scenes podcast.