Welcome to another incredible episode of the Mod Scenes podcast. This is your host, Stephen, and I’m thrilled to chat with you today about stage backdrops and creating a great day with your next stage backdrops. So, uh, today I want to talk about specifically our four bar blinders. So our four bar blinders are wooden blinder panels that are cut out of a select pine wood that we use. Um, we cut those with a precision bit cut the, uh, blinder panel so that you can easily assemble them site. Uh, we send the pre drilled, uh, reflectors, uh, reflectors, the pre-made cables and the lamps, and, uh, uh, the sockets altogether, uh, so that you can easily put it together on site. Uh, with the extension cables, you can actually wire your blinders to a dimmer pack really easily. That way you can have full control of each individual blinder.

Uh, the blenders are also cool in the fact that they have multiple connection points, uh, that use it can be utilized standard, uh, Unistrut hardware. So if you want to build, say like a giant wall of them, it’s really simple for your stage backdrops. You just buy construct rockets and bolt the panel, the panel, uh, one great example of one of the times that we’ve done. This is a R M C K B D event at journey church a few years back. Uh, we built strips of blinders, so it was a two foot or one foot tall by a 30 foot wide strip of blinders. So it was like really long lines and I literally did five or six of those. And then on the top and bottom of each of those blinder lines, we did pixel tape. So it looked really incredible. We were able to get really good, uh, really nice, uh, raise of fan arrays, uh, like light. Uh, we used a light over the a 16 channel Christmas light dimmers to control each of the dimmers. Uh, we used the mods scenes blinders. Obviously

We use them with reflector reflector bulbs. So those reflector bulbs have,

Um, a silver coating on the top. So that as you put, uh, as you turn the light on you don’t see the direct light. You just see the, uh, uh, reflections, which is great, because what that does is it enables you to, um, enables you to create a really cool backdrop of light without, uh, blinding everybody. So, um, that’s a great way to, uh, that’s a great way to, to use them. Um, so what else? Um, so with those, we’re able to essentially create a wall of light. Um, th that was our act as our stage backdrop. Uh, so it was a really cool feel. Um, the other thing with those blinders is when we were finished with them, uh, because of the, the way that they’re built, we could take them apart without having to take up as much room. So we would take the, we took those reflectors out of the, took the reflectors out of the frames, took the bulbs and the sockets out of the reflectors and then stacked everything together into boxes. Um, so it took up very little space. Um, call today for your stage backdrops.

So yeah, so that’s, uh, one

Of the ways we use the, uh, four bar blinders. So the mods scenes for Barbara liner, um, other ways we’ve seen it used are more as an end to it instead of a stage backdrops is more of an individual use. So say scattering them around the stage, more of a, uh, less structured use of creating a backdrop, um, a lot of other church stages designs. Have you used them, uh, similarly where instead of a backdrop, they’re more of like a, um, focal points, find out the right word, but a, a, an accent to a larger piece. Um, we’ve also seen people use them as, just as what they are, what they are blinders. Uh, so say like four of them across the stage to kind of a blind the audience in a concert concert type environment. Uh, another way that we’ve seen the news is like, as Footlights, uh, saw a church that used them, uh, put a metal piece down on the floor so that the, um, so the heat from the, uh, lamps wouldn’t damage anything. And then they set them on angle and just filled up their stage with light with them. Um,

So yeah, so there’s a lot of different uses

For the, uh, for the Mar Martinez for bar blinder. Um, and since they’re a modular design or easy to take put together, uh, take down and, uh, and even customize if you wanted to leave some of the, some of the, the reflectors out. So,

Uh, I hope this is a helpful podcast to learn a little

Bit more about that are four bar blinders and how we use them creating a state backdrop of light, uh, for both church state’s designs and, uh, other event designs.

Uh, if there is any way I can help you, I would absolutely love to do so. You can reach out and speak with me at 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. And my name is Steven, and I love to help you with your next stage backdrops and design. Uh, I hope you are doing incredible, and I’m thrilled to chat with you soon, reach out, uh, either your phone, uh, at the number of mentioned, or the email at Steven Mazzi and stock com thanks again for allowing us to serve you. And we’re looking forward to serving you soon.