Welcome back to the martins podcast, this is to talk with you today about stage design and jump right into it. We can get products to you want to talk about the things that are harder to to get to people. So obviously, la is a little bit of a john from our central base. Oklahoma city, warehouse, norman oklahomaso, it’s about it’s over it’s over thousand miles. What’s a good good job for sure space joshua just under that, so one of the big boys, if we would be afraid carrier, so how you doing a full truckload for, if you’re doing like a single contract with a with a trucking company which would be called the $3,500 to get from here to there, obviously quite a bit of money for a for a stage backdrops piece that we were about:$800 i, believethe, part of the money for that is like 7 715 via freight carrier, so an ltl carrier, something like sdus or the free carrier. We use old dominion they’re, very reputable company, low love loss and pride themselves on getting out there on time. One of the reasons we use them-conway, there’s a bunch of different freight companiesty-is another one. We used in the past western express, ltl, freight, fedex ground delivery point, so we can deliver it over half of the country in 2 days using fedex ground. Where is it’s only about a third of the country within 2 days using ups brownin addition to that fedex ground that we got a much better or a much better rate of failure from them out of probably 1500 different packages? In the last year-and-a-half, we’ve had I think we’ve had four or five that have been either damaged or lost in transit,, but obviously that’s a pretty good, pretty good percentage for the amount of items there. In addition to that, we also yeah.

We can also ship via to either to air freight options, either shipping via forward air freight, which is very similar to wrap it up to the airport and they ship it out and open crazy stage backdrops hours. So you know there’s been times where we’ve dropped off pot packages, it 1 a.M. In the morning and they’ve gone out the next day at 5 a.M. Or 6 a.M. Obviously there are we love working with them. They they give us additional flexibility that were able to serve our clients even better and they can handle multiple different stage backdrops shapes with shipt. We shipped you a 15 ft pipe, so we can ship up to 20 foot long segments which fedex ground when it is closer to like 7 foot, 7 foot before you go into oversize and then the mass is typically 12 foot in ways that you can. Obviously we want to be able to. We want to be able to create.

We want to be able to do the best we can with what we have and I’m a car shipping is as tough as possible options to be dependent on, depending on that, the weights and sizes, and what not but I’ll order it probably would have been somewhere around, probably about $800 via southwest or $1,400 via forthright, so total. So it’s a lot lot cheaper, but half of what it would have cost to ship, either an ltl carrier or via, and they are free, even more particular weight of that product. It was going to be pretty pretty reasonable, so the most economical and the most useful way. So we’ve done we’ve done a lot with southwest cargo so far to go to zar, fedex fedex ground and if we’re on a time timetable, typically southwest freight cars with fedex ground 3 days anywhere in the country for the most part, there’s some corners of maine and alaska and hawaii that we can’t reach in 3 days but depending on the product with sometimes we get them shipped out today, our expense just to serve the client. Well, in addition to that, one more one, more shipping, a backdrop. We want to make sure that we’re shipping something that’s packed well so and other upset over a box designs. How how everything is designed. It says I know where she went to a to a cardboard manufacturer outside of oklahoma city area that has some incredible machining and went through and we tested bolton your multiple different designs test and how it would drop. How will drop with heavy product in it what it would do to the boxes we found somewhere really happy with it protects the box. It text into your contents, the 4 foot by 4 foot box, I was talking about for shipping or larger stage.

Design items are stage backdrop items, those are those are made of:osb, presswood and typically one by or to buy lumber on the edges, so they’re built I mean they’re, built with the same stuff at the house, is dealt with her very, very strong for compared to a cardboard box. So those are great, so not so I hope this is helpful, look into a little bit of a shipping. In addition, we we should much larger items as well last time, so we can chat via via freight on the way to the item. We skip the pallets that are eight nine hundred pounds of plastic, which is a very, very large used newmar products, so very large amount plastic. So with those we’ve shipped, you know we ship those be afraid, and it’s save some money. So once you get into heavier weights, ltl freight is a good weight, good thing to look at so yeah, but I love, though I love to chat with you and see how we can best set you up for success how we can get you your best stage, design for your church or corporate stage backdrops event and how we can serve you best with a great stage backdrop-and it’s you shipped in a reasonable over and over again or if you’re in the rental market use once and have a super, simple, easy exchange of goods and services at its quick.

Then it makes your life easier makes. You want to come and I’ll be thrilled to chat with you about your needs and figure out how I can best her. So thank you. So much for tuning are podcasts I’m. Looking forward to chatting with you again soon about your stage backdrops about serving your church or your corporate event, thanks