Welcome to episode 18 of the solution for your jeans, popular stage designs throughout the us and internationally our products. Are we going to have to do some research to find that out, but more than that to make your life easytypically it’s about a minute for panel on our coral products or about 20 seconds products. So a quick turnaround stage backdrops products so today, I want to get into a little bit, but one of my favorites is when we just recently did for our friends at csd. Do we provided a bunch of state provided for three or four different campuses of churches? They serve i, really love working with them. They have a passion for serving the churchare a good friend and gave him a call. He is one of their principal designers over there he’s a great visionary as far as coming to as far as building building out of church and the technical needs of it how to best serve at church. So if you’re looking for one of the ticket booth I like to talk about is our 12 hours, so we taking and created at 12 wide by 7 foot tall tower for them we’re just going to use in their live rental stage backdrops department. The this tower built together, it’s a pvc tower. So it’s fire, it’s made out of fire stick, builds together with captain hardware, so the wayin the bracket is attached to the bbc on the front, with a with a nylon cap, nut really cool the great thing about those it since they’re. So there a 7-foot he’s. So it looks because if you don’t have broken up so that’s one of my favorite things that we’ve done. We also got some really cool signs and logotype forced down in chattanooga fundraiser for breast cancer awareness, pink lettering out of white pvc attached with nylon nuts are nylon bolts to acrylic, so that acrylic background we shipped with all of the we ship with all of the all of the parts on it. So all the the pre-cut, the pre-cut plastic, I’m. Sorry if it comes with a film all all acrylic, whenever you it’s precut film on it, so they once I got to the once. I got the venue and I got hung they can go through and pull off all the film, and by doing that, it was incredibly beautiful, cuz all the acrylic disappear and they are really great people to work with. So, if you’re, looking for good people in the tennessee area, specifically chattanooga or atlanta, I really suggest downforce are people. We’ve also serve them with a couple of other custom logos, some for like we did so other custom products for the c3 conference. We did some full color printing panels, printing their logo onto a giant panel. Just give it a little bit of branding to some hours reef. We provided just a little finish. Look for the see-through global dinner, which is a large dinner. They have for past senior pastors and senior leaders with a church’s to kind of get the other, be able to encourage each other and be able to support each other and learn from each other, which is pretty great. We’ve also created custom backdrops for a couple.

Other clients are friends over at the sink conference. Oct is a photography conference that they typically host every year every year in the north florida region, but obviously people travel from all over the country really really great. Conference of your look into to better your photography, business, really great people there direct printing onto viron coroplast, we printed their logo across the top and it made their of them. Look really really polished. Cincinnati use our products quite a few times as well, and then. Lastly, we’ve done some custom custom vacuum form. Panels are first stock back to really cool dimensional panel in made out of fire rated pvc. So it’s a really cool a really heavy duty. Backdrop piece it’ll make for a make for some really great shadowing and texturing when i, upload or download or different many ankle. With this image before I won more clients nissan, they had a touring stage backdrops event for the executive branch executive managers. So we built a custom.

We got the few custom screens that ship within across the country and panels and if we censor since i, had changed into the vent a couple of things and kind of manipulator to be exciting, I’ll be in a couple. Other vacuum form panels that are in the works as well, so definitely a little bit more about them before they launched and just see see. Some pictures of you’ll be able to see those on our website on or if you have such a great place, to see stuff like that throughout the weekend, serve you and speak with you about your stage backdrop, and if you have any questions about about your stage backdrops stage design about your backdrop about how even sure where to start you be happy to help. You were here to help you, even if it, even if it means suggesting, if we’re here, to serve you and serve you. Well, thanks for looking forward to