Hello friends, welcome back to the monte and podcast episode. 12 I’ve got a special treat for us today. We’re talking stage backdrops with lexie awesomeness roberts, so lexie is the stage and lighting director over at journey church. Tv show me. You know me know that I’ve worked at the church as well in the past, lexi has been in like my protege and she is like taking over and made me look that so we’re going to join her we’re going to have her join our conversation or the talk stage backdrops. How much teams has helped the church or, if it’s the church of it hasn’t and we’re going to go from there? So lexie could you please say hi to short intro about who you are and stevens protege, and he is a lot better than i. Don’t know about thatso we have is my top priority settings and then also as stage manager at which is coming up. Let’s do this flash okay, so so, along with your role at the church, along with creating and designing lighting and programming, why didn’t you also leave volunteers, a correct about how many volunteers you leadlike like overall up yet adam all up like 45? Okay, that’s awesome in between typically between you and carl carls production manager at the church. You got most of that within the production and so on a normal sunday basis about what percentage of of your team is volunteer, 30, pinkley cameras and stuff. What’s up sorry, that’s it yeah about 60%. So what size is like the room of the churches, so people have an idea of scale how big the stage is a little bit information about that. How many seats is in the room is pretty large room if you haven’t seen it before that main room, which is auditorium, which can either be our overflow or an event room, and then we have the kids room as it is.

Titled is the stage backdrops services services services sometimes will have classes in the same thing from the from the design. That’s cuz I really want her to share with us her curington. What what her honesty experience is working with me. Some questions about that. So working with martins I know that at the church we’ve done a few sets with the product. The first time we did was a bunch of egg on her. How many, but it looks like way to dry a honeycomb. It was awesome animals we use, which is a bit overkill. We did. We did the 40 by 20 that you spoke well. We did two wings which were 8 foot by 24 foot, so I remember to give us the concrete and some even washed I think we also tell said something. So then you on angles, which is a great way to do it and remind me if I’m incorrect, but we have one-on-ones on bars in front of that as well as all right, and so we could swing those down and do some movement on top of our base color. So we can have like, for example, a blue base color and no one’s doing some movement in tigrinya, something contrasting or complementary to kind of create a really good deal. So how did martin panel together, terminology, 3, rose, kennedy, and so on so forth, quarter ton cm chain motors to lift up a row by row. You can also do this with pipe and drape or manual chain. Hoist like a chain fall. Those are about a hundred fifty each. So it’s a little bit of money, but it if you’re going to be building a bunch of satyr, be moving yourself up and down. You can get a $150 for a 1-ton chain. Hoist was pretty great cuz it we did it. It was so easy to do it that we ice cream ice cream competition of 2002. That’s what I hear you. Some somebody intentionally. So we split that we split the sats about a hundred fifty pounds per crew. Each crew had five or six people there, i, okay and then we race. So we did the maine drop first then we did are the smaller extensions after that and we raced and I believe lexi’s team finished first, but somebody had left one piece out or rotated incorrectly. So so there was, this whole whole negotiation on who oh. Who ice cream. It was pretty great.

How long do you think it took us to build that entire backdrops of 300 panels sound like lunch time? It would probably think it’s like 2 hours at most. Okay. So for those who don’t know about journey and how we do a lot of our customers have done our custom set design. How long would it take if we are creating a backdrop from scratch? So maybe like 2 days, is mostly all volunteers, which makes it a lot harder and too kind of explains, not saying anything in experience with production. At least it’s changed a lot since then, we’ve had a lot of great people are within 2 hours. You did screw up to just go up and whatever hook it back up and then she could just take one panel out. If there’s an issue, take one panel out, replaced and fix it and not have to redo the entire drop right, because otherwise I’d be paying you stage backdrops programming, you did it. You obviously use the sad that you’ve lived beside. What was your thoughts on from a lighting designer standpoint? What did you think of the sec capture light flexible? What are your thoughts for lighting lenses? For me, it was very creative because i, love, textures and I love. The way we had it set up with the jagged lightning strike going down for lighting designer I think it also filled in as much as I love the black space in the back at phil’s in the black and if I didn’t have any lights on it, he didn’t see it wasn’t completely dead quickly about the strike.

So how did the strike go when you guys took everything down literally down to as we did when we went I’m? Pretty sure we did. You remember are super super quick way of taking everything apart 1516. So if you’re using the metal, wing, nuts and bolts, you can use a impact driver with a 15/16 hex head, you can actually run run the the wing nuts off in about a third of the time. You would take them off by hand from tables instead of all of them, for choosing between metal or nylon hardware store in a reasonable space. I hear what happened to the original box, as everybody else is in store for the top shelving in the back and two foot by 2 foot by 4 foot, some okay, okay and then I one of the question. So what would you say to anybody who is thinking about using mods in for one of their stage backdrops or their stage design? Is there anything you would suggest? Would you would you recommend to the states, spacecraft rock products from mod seems to them whenever you look at it better to use it for sweet? That is awesome thanks for joining us. If you would, let me know by, and we will, we will check you out on the next one. Thanks guys