Welcome to episode 1 90, 1 of the Mod Scenes podcast. This is your host, Stephen, and I’m thrilled to be talking to you about stage backdrops stage designs and how our company is the best each design company in the country. Monsoons has been going at it for five years and we are based in Norman, Oklahoma, and we provide the best stage backdrops across not only the United States, but across the world. Our products are really simple to use, really easy to set up and they look incredibly beautiful. They take white, they take light incredibly well. They’re made of a bright white plastic. It’s a Coroplast plastic, which is a twin sheet, corrugated plastic. It’s all made of fire rated residents. So even if you dig a blowtorch to it, it won’t burn. It’ll will self extinguish, uh, all of our connectors in volts and natural color to color. So it’s very simple.

It all blends together and it looks correct. Not like something you get from a hardware store. That’s going to have silver, silver dots. Every panel, this looks intentional, it looks beautiful. Um, as I mentioned, our, our panels take light incredibly. They have, we have connectors to make them, uh, to make them build into your wildest dreams. It could be a flat backdrop. They can be a backdrop with dimension in it. They can be a tower, they can be a, we’ve even done canopies of them like a ceiling above, let’s say a trade show booth or a, uh, like an area like a, like over a stage. Uh, the panels can, they’re also super lightweight. So you don’t have to have these specialized bringing or any heavy duty bringing for them. They’re lightweight enough that they can take from drop ceiling and, uh, grid they can make from pipe and drape.

They can hang from a standard lighting trust or a theatrical, uh, pipe grid or a, uh, a theatrical battens. So like a, a movable, uh, light system in a theater or a church. Um, all of the panels are super lightweight. Eight blocks of 50 panels. Even our heaviest being home, uh, comes in under 40 counts, which is quite incredible for a backdrop that can cover a space, essentially, uh, a 20 foot by 20 foot in a single box. It’s incredible. Uh, every, every stage design is shipped with a heavy duty, uh, quad. So four layer, thick cardboard boxes. That way it doesn’t get damaged in transit. Uh, we all know how boxes can be thrown away, thrown around with Amazon or ups or, or whatnot. We know that they can be essentially launched anywhere the way that, uh, they’re transported. So they are super safe in their, uh, specifically designed boxes, those boxes, uh, double as storage boxes whenever you, uh, you’re set in.

So you have easy, convenient way to store your stage design if you’re not using it. Um, as I mentioned earlier, the stage designs built very easily. You can make your stage backdrop in less than a few hours, depending on your size. Each panel takes about a minute to a simple, you simply take the pole, push it. The front side of the panel, put a connector plate on the backside of the panel and tighten the two together with a weakness. Uh, as I mentioned, we have white dialogue that blend perfectly with the tables they look extraordinarily good. Um, as you’re building, as you’re building your stage design, it takes, uh, it takes no previous experience and is not hard to do. Uh, you can get a group of volunteers to assist you. You can do it by yourself, your children can help you, however you would prefer to build it.

Um, my kiddos, exactly the Dorian, uh, help sometimes definitely is about free. So it doesn’t help a lot, but Dorian, however, will help a ton. Um, he can build a monster and stage the back, drop it a couple of minutes, just like just like getting adult. And it’s very simple and he’s about nine. So very, very simple together, very easy to put together. Um, the, as I mentioned, the mozzies products are incredibly user-friendly, uh, they light up really well. So let’s say you have some cheap lights that were bought, you know, a couple of years ago by somebody else. You don’t really know. You don’t really know if they’re going to be a good fit. Um, pretty much any light it’s going to hit the hit the MATSITI hole going to reflect. Well, they’re a very bright lights, so they take light are very bright white, so they take light incredibly, uh, needle, cheap LEDs.

You can get a great look. So when you put very high quality LEDs on it, it’s that much better. It looks incredible. So a Monsignor on make a really, really awesome stage backdrop with not a ton of copper. It’s a really great, really great option for your, you know, your church stage backdrop, uh, or like a church stage design idea that you’re looking for. Or if you’re specifically looking for a backdrop for a special event, let’s say a wedding or a concert, or maybe a sales presentation. Uh, these monsoons backdrops are incredibly easy to use. They look beautiful and they’re affordable. That’s one of the other things that a lot of people don’t think about saving our crops. Don’t have to be incredibly expensive. Our products are all available for purchase or rental, and there are lots of different options to fit any budget. We would love to talk through some of those options with you.

Our team is experts at hitting a budget and being able to serve our clients. Well, you can actually learn a little bit more about this on our website. If you go to monsoons.com and on there, you can even try our products for free, which is incredibly awesome. Um, with our products, you can try them for free. So what that looks like is you, um, what that looks like is you go in to the website, go to Mazzi and Satcom, and the middle of the page on the, just a little bit to the left-hand side, there’s a button that says try before you buy you click on that button. And then that button you’ll follow the information, uh, which is your contact information, so that we can send you your stage backdrop to try for free. For 15 days. We even cover the shipping to you.

Uh, it’s very simple to do. We send it within a day within a business day, we’ll send you your stage backdrop. You can set it up in your space, see how you like it. It’s applied on it, play around with it and change the orientation you get exactly how you want it. Um, and if you have any questions, we’re there the whole way we sent easy printed instructions. There’s a website. If you ever lose the instructions you can easily go to and they’ll show you everything you need. Um, the, you can also go through and, uh, call us. We’re happy to walk through the process with you, explain how to do anything. We also have videos on the process of building your stage backdrop. So there’s nothing left on a note. It’s easy and simple for you to do. Once you tried to tried your monsoons stage backdrop for 15 days, that means you want to keep it.

We can easily process a payment for you, or if you decide it’s not the right thing, you can simply box it back up and send it back to us. The only cost you would have is your return shipping. So this is a little bit of quick information about our Mod Scenes products. As you can see, they are incredible for church stage backdrops event, stage backdrops for backdrops, for your sales meeting at your conference, your trade show, we want to help you create that incredible environment for your next event. Please reach out to our team. As I said, we’re experts at this. We would love to help you, whether it’s just trying to get an idea for a year from now or tomorrow, we will make sure to help you incredibly well. You can contact us our website again, that is pod seeds.com. So mot S C E E s.com there, you’ll see testimonials and you’ll see information about our products and our services.

You’ll see why we’re the highest rate stage backdrops design company in all of north America. You’ll see why we’re the most reviewed and stage design company in all of the United States and how we have incredibly served churches, um, from, you know, a hundred people to a hundred thousand people. Um, we’ve served the likes of Y church gateway. Uh, we serve corporate companies like Chick-fil-A, Frito-Lay, um, large multinational companies that, um, you would see in your everyday, uh, everyday walk. And we would love to serve you regardless of your size, regardless of your needs. We would love to help you with your stage backdrops or pipe and drape or lighting design. We be happy to walk with you and create an incredible atmosphere for your next event for your next church service, um, for your next visual design. Uh, let us help you again. Our website is called seeds.com. You can also call us and speak with our phenomenal team at 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. Thank you again for tuning into the Mod Scenes podcast. I’m so thrilled to be able to serve you and your team in the very near future.