Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Mod Scenes podcast. I’m your host, Stephen, and I’m thrilled to chat with you today, specifically about how you can create a great stage backdrops, um, with the products we provide. So our products are of the highest quality. So I want to tell you a little bit about that. So a lot of, a lot of places can claim to make high quality, uh, but they can’t back it up with their actual service. So what we do is we go through every individual order to make sure every panel, uh, is perfect. We are very meticulous on the, um, on the work we do, and we make sure that every piece of product we make, uh, hits the highest standard. So with that, uh, we go through every individual panel after we make it it’s counted inbox and then double counted it to ensure, um, to ensure you’re getting the highest quality product.

Uh, we only use new raw material, raw material that’s in good shape. Um, that comes directly from the factory. Um, that material is purchased in skid quantities to make certain that, um, it doesn’t get additional debris or dirt or wear on it as it ships. Uh, and when it gets to us, uh, it goes directly from its skid packaging into production. So it will be cut once it’s, uh, it’ll be moved directly into production where it will be cut and turned into, um, turned into the new product X, as soon as that’s turned into a new product, it’s packaged in our, um, super awesome, uh, quadruple wall boxes, um, which hold the panel and make sure that it’s, uh, it stays in the pristine condition that it starts, um, with every panel. Uh, obviously anything that you make, there’s going to be things that, uh, there’s going to be imperfections and everything.

So, uh, as we go through and we find issues, we take those panels out of the production line and move them into, um, into like B stock or into a, uh, into an area where we essentially give away, uh, non new products to churches and, um, well, really churches, churches that don’t, uh, don’t have the means to purchase a new set. We help them by providing that scenic at little or a reduced cost, uh, depending on their specific situation. Um, so, uh, let’s talk about the couple things that, uh, the things that would, uh, it would make a panel, uh, fail the, fail, the test, essentially. Uh, so one of those things is if there’s a bend on a corner, for example, uh, that would constitute a failure in our mind. So what we would do is we would go through and, um, we would go through and we would take that panel out.

We would, if we find a failure like that, we take the panel out and it goes, it removed. It’s been removed from our sock and is not sold as a new product. Um, in addition, um, if you were to find something where there’s an edge that does not look like the cut was, uh, clean, or maybe it wasn’t as precise, a for example, the vacuum was turned off and not started correctly, or, um, some other issue like that arose in the process of producing the panel. Uh, that panel will be removed from our, uh, new inventory

Before, or wouldn’t even go into our new inventory. We removed from our, uh,

Essentially our available products. Um, also if there was a material defects. So if we find a material defect from the manufacturer, so say the plastic is not quite wide enough, or there’s, the thickness is not correct, or there’s slight discoloration, or, uh, what else would be another failure from the manufacturer? Um, if there’s, um, markings or moorings from like banding and shipping stage backdrops, that would be another considered another failure. So we would, uh, go through and remove that from our potential inventory. Um, if there was a, uh, there was a miss cut so fault if a wrong file was put in or something like that, obviously that would be a failure.

And we would remove that from, uh, the potential

To go into inventory. Um, what else? There’s a, if there was a foreign object on it, like aliens now, uh, there’s a foreign object, for example, like, um, oil, um, you know, seeing, uh, some CNCS do take oil from maintaining them. So on rare occasion that does get on some of the material,

And those would obviously be removed from, uh, our inventory. Um, if there was any sort of, uh, dirt, we would

Clean it, uh, do our best to clean it. Uh, we actually use a magic erasers to clean, uh, our plastics. They work really, really well. Um, so we’ll get into that some more in a later episode. Um, but yeah, so we would use magic erasers and clean that off a hot water, white soap, like a Dawn type soap also works. Um, so we would use that, um, if for whatever reason that didn’t work and that wasn’t an option, uh, for whatever reason, um, it would be removed from our inventory for stage backdrops, uh, if there’s marks. So if there was some sort of, um, you know, chemical, or like a Sharpie mark or something like that on the panels that would obviously, uh, remove it from our consideration for being a new product. Um, so yeah, as you can see through the many things I’ve listed, uh, we are very, very meticulous on what we consider a new product and what, um, what we would send out to a client.

We want you to be absolutely incredibly happy, absolutely everything you get from us. So we go the above and beyond and make sure that our product quality is that of a five star hotel. We want people to rave about mod scenes and the way that we serve, uh, our clientele. So we want to be your source for high quality stage design products, um, specifically stage backdrops, DMX toys, um, and the like, so I hope this is a helpful insight into, um, into kind of some of our quality control. Uh, another thing that you would probably be beneficial for you to know is about our DMX voice call quality control. Uh, that’s a very, um, you know, the very, um, a very systemized approach for quality controlling our DMX voice to make sure that they are pristine on every single event. And in addition, even further than that, we send spares.

This is also something we do with our, uh, there’s also something we do with our, our new products as well. So anytime we’re sending a new product, we’re going to have a spare sense. So you have additional, uh, pieces for your inventory. As I mentioned with our DMX voice, we always include additional, uh, additional spares of our DMX points, so that even after our meticulous checking of the weight ratings, making sure that all of our, uh, all of our voice operators, they should, uh, we also send spares in case something were to happen on site, whether it be, um,

Whether it be a shipping issue or a user error or

Really anything we want to make sure that you’re taken care of. So we’re going to go through and make sure that you have additional pieces, uh, on the very off chance that something goes wrong. Um, in addition, I mentioned that we do that for our, uh, stage design products as well. So for our mod scenes, our pro scenes, um, our panels, our hardware, all of it receives Spears. So if you need, let’s say 300 bolts, you typically get 400. So, uh, depending on the size of the project, um, you will always receive at least 5% extra in spares as far as hardware goes. And, uh, typically even more of that, um, when you’re talking about connectors or, or also, um, connectors are also, um, um, bolts nuts like that panels, we send, uh, we sent an additional 2% a panel. So if you have a hundred panels, you have two spare panels for free.

Uh, that’s just one of the easy ways we can make sure that you are absolutely thrilled with the service she received from magazines in our team. Uh, I would love to talk to you about your next project and how our high quality prod products can help you with your next stage design. Please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to help you with your next stage backdrops. Again, my name is Steven I’m Steven Hall, and you can reach us at 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. Again, that’s 5 3 0 7 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. Or you can reach us online at [inaudible] dot com. There you’ll find tons of resources as well, uh, to get your next stage design off to an amazing start. Um, if you have any questions, please reach out to our team. Our team of friendly, amazing kind of people would love to help you create your next stage backdrops. Um, and as always, if you’re a church and you’re trying to work within a budget, let us know we would be happy to help you and serve you the best we can, and to provide the best, uh, do it yourself or cheap set design option for your next church stage design, uh, to make sure it works within your, uh, uh, within your, your limitation.

So we’re looking forward to serving you, and we’re thankful to have the opportunity. Again, my name is Steven, and I’m thrilled to serve you, reach out to us at [inaudible] dot com. Thanks again.